Bring Bean Bag Chair To College

Bean bags have proven it is the most comfortable seating pad in the modern world. That’s why everyone from toddlers to grandparents loves to sit there. In past decades it has been used as a piece of home furniture. However, due to its super-duper experience, bean bags acquired some spaces in office rooms, hotels, and school classrooms.

Some countries have introduced “The classroom of the future in this decade.” The desk-free classrooms are their primary objective. So, they use bean bags to create these smart classrooms. As a result, many primary schools tend to replace their traditional desk and chairs with bean bags with this concept.

The famous educator, professor Heppell, said that students are more receptive to learning and developing positive behavior patterns in a boardless environment. It means that bean bags allowed kids to create groups more closely and collaboratively continue their work.

Also, the educators said bean bags could develop the kids’ intrapersonal skills. Also, they believe a bean bag is an excellent tool to create an independent personality with good focus.

Because of these benefits administration of most colleges tend to add bean bags into;

  • Classrooms
  • Study areas
  • Libraries

However, some colleges cannot give separate bean bags for every student. They add several bean bags for common areas. Thus, some students want to carry their bean bags to the college. But most of them have doubts about can I bring the bean bag into the college and how to bring it?

I know you also have some doubts. That’s why you are reading this article. Spend 10 minutes and read the facts carefully. In the end, you will find the perfect answer!

bean bags in college

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Carry Bean Bags in Public Transport

Now you know, most colleges approved using bean bags on school premises. However, how do you bring a bean bag to the school?

Let me ask a question first!

How do you go to college? By bus? Or Car?

Do you use public transportation to go to a college? You may get in big trouble if the answer is yes because bean bags acquire ample space. So, if you are going to carry it on public transport, it will disturb the others. Also, it is not easy to move them every day.

However, do not worry! I will say how to do this!

Shrink & Pack The Bean Bag

Suppose you have a bean bag and you need to bring it to college. Then, you should reduce its volume. Here, you can use a bean bag shrinking kit. Using the vacuum, remove the excess air accumulated inside the bean bag.

After your bean bag has shrunk, pack it in a box. Using this method, you can reduce the half the size of the bean bag. We have a separate blog post if you need this process step by step. It has all the details of shrinking and transporting your bean bag.

You can carry it on public transport when it is well packed because busses and trains consist baggage storage. So, you can put your box there. After unloading your bean bag into the school, you can remove the container. Then your bean bag automatically converts into the original size.

However, it is not easy to carry them every day. So, you should have some space to store your bean bag permanently. Then you can enjoy it while studying indoors and outdoor during school hours.

Transport Bean Bags in a Car

Do you go to a college by riding your own car? Or else with your parent’s vehicle? Then you can take your bean bag with you.

Most cars have good storage space. So, you can shrink your bean bag using a vacuum cleaner and pack it into the box. After that, carefully store this box inside the car.

However, if you do not like to shrink it, carry the bean bag in the car in the original size. Just wrap it using a polythene cover and place it on the back seat. To improve the stability, you can use seat belts too.

However, bringing bean bags into the school every day is not an easy task. So, here find a secure place to store it. If not, it will become a favorite seat of rats at night.

Use an Inflated Bean Bag

If you need to use bean bags at college and home, the material-filled bean bags are not suitable. On the other hand, inflated ones are best if you need a bean bag that carries on your backpack.

Why am I recommending it?

Inflated bean bags are not the same as other bags. It makes with different technology, and the air is its main filler. So, you just have to open its mouth and fill the air. After usage, you can remove the air and pack it in your bag. Yes, it is a super easy process, and you just want to spend five minutes filling air into the bean bag.

Now you may think, how am I filling air into the bean bag? Do I need an air pump for this? How do I find a pump from college? No! You do not need any special tools to fill air into the inflated bean bag. You can use atmospheric air for this. It is a zero costly and straightforward process.

You just have to open the mouth of the bean bag horizontally and run ten steps. Then the air will automatically fill the bag. If you need to clarify this further, then click here.

Because of easiness of usage, most kids, teenagers, and adults love to use this type of bean bag in high school. On the other hand, it is lightweight. Thus, it is easy to carry any place (indoor or outdoor) that you choose for study.

Use Dorm Bean Bags

Generally, dorm bean bags are used in limited spaces like apartments and hostels. You do not have a huge space to put your bean bag at the college. Most students use dorm bean bags for their colleges as a solution for this.

These are easy to carry and move. Also, have a lightweight. Because of these benefits, you can bring a dorm bean bag in your car or public transport without facing massive troubles. You can also carry it in your traveling bag if you shrink it.


If you wish to bring your bean bag to the college, you can buy a Lovesac product. It is stylish and modern. So, you can match it in any environment. Also, it will maintain your status.

The best thing is that Lovesac bean bags come with a shrinking tool kit. So, when you want to bring it to the college, you can shrink it and pack it in a duffle bag. A duffle bag is like a traveling bag and consists of two comfortable handles. So you can carry it hundreds of miles without any trouble.

Final Thoughts

“The classroom of the future” is a concept derived from Australia. However, now most countries have moved toward this concept due to its benefits. It is not a secret that bean bag stays on the top of the comfortable seat list. 

Also, standard bean bags are made with fully ergonomic guidelines. Thus, customers do not need to worry about health and other side effects. If you use it correctly, every corner of your body may feel super comfortable.

Because of these features, most colleges can use bean bags on their premises, including classrooms and libraries. So, select a suitable bean bag and use it for studying. Indeed, your academic life will be fantastic with this lovely furniture!

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