Select Your Bean Bag Size – The Size Guide for Bean Bags

When shopping for a bean bag, you will see bean bag chairs in various sizes. Selecting the perfect bean bag size for your requirement is one of the hardest decision when buying a bean bag chair.

Different sizes of bean bags are available to match different human sizes and weights. A large bean bag with 37 inches diameter is the recommended bean bag size for an adult. For a kid, you can go for a bean bag with a diameter of 27 inches.

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Bean Bag Sizes

  • Bean Bag for Kids – 27 inches
  • Bean Bag for Teenager – 32 inches
  • Bean Bag for Adult – 37 inches
  • Bean bags for accommodate multiple adults/kids- 52 inches

Now let’s dive deep into the various sizes of bean bag chairs.

Especially when you shop online, you can not sit and trail the size of the bean bag and its’ comfort. Therefore, you may need some brief knowledge about the dimensions of bean bag chairs in general and to whom it suits well. Here are some tips and guidelines to decide the best fitting bean bag size for your requirement.

select size for bean bag chairs

Perfect Bean Bag Size for Kids

Small-sized bean bag chairs are the best fit for a young kid or a toddler. Its diameter is 27 inches and suits as individual seating. The kids can sit and stand very comfortably since its size is perfectly designed for them. 

On the other hand, it is easy to move and need less space so that it is the right choice for a kid’s room. 

Besides kid’s use, you can utilize small-sized bean bag chairs as footrests, or for pets as well. But do not use it for both kids and pets if you have both.

If you are planning to buy a bean bag chair for your kid, make sure that you are purchasing the best quality one, with a fine zipper and safety. 

Apart from these kids’ bean bag chairs, there are mini-sized bean bag chairs available in the market. It comes in 14 inches diameter and fits for dolls and teddy bears. If you have space and budget, you can buy a bean bag for your kids’ playroom to make it more attractive.

Bean Bag for a Small Space – Medium Size Bean Bags

Are you living in a small space and looking for a bean bag chair to be fit for it? Then medium-sized bean bag chairs are for you. 

The chair’s diameter is usually 32 inches and suits a person with a height of around 5 feet. 

Further, when small-sized bean bag chairs are not spacious enough for your kid, these medium-sized bean bag chairs will be an option for you. 

Bean Bag Size for Adults – Large Bean Bags

The bean bag chairs you see most of the time are large bean bag chairs. Large-sized bean bag chairs are trendy in size as it is the perfect bean bag size for adults. The diameter is 37 inches, and usually, it is still not difficult to move unless a special dense filling is used to fill the bean bag.

Thus, it is suitable for a teenager’s or an adult’s room if you can vacate 3 feet from the room. 

kids bean bags

Extra-large Bean Bags for a Spacious Room

The bean bag chairs with 52 inches diameter are coming under this size category. These jumbo chairs are suitable for a spacious area. 

Especially if you have long legs, or your height is more than 6 feet, the extra-large bean bag chairs will be more comfortable for rest than a large bean bag chair. 

If you can dedicate a space of 4 feet in a kids’ room, you can comfortably place an extra-large bean bag chair. It will be able to accommodate seating for two kids on the same chair. 

Although it is more comfortable for rest, the health practitioners do not recommend these oversized bean bag chairs for people with weak upper arms because it will be difficult for them to stand once you are seated.

Also, if you are an older person or have medical conditions with your spine or muscles, extra-large bean bags will not be a wise choice. If you are highly interested in an extra-large piece, you better take advice from a medical practitioner before you make the purchase.

If you are ordering an extra-large bean bag online, pay your attention to shipping or transport costs too. Also, since these bean bag chairs require more filling and material, the chairs’ price is comparatively high. 

Variations of Extra-large Bean Bags

Besides the regular bean bag chair, many different kinds of bean bags come in extra-large sizes to cater more comfort.  


One of the popular versions is loungers. The lounger is a seating bean bag chair that provides back support and leg rest. You can stretch your legs and rest on the chair while you are sitting. It is a good investment for a person who is looking for comfort and pain relief.

Loungers arrive at the market in several sizes, small, medium, large, XL, to cater to different seating capacities, such as one, two, and three-seater chairs. Thus the length of the lounger differs accordingly. 

Typically, the bean bag lounger’s length varies from 40 to 68 inches, while the width is casually 30 inches. These measures can vary according to different manufacturers.

Sofa Bed Bean Bags

Sofa bed bean bags are another extra-large size bean bag choice that you can invest for your room. It comes in different colors and designs to select according to the interior design of your house. 

It’s stylish and affordable compared to regular sofa bed furniture in the market. Thus it will enhance the elegance of the space while saving some extra dollars in your pocket. 

Sofa beds arrive in different sizes. In general, you can find 175cm lengthy 90cm wide ones to 200cm lengthy 120cm wide pieces. But these dimensions can vary from one brand to another. 

Also, most of the bean bag sofa beds are having removable beans sacks. Therefore you can fill the bean bag bed according to your expected level of comfort. 

Couch Bean Bags

Couch bean bags are a fashionable and comfortable replacement for your regular seating furniture. It’s more appropriate to decorate a teenage room. 

Couch bean bags come to the market in a vast range of prices. Mainly this is due to the filling and cover materials used in the product. You can decide the best fit for you according to your requirements and the budget.

Apart from the materials, there are different sizes of couch bean bags available with varying seating capacities. In general, one-seater couches are 150 cm in length, while 2-seater and 3-seater pieces are 175 cm and 200cm in length, respectively. The depth of the furniture for any seating capacity is roughly 90 cm.

These dimensions can vary according to manufactures, and the above information is to get a rough idea about the sizes. 

Further, some couch bean bags come with removable sacks so that you can adjust the filling according to your preference. 

extra large bean bag chairs

Slab Bean Bags

Slab bean bags are an exciting piece of furniture as it can facilitate both seating and sleeping. It’s merely a cushion filled with beans. You can find small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL size slab bean bags available in the market. 

The length of the pieces varies from 125cm to 200cm and width from 100cm to 140 in general. You can consider your body dimensions and space availability in the room to decide the size of the slab bean bag you will purchase. 

The bigger bean bag slabs usually come with removable sacs to accommodate your expected comfort. 

Gaming Bean Bags

If you are looking for a comfortable stay when you are gaming, gaming bean bags are an excellent choice for you. Gaming bean bags have back support and come in several materials for different comfort levels.  

The bean bag dimensions are approximately 95cm in height and 75cm wide. The dimension can vary according to the manufacturers. 

You may also find gaming bean bag chairs designed to be used as loungers by turning the headrest to the ground.

Summary of Selecting Perfect Size for Bean Bags

Bean bags are available in different sizes in the market to facilitate more comfort for different groups. For example, a giant bean bag will be uncomfortable for a kid when he or she stands from the seat.

Further, if you are suffering from weaknesses in upper arms, standing from an extra-large bean bag will not be a pleasant experience. Therefore, choosing a bean bag chair considering your age, body, and purpose is vital to achieving your purchase’s best results. 

Apart from the standard bean bag chairs, there are various extra-large bean bags designed for different purposes. Those bean bags also come in different dimensions to cater to different seating capacities. You can select a piece according to your space availability and required seating capacities. 

The dimensions given in this article are just a general guide, but it can vary according to the manufacturer.

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