Best Meditation Bean Bags with Buying Guide

Generally, when we buy anything, we check many factors to ensure whether that product matches us or not. This theory is also applicable to meditation bean bags.

When you are purchasing a meditation bean bag, you should pay attention to several important factors. So, here I include a bean bag buying guide for meditation purposes. It will help you to find a customized bean bag for your requirement!

best meditation bean bags

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Meditation Bean Bag Buying Guide

Chose Bean Bag that Fit Your Meditation Method

The different kinds of meditation methods have been practiced since the ancient era. Some people do meditation by kneeling in, lotus, crossed leg position or lying on surfaces.

Thus, according to your meditation type, you should select a bean bag that helps to adjust your meditation position ideally. For example, if you are practicing a lotus position, your foot should have ideally fit with the bean bag.

Check the Bean Bag Stable Level

A typical bean bag is filled with 2/3 of beans from its volume. So, when you are sitting there, your body sinks on it.

When selecting a meditation bean bag, you should highly consider the degree of sinking in the bean bag. Because if bean bag sinks deeply, that is not good for meditation postures.

The meditation seat must have a firm structure that is enough to push up your body and support your upright body position.

Requirement for the Back Support

Some people have backbone problems. Or, when some people sit longtime in the same position, they may feel back pain.

Therefore, they cannot spend many hours without back support. If you have this kind of issue, select a bean bag that has a backrest. It will give good relief to users’ bodies.

Get a backrest if you really need it. Meditation teachers recommend practicing meditation without back support.

Backrest Strength

However, the back support toleration capability changed from bean bag to bean bag. The bean bag manufacturers produce back-supported bean bags with these two categories.

  • Soft-back support

The bean bag that comes with soft-back rest cannot give full support itself. So, if you purchase that kind of bean bag, you have to place a bean bag near the wall.

  • Rigid back support

If you purchase a bean bag with rigid back support, you can use them without any external support.

Check Back Support Angle of the Bean Bag

Having back support is not enough if you need back support. It should have a proper angle that fits with your body’s curves. The back support angles change with the bean bag to the bean bag.

Thus, select a bean bag that has a 90-degree angles backrest. It will give good relief to your backbone.

Check the Height

Do not select a bean bag that has relatively greater heights. Choose a bean bag that has an average height.

Generally, it is better; this height is lower than knee height. Make sure you have easy accessibility to your meditation chair.

meditation bean bags

Bean Bag Seat Size

The seat size of the bean bag is a very subjective matter. The human body size changes from person to person. So, your bean bag should fit with your body size.

Moreover, the meditation chair seat size also fits with your mediation posture.

Bean Bag Weight

Do you like to practice meditation in the exact location? Or else do you want to change location from time to time?

So, if you choose heavy bean bags, you cannot move them easily. Therefore, try to purchase a bean bag that can easy to move any location.

Identify the Usage – Indoor or Outdoor

Meditation is a process that deals with our internal spirits and soul. So, to continue it without any disturbance, you should go to a calm environment. It can be a place in your room, corner of your garden, or inside the forest.

If you are willing to meditate outdoor, select a bean bag specially designed for outdoor usage.

Because these bean bags are made with waterproof fabrics and fillers can also tolerate the outer environment. So, it can withstand sunlight, heavy rain, and dust.

Bean Bag Fabric and Meditation Time

Here you have to pay attention to the comfy level and heating level of fabric. So, first, think below factors.

  • How many hours are you willing to meditate on a bean bag?
  • Which time slot can you use to meditate?
  • Which season of the year do you use meditation bean bag?

Now you have a better understanding of your requirement. 

For example, if you sit a long time in the summer on a leather bean bag, you may feel a bit of heat and sweat. It may discomfort you and disturb your meditation practices.

On the other hand, if you are willing to do meditation in the night or winter season, much warmer will help keep your body warm. So, keep this in your mind and select a bean bag that ideally fits your time slot.

Bean Bag Filler Type and Volume

Most bean bags are filled with expanded polystyrene beads (EPS). However, most of the users said shredded memory foam gives a much better feel than EPS beads.

Further, check bean bag fill with standard amount of filler beads.

Check the Noise

Some bean bags produce a bit of noise when changing the postures. But it can lose your mental peace. Therefore, before purchasing a bean bag, sit on there and check the noise level.

Choose Cool and Calm Colors

Color has a significant power to influence our mental peace. Thus do not buy warm colors like red, orange, blue. Also, avoid luminescent colors and seats that are decorated with patterned fabrics. Always try to purchase a bean bag that has cool and calm colors.

Finally, as an independent researcher, I do a deep study about meditation bean bags. So, among them here, I mentioned the best one that ideally matches for meditation purposes.

Best Bean Bags for Meditation

Bon VIVO Floor Chair

Comfy Padded seat 

Bon VIVO floor chair is made as a meditate bean bag. Its padded seat has 7.4 x 16.9 x 21.3 (D X W X H) dimensions. It provides a comfy space for different aged people, from kids to adults.

Suitable as a Portable Chair

The 5-pound weight and simple structure make them easy to move. Due to its folding ability, this chair can store in a small space when you are not using it. For the consumers who go to different locations for meditations, this chair is ideal.

Adjustable Backrest

Users can adjust the backrest angle according to their requirements. The backrest has a 180-degree adjustable facility. So, the consumer can use this as a yoga mat too. 

Further, the automatic lock system keeps the backrest more stable. Hence, this chair can ideally fit with meditation postures. 


Due to its premium properties, this chair can use for gaming or reading books.

Good Heights

This chair height is around 2, 3 inches. Hence, it is very close to the ground. Because of this feature, old persons and kids can use this chair without any worry. 

Easy To Clean

Bon VIVO floor chair consists of a high-quality cover protector. So, these floor seats make wiping away stains. The user just needs a damp sponge.

Yogibo Mini Bean Bag

Compact Size

The size of the Yogibo bean bag is 36 x 24 x 36 (L X W X H) inches. So, it provides good seat space for kids, teens, and adults for meditation. Due to its size, this bean bag is perfect for smaller spaces. 

Perfect Fluffy Level

This bead filling provides a good fluffy level and perfectly conforms to the body. It assists in good postures. So, this bean bag is not influenced by the user’s postures. People can spend hours here there comfortably.


The lightweight (10 pounds) makes them easy to carry and move. 

Patented Double Layer

This premium quality bean bag owns the patent for its exclusive double-layer technology. It offers durability, stretch, and more comfort than your standard bean bag. 

Zero Pressure Points

The Yogibo bean bag is filled with soft and plush beads. Hence, it promotes airflow and ensures fidget-free relaxation by automatically adjusting to the shape of the body. Therefore, you do not need to worry about pressure points. Those are absolutely zero! 

Washable and Removable Cover

The cotton bean bag cover is removable and washable. Thus, the consumer can maintain its hygiene correctly.


This bean bag is excellent as a meditation cushion, sitting pillow, or beanbag. 

Bean Products Zabuton Meditation Cushion

Perfect Height

The dimension of the Zabuton meditation cushions is 26 x 32 x 3 inches. The 3 inches height keeps the user’s body stable while meditating. Also, give good support for the spine and hip too. 


The 6-pound weight makes them easy to move from one location to another.  

Multitude of Positions

This seat is ideal for practicing meditation in a multitude of positions. It will enable a relaxed and focused meditative journey.

No Harmful Materials

These Zabuton meditation cushions are made with organic hemp with a soft exterior. So, it does not include any harmful chemicals.

Removable Cover for Easy Cleaning

This removable cover can withstand hand or machine wash.

Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion

Filled with Organic Beads

This bean bag is filled with 100% buckwheat. So, 100% healthy and safe!

Perfect Size

The 16.4 x 12.9 x 7.2 inches (L x W x H) dimensions provide perfect seat for meditation. 

Removable Cover

So, it is easy to clean. 


The 7-pound weight makes them easy to move from one location to another.  

Zero Press Points 

The buckwheat hulls conform to users’ bodies perfectly. It will relieve pressure while providing a comfortable seating experience. 

Final Words

Meditation helps to relax the soul. But this is a process that should be done with a good patient. So, there are some bean bags specially designed for meditation, and they will help keep your body calm. I hope this bean bag guide will give you a good knowledge about that!

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