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Bean bags are the most comfortable thing in your room, in which you can relax. These are the best thing that can support your back, and you can lie down to have a relaxing time. Regular chairs can be pretty uncomfortable to deal with, but bean bags are comfortable and can even cure your back pain. Besides this, these bean bags look pretty stylish, and that is why it is a piece of better furniture to keep in the drawing area than regular plastic or wooden chair.

But sometimes buying your favorite bean bag might be quite expensive. So, one of the most common questions that pop up in this scenario is “How to make a bean bag.” Several DIY techniques can help you build a comfortable bean bag. 

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Easy DIY bean bag that can be made with bean bag fillers

You don’t need to invest a massive amount of money to have a good bean bag in your room. You can follow some simple steps to make a bean bag. The easiest way is to take a thick material cloth and then stitch it to the shape of a bean bag.

After that is done, get a big bean bag filler from any stationery store or any store and then fill the stitched cloth with the fillers. Once that is done, you will have to sew the mouth of the bean bag so that anything does not come out.

But to get this done, you will have to get some good quality bean bag filler. Besides this, to make this technique successfully, then you will need to have some good stitching techniques. This technique is not the cheapest because you will need to spend some money on the filler, but overall, it is much less expensive than an original ready-made bean bag.

So choose a principle cloth according to your choice and favorite color, and you can get the perfect bean bag for your home at an affordable price.

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Different materials commonly used as bean bag fillers

Bean bag fillers can be anything like an old cloth or rice or any other material that can give you the desired comfort. If you are looking for some fillers, then here are a few materials that are commonly available in the market for this purpose, and you can buy these from any nearby store or even from online stores. 

  • EPS beads – Most common and cheap beads that can give you the comfort of a bean bag if used as a filler. 
  • EPP beads – These are also very much within the budget and can be definitely considered as an option. 
  • Microbeads – This might be slightly expensive, but they are worth the money when it comes to the comfort level.
  • Compressed foam – This is another material that can be used as a bean bag filler, but that is something that will eventually expand over the course of time due to the weight that is exerted on the bag, and that is why this may be slightly expensive in the long run. 
  • Beans, rice, and other different natural fillers – These are not cheap since they can be used as food items rather than been stuffed inside a bean bag. Moreover, these items are more susceptible to insect attack and might destroy your bean bag. So, it advisable to avoid these. 
  • Other fillers – Besides the materials mentioned above, there are some other materials that can be used as filler in bean bags. Just make sure that they are not toxic to pets or children, and you can use it as a material for stuffing your bean bag. 

The cheapest way to DIY bean bag

Bean bags are not the cheapest chair to buy from the market, but you can make a bean bag at home at a very minimal expense. The most important thing to make a bean bag is a fresh cloth which would have a thick consistency.

This is important since this thick cloth will be the cover of the bean bag. But instead of buying an expensive filler you can stuff in used clothes or old and torn clothes. So, if you are looking for “how to make a bean bag chair out of old clothes,” then this is the best and the cheapest way to get it.

Just make sure that you stuff the bag pretty tightly so that it can hold your weight. If the stuffing is loose, then it would be more prone to damage. But again, even in this technique, it is essential to have a good stitching technique as at the end of the day, you will require to stitch the bean bag. And if the stitching is not appropriate, then your bean bag will not get the desired shape. So, you must know how to cut and stitch the principle cloth.

it is essential to have a good stitching technique as at the end of the day, you will require to stitch the bean bag. And if the stitching is not appropriate, then your bean bag will not get the desired shape. So, you must know how to cut and stitch the principle cloth.

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Caution- use clean clothes

Making a bean bag out of clothes that are old and will be of no use to you is a great idea. But make sure that these clothes are clean. Otherwise, even if it has the slightest of dirt in them, then they will decay in the course of time, and then your bean bag will become loose and uncomfortable.

In the course of time, such a bean bag might even become smelly and unfit for use. So, make sure all the clothes that have been in use are thoroughly cleaned and do not have any food items or any similar things that might lead to the decay of the things. 

How to make a bean bag chair cover?

By the cover of the bean bag, it is meant that you will need to choose a suitable material that will be your primary material and will form the outer layer of the bean bag.

This is outer covering and must be made of a sturdy material that cannot be torn of easily and yet be a comfortable piece of cloth. But, make sure this cloth is easy to stitch so that you can form the cover of the bean bag with this piece of cloth. This cloth is the most important aspect of making a bean bag, so make sure you choose this correctly. 

Is stitching necessary to make a DIY bean bag?

Most of the techniques mentioned here require stitching. But if you do not know to stitch, you can still make a bean bag. You can glue the initial thing with a hot glue gun, and it will attach itself correctly. But if you are using glue, then make sure you do not keep your bean bag under direct sunlight or wash it with detergent.

The mouth of the bean bag you can either similarly use a hot glue gun, use double-sided tape or even staple it to close the mouth. Make sure the mouth is sealed correctly, especially if you are using a bean bag filler so that it does not come out.

So, if you have been wondering about “how to make a bean bag chair without sewing,” then definitely try this trick out. But again, stitching is a better process. It is better to learn simple stitching to close the mouth of the bean bag.

Advantages of having a DIY bean bag

  • A DIY bean bag will cost you 10 to 20% of the amount that you will spend for a regular bean bag that you will have to buy from the market. 
  • If you are buying a ready-made bag from the market, then you will have to choose from the designs available. But if you are stitching it yourself, then you can choose a cover that will match your room. You can choose a print that you prefer. This would be like a more personalized bean bag.

So, if you consider the overall scenario, then a DIY bean bag is something that would be more useful and better for anyone as compared to buying one from the market. 

Make your bean bag and have a relaxing time with it

By now, you would have an idea about how to make your bean bag. All these are really easy and simple steps of making a bean bag. These bean bags last for a long span of time, and in case they become loose over the span of time, then you can open the stitch of the mouth of the bean bag, and then you will be able to fill the inside of the bag with some fresh stuffing.

Thus, you need not worry about the fact that it will not be in use after some time. You can always put some fresh stuffing to renew your bean bag. All of these techniques that are there to make these DIY bean bags are pretty cheap, and you can make one or multiple bean bags to use them as chairs in your home. Just make sure you choose the principal material nicely. 

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