Why Are Bean Bags So Expensive? – [5 Facts]

The cost of bean bag chairs varies from very cheap items to utterly expensive pieces. Several factors impact this price.

The type of fabric and the filling used in the bean bag are the crucial factors that make the bean bags expensive. When the bean bag gets larger, the amount of material and the filler used also increase. So it will add more cost to the product.

Likewise, there are many factors related to its price, and here we are going to look at the reasons behind it.

Why are bean bags so expensive

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Factors That Makes Bean Bags Expensive

Different Fabrics at Different Prices

One crucial fact for the comfort and the quality of the bean bag chairs, is its fabric, the fabric used to cover the bean bag outer surface. 

There are various materials used for these covers, such as cotton, leather, silk, etc. So the cost of the bean bag chair varies accordingly.

Silk and leather fabrics are exquisite looking and suit for indoor bean bag chairs. But it is very high in cost.

Bean bags made of Nylon fabric can place both outdoors and outdoors. It has strong fibers, thus last longer. Also, it is relatively less in price. 

Another great option for bean bags is Polyester. It is cheap but durable and waterproof. 

Cotton and Rayon covered bean bag chairs are cheap but have comparatively more minus points. Rayon material is not strong enough. Therefore the cover will tear easily and can not recommend for bean bag chairs. Cotton covers are breathable but vulnerable to liquids. 

Sometimes, there is a variation in bean bags’ prices, even they made by the same fabric. For example, 1680D Polyester used for the expensive high-quality bean bags chairs, and the chairs made by less dense polyester materials are cheap. 

This fiber density is significant for the durability of a bean bag chair. More the dense, more the strength. Especially it is a must to use a thick fabric for an outdoor bean bag chair. Thus those are expensive than regular bean bags. 

Besides the fabric choice, some bean bags have additional inner covers for the protection of the filling. These are also costly than regular ones. 

Quality Fillers, Super Comfort; Increase the Price

comfortable bean bag

As well as the fabric of the cover, bean bag filling material is, too, has an impact on its cost. 

There are various kinds of artificial beads, improved to avoid the drawbacks of natural beads. For example, since the natural beads break into compost with time, there are long-lasting fillings introduced to the market, such as Virgin polystyrene.

Besides durability, there are waterproof filling materials, heat resistant materials, etc., which manufactured artificially.

Also, the comfort of the bean bag varies with the type of beans used inside. Memory foam is one of the most comfortable materials.

There are materials developed with the capability to absorb pressure. They are in-compressible and quickly rejuvenates.

The price of these materials differs drastically according to these qualities. Hence, the bean bag price changes.

For example, recycled polystyrene is not durable and less in price than Virgin polystyrene beads, which lasts long. Thus the chairs made of virgin polystyrene beads are expensive than inexpensive polystyrene bean bags. 

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads are the lowest in price in the market. Plastic pellets are another affordable filling material for bean bags

Memory foam is one of the most comfortable filling material for bean bag chairs. It is durable, and the shape lasts long without getting flat for a very long term. On the other hand, a costly material to purchase. Thus the bean bag chairs filled with Memory foam is high in price

The Larger the Size, the more Expensive

Bean bags are one of the most famous and comfortable pieces of furniture. It comes in different shapes and different sizes to cater to different purposes and age groups. For more details, you can read the expert’s guide on bean bag types.

The material required for these bean bags depends on the facts as mentioned above. 

When producing a larger bean bag chair, it needs more beans, fabric, and other supportive materials like zippers than for a small-sized bean bag chair. To a sofa bed or a large mattress, it would be even more. Thus the price will vary accordingly. 

Let’s compare two different shapes under the same size category: a cube bean bag chair and a round bean bag chair. Can you guess the price difference? 

When making a cube-shaped bean bag chair, the material waste (cover) is less than a round shape bean bag. Thus generally the round-shaped bean bag chairs are a little high in price than square-shaped ones of the same size category. 

More Elegance and Quality: Costs Extra Dollars

designer bean bag

Bean bag chair price does not just depend on the fabric and type of filling. There are other price influencing factors too. One of them is the zipper, which plays an essential role in a bean bag. 

Bean bag zippers do not consist of a pull-tab. This feature is purposely built for kids’ safety as inhalation of beads and tiny particles inside bean bags is harmful. 

The quality of the zipper, the lock, and the materials used to make it impacts its price. The high-quality bean bags have high-grade zippers; thus, the price is high. 

Extra accessories like speakers are another pricing factor. Some High-end gaming bean bag chairs have inbuilt speakers that can synchronize with a smartphone or a computer. They facilitate the user a more quality time while gaming. The bean bag chairs with such features are also high in price than a regular bean bag item. 

Bean bag beds are also one of the popular choices. These bean bag chairs sometimes come with supportive pieces such as blankets and pillows. These enhance comfort and elegant look but causes to be more expensive.

Headrests, footrests, and armrests are also attractive features

built for extra support of the user. On the other hand, they are leading to an increase in the price. 

Covers with Extra Protection

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, the quality and the material type of the bean bag cover effects for the price of the bean bag. Apart from that, some bean bag covers come with additional facilities.

Some of them come with UV protection, waterproof, and heat resistance. Bean bags with these facilities are more appropriate for outdoor use since it will last longer than regular ones. You will need to pay more than for a regular one if you need to have those in your bean bag chair. 

Keeping your bean bag clean is challenging, especially when kids are around. As a solution, some bean bags have stain-resistant covers: a great, but an expensive choice. 

Having a warranty for your bean bag chair is also a wise decision you are making. You may need to spend some extra money on that. But worth in the long run.

Designer and Handmade Products

Are you interested in branded stuff? If yes, you can invest in a designer bean bag item. But this will be a costly choice. Designer bean bag chairs are significantly higher in price

Hand made bean bags are also costly. You can go to these choices if your budget allows. 

Are you planning to purchase a bean bag online? Then think about its shipping cost. Sometimes, pre-filled bean bag chairs have higher shipping charges. Thus you may need to spend more money than you planned. 


Some bean bags are expensive than regular products. Bean bag cover material and filling material are one of the primary reasons for its price. 

More comfortable, elegant, durable bean bags are always high in price. 

Apart from these basic facts, the cost varies due to many reasons. Size, shape, zipper are some of them.

Inbuilt features such as speakers, blankets, pillows are another reason for expensive bean bags. On the other hand, designer or hand made bean bags are always costlier than regular bean bag chair. 

Warranty and shipping are other facts that increase the price you have to pay for a bean bag chair. 

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