Best Bean Bag Filler [Top 5 Reviewed] – UPDATED

Mention Bean bags and half the people in the room will have a million opinions, choices, and expertise to express. But talk about the best bean bag filler, and you will most likely be met with empty stares and gawking faces.

That’s because most people know little about them, except that they are tiny confetti balls that use to fill bean bags.

But, there’s more to these little balls than a mere filler for your favorite bean bag chairs.

If you are buying the first bean bag filler that you see on the supermarket aisles, then you might be limiting the lifespan of your refillable bean bag, severely reducing your comfort and paying more than you should be.

Instead, take a pick from the best bean bag filling in the market. Here’s a glimpse.

bean bag chair filler

Didn’t find your favorite brand on that list, did you? Don’t be surprised. There’s a lot of hype and marketing in the bean bags industry, and what seems like the best choice may not always be so.

Today, we will talk about the different types of bean bag filler products.

We will help you understand the pros and cons of each variety, show you what variables to consider before you make a choice and also share with you, what are our picks for the best bean bag refill in the market.

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Best Bean Bag Filler Reviews

We will review below list of bean bag fillers in this section.

  1. Big Joe Comfort Research Megahh Ultimax Refill Pack
  2. American Furniture Alliance Refill pack
  3. Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam
  4. Evostorm Polypropylene Plastic Pellets
  5. Workingfish 5lbs Shredded Memory Foam

1. Big Joe Comfort Research Megahh Ultimax Refill Pack

Big Joe is an American brand that manufactures bean bag filler and outdoor bean bags in three facilities located in the USA.

The Megahh bean bag filler is one of their flagships.

These beans are made of 100% recyclable polystyrene and are slightly smaller than the average generic bean bag filler. The smaller size allows it to create a denser, more comfortable cushion for the bean bags.

Each bean is round and puffy and holds on pretty well to everyday use. We spoke to a few customers who mentioned that the refills had far outlasted the stock beans that came with the bean bags.

This bean bag filler comes as a twin pack, each one with 100 liters of bean bag filler. That’s approximately 3.5 cubic feet of beans per pack.

In layman’s terms, that’s just about enough beans for an adult-sized bean lounger.

That’s unbeatable value for money!


If you have never refilled, then ensure that you check our tutorial on how to fill a bean bag. You will have to create a funnel and load the beans into the bean bags to avoid static from wreaking havoc.


  • Top-rated bean bag filler
  • American made
  • 100% recyclable polystyrene beads
  • Manufactured in a Zero landfill facility
  • 100 liters of beans per pack
  • Excellent quality
  • Holds on well to everyday use


  • There’s no filler tube or funnel included in the package. If you are new to fillings for bean bags, then it can get very messy with beans strewn all around the house. That’s a small niggle with an easy workaround, though.


Big Joe Megahh refill is one of the best bean bag chair filler among all the cheap refills in the market currently. The beans are consistent sized and will instantly make your flattened chair plump again.

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2. American Furniture Alliance Refill pack

American Furniture Alliance (AFA) is a budget-priced bean bag refill pack that comes highly recommended by its customers.

These virgin polystyrene beads will restore your deflated bean bag chair to its former glory in no time.

Each bean is about 1 cm in size. Almost like a large pea and is thick and fluffy. It’s not like an air-filled bean that gets deflated within weeks. As a result, this holds on very well to regular use.

Some customers quipped at length on how it did not ‘squish’ or sink even when used by a 250 lbs. adult man. That’s the only testimony that it needs.
Each pack contains 100 liters of bean bag filler beans. To give you a rough idea, that pack can suffice for 1 Big Joe lounger that’s about 25-50% flattened.

If you are looking to rejuvenate a completely flattened bean bag chair, or prefer a beanbag that’s densely packed with beans, then you might need to buy two bean bag filler packs instead.

Thankfully, it’s not too expensive.

The AFA bean bag filler comes in a secure, child-proof pack that ensures that curious toddlers can’t find their way into beanbag refills.


  • Excellent quality
  • Thick and fluffy
  • Virgin Polystyrene beads
  • Consistent size
  • American made
  • Comes in a child-proof pack
  • Reasonably priced


  • The advertising for the AFA bean bag chair filler is underscored by claims of an exclusive design by Disney. A little gimmicky as that will not improve the quality of the product in any way.


With the quality of the bean bag filler beans and a very attractive price tag, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bean bag refill than this one.

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3. Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam

This shredded memory foam fill from Xtreme Comforts is a perfect fillings for bean bags, love seats, couches, and upholstery.

As indicated by the name, it is randomly-sized pieces of shredded memory foam in different shapes.

Not only does it make for a very comfortable resting surface, but it also ensures that there will be zero pressure points when you sit on the lounger as the memory foam will naturally adhere to the contours of your body.

The foam itself is CertiPUR US certified. That’s a third-party certification that checks it for ozone depleters, TDCPP, PBDEs, heavy metals, and phthalates regulated by the CPSC.

In other words, this is a child-safe product that also uses for stuffed toys used by little kids. Xtreme Comforts manufactures its products in the USA.

Unlike polystyrene beads, memory foam tends to sustain wear and tear better. So, if you use your beanbags moderately, then this might outlast regular beans.

However, not all people like the feel of a memory-foam filled bean bag, primarily if you are used to polystyrene eps or Styrofoam beads. So, ensure that you make an informed decision.

This package is a 5 lbs pack of foam that can be roughly equal to 2.5 cubic feet of beans. So, it should easily suffice for one adult bean bag chair.


  • Reasonably priced shredded memory foam fill
  • Perfect filling for bean bags, couches and other furniture
  • Naturally adheres to the body’s contours
  • Does not create pressure points
  • Does not get flattened with daily use
  • Certipur US certified
  • No odor or off-gassing
  • Child safe
  • 5 lbs. vacuum-packed pack
  • Easily suffices for one adult-sized lounger
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • The only grumble that we have is that it is pricier than standard bean bag filler beans. If you are looking to refill multiple bean bags or large couches, then you might have to buy at least two packs of the foam, if not more.


If you have never tried memory foam shreds for your refill, then you have no idea what you are missing out. It is comfortable, soft, and gentle on your joints. This Certipur certified memory foam fill from Xtreme comforts undoubtedly rates among the best options that you have.

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4. Evostorm Polypropylene Plastic Pellets

Polypropylene plastic pellets are not the unanimous choice for large-sized bean bag chairs because of the weight. But they make the perfect bean bag refill for kiddie bean bags , weighted blankets, and corn hole sized lounger.

This package is a 5 lbs pack of heavy polypropylene plastic pellets manufactured by Evostorm, in the United States.

Each pellet is uniform sized (0.125 of an inch) and makes for an excellent high-density bean bag stuffing material. There is no odor or pigment used in the pellets, and you can easily use these for arts and crafts projects.

More importantly, these are entirely non-toxic and can be washed and dried after use.

The pack of pellets comes in a convenient, heat-sealed package that also doubles up as a storage for any leftover pellets that you may have.

All said and done, and there is no reason why you cannot use these as fillings for bean bags. It would probably be a very heavy bean bag that you cannot move around home that easily. But if you are willing to live with that, then these pellets are pretty comfortable to sit on.

Also, they don’t flatten that quickly.

Eventually, it boils down to your personal preferences.


  • High-density plastic pellets by Evostorm
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for small-sized bean bag chairs, weighted blankets
  • Uniform sized pellets
  • Comes in a heat-sealed pack
  • Non-toxic, no odor and can be washed and dried after use


  • Not the best option for large bean bags because of the extra weight that this will add to the bean bag.


If you are shopping for good quality polypropylene plastic pellets for arts and crafts or small bean bags, then look no further. The Evostorm Plastic Pellets are your best bet. They are reasonably priced, reusable, and have an excellent customer rating. We can’t ask for more.

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5. Workingfish 5lbs Shredded Memory Foam

Last but not least, we have this 5 lbs shredded memory-foam bean bag filler from Workingfish.

This foam is an odor-free, non-toxic memory foam pack that can make your old sagging bean bag plump again. It is soft, comfortable, and has zero sharp edges.

Other than bean bags, this can also be used for couches, love seats, and soft toys.

Most varieties of foam contain a higher percentage of toxic chemicals.
But this one from Workingfish, though, is child-safe and can even be touched by pregnant women.

Also, it made from 100% fresh polyurethane sponge and not some old recycled sponge that often stinks.

It comes in a vacuum-sealed pack that expands to 2.54 cubic feet of foam. If you have foam left after use, you can reseal the bag and tuck it away for storage. The package also includes the hand pump to vacuum seal it again.
While it is a known fact that memory-foam bean bag filling typically lasts longer than conventional pellets and beans, Workingfish takes it a notch ahead and offers a 38-month warranty on the foam.

That’s a remarkable value at this price point.


  • Odor-free, non-toxic memory foam
  • Perfect for use with bean bags, couches, love seats.
  • Child safe
  • 100% fresh polyurethane foam
  • Vacuum sealed pack
  • Expands to about 2.5 cubic feet
  • Package includes a resealable bag and hand pump for storage
  • Comes with a 38-month warranty


  • Grumble that we have with this memory foam bean bag chair filler is identical to what we had with the earlier one. 2.5 cubic feet of foam is just not enough to fill an adult bean bag, especially if you prefer a firm texture. Otherwise, this is a near-flawless refill.


With a 38-month warranty to back it up with, it’s hard to go wrong with the Workingfish Shredded Memory Foam.

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Best Fillings for Bean Bags

Let’s see the facts that decide which is the best bean bag fillings for bean bags.

Filler Types for Bean Bag Chairs

Generally, you can fill your bean bags with any items you need. That includes dried grains, buckwheat hulls, sand, and even small pebbles. But most of those bean bag fillers are not practical choices, or they are incredibly uncomfortable to use. So, there are three types of bean bag fillings that use these days commonly.

  • EPS Beads:

eps beads

Expanded Polystyrene EPS beads have become the most widely used filler material due to its rigid structure, lightweight, and durability. The beads are approximately 3mm in size, are incredibly comfortable, and don’t flatten quickly with regular use.

It is moisture and heat resistant as well. The only caveat is that it’s a non-biodegradable product. To counter this, most manufacturers use recycled EPS beads fillings for bean bags.

  • Polyethylene Plastic Pellets:


These are also called microbeads and typically use for small-sized bean bag chairs, weighted blankets, and the likes. These beads usually made from Polyethylene, which is a type of plastic.

It is exceptionally durable, can be reused forever, and offers better resistance to everyday use as compared to EPS beads. However, these can be heavy, primarily if you use it to fill a large lounger.

  • Compressed Memory Foam:

Compressed memory foam refills have several advantages over EPS and Polyethylene. They are more durable, hold up better over time, and can be gentle on your joints. These typically come in the form of shredded foam pieces of varying sizes.

If you have a beanbag chair with a very thin lining, then you may not like the feel of a memory foam filling. For this reason, manufacturers recommend that you use memory foam only if you leather or 1680D polyester beanbag, which is thick, and you are less likely to feel the uneven chunks of foam.

But these tend to be pricier than the rest. Also, you will need at least three 5 lbs packs of memory foam to fill an adult-sized lounger.

  • Others Materials

There some other materials used to fill bean bags. Rice, Beans, Paper are some examples. But there do not perform well when it comes to keeping the foam and shape of the bean bag chairs. You can read more about bean bag filling alternatives from this article.


Comfort is subjective. But most people have very similar requirements from bean bags. That’s a place where they can kick back their legs and crash after a weary day. So, the bean bag chair filler must rate high on comfort. All three of these materials make for a comfortable surface.
However, this will also depend on the degree of firmness that you prefer. Some people like a soft seating area that sinks in when they sit. Others want a firm surface. For more delicate surfaces, Compressed memory foam might be a better choice. But if you like a solid fill, go for EPS beads.


Bean bag manufacturers never mention the fact that after a few months of use, it will start to deflate and go flat. And refills will be a recurrent expense that you will have for the lifespan of the bean bag chairs.
So, it must not cost an arm and a leg to restore a bean bag to its plump former self. In terms of cost, EPS beads are the cheapest option, followed by plastic pellets. Memory foam is the priciest of the lot.


Memory foam is the most durable type of filling. It retains its shape for months, doesn’t sink or squish under the weight of the user, and is resistant to moisture and heat. EPS beads are 98% air.

So, they tend to flatten out a lot sooner, mainly if the bean bag uses frequently. Most bean bags filled with EPS, and as long as you are not beating it down every day, it should easily last a few months with zero problems.


Nobody likes to haul a heavy bean bag around the room. They should be light and portable, aren’t they? If weight is a deciding factor, as is the case for seniors, pregnant women, and people with physical disabilities, then EPS beads are your best bean bag stuffing material.
Memory foam is pretty light as well. Avoid polyethylene plastic pellets as they are the heaviest and generally used for smaller-sized bean bag chairs.

To sum it up

There you have it. We just decoded the bean bag chair filler for you, and we hope that it allows you to make an informed purchase.
We would like to hear about your experience with the bean bag fillers. Do write back to us.

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