18 Easiest Bean Bag Filling Tips

You can expand the lifetime of your bean bag by changing the beans or refilling them. But why should we need to know bean bag filling tips? Do you like to follow traditional methods every time? If not, why? 

These Bean bag filling tips ease your task of filling your bean bag. For instance, when you fill the bean bag, it is better to choose a corner of a room or a bathtub. If you follow these bean bag filling tips, if any spillage happens during the filling time, it will contain in a small area, and cleaning will be effortless. 

Above is just one tip. You can be a bean bag filling expert by following our guide.

bean bag filling tips

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Bean Bag Filling Tips

It is essential to consider things set up before filling the bean bag. These are called pre-filling bean bag tips. So, let’s see what they are. 

Where do you wish to fill your bean bag?

 First, you should ask this question yourself because it is that important. 

  • It is not good to choose a random location to fill your bean bag
  • I do not recommend selecting an outdoor place

You will probably fill bean bags with EPS beads, so choosing an outdoor place will make a significant effort when trying to fill your bean bag. 

Tip 1: You can select a corner of your room or your bathtub

But here, you need to ensure that your bathtub is dry. 

Tip 2: Generally, the place should be an open area

Tip 3: If you choose a tiled floor or one covered in timber or linoleum, it should be too convenient and easy to fill your bean bags

Select those types of floors because you can easily vacuum if you spill any bean bag beads during their fills. 

What Do You Need to Fill Your Bean Bag Easily? 

Why don’t you collect every required thing before you start filling?

Tip 4: Keep your kids away from the bean bag filling area

This is a safety tip. Because if a bean bag spills while filling, it may enter your kids’ respiratory system. So, don’t take a risk. Ask them to stay away from the bean bag filling area until you finish the job.

Tip 5: Remind first what you want to fill your bean bag quickly

Bean bag filling tips, ease your task while doing it. 

Tip 6: Ensure that there are no rips on the outer cover of the bean bag

It means that you should thoroughly inspect the fabric of your bean bag before filling the beans. 

Tip 7: Use paper clips to open the bean bag

Before filling the beans, you have to open the bean bag cover

Tip 8: Get support from your friend

I bet you that If you get support from another one, friend, or family member, the bean bag filling process will become super easy.

Tip 9: Get the support of bull clips if you are unable to get the help of another one to fill your bean bag

Is there no one around to help you? 

In that case, you have an alternative, “Bull clips,” and find them as your partner to get the support filling your bean bag quickly. 

If you want to hold the open bean bag, clip it to the end of a desk, table, or something else. 

Tip 10: Choose a place that is not windy, plus it is better to close all windows and doors in your room

If not, you have to run around to catch your bean bag fillers. 

Tip 11: Spray some moisture on the bean bag cover and bag that consist of tiny EPS beads

Water vapors can reduce the static charges of the EPS beads. So, when you add a small amount of moisture to filling balls, you can do your task easily without any bad experiences.

Tip 12: It is better to have a place without electric equipment

As you already know, EPS beads have a static charge. So, if some of them spill while filling bean bags, they may get attached to electric equipment and can create a mess. 

So, to prevent these situations, selecting a place free from electric equipment is always better. 

Tip 13: Wear a face mask and eye protector

To prevent inhaling tiny EPS beads and dust, wearing a face mask is a better idea. The goggles will help you protect your eyes and do your job without disturbance. 

If not, while filling the bean bag, the small EPS particle enters your eyes. So, do not take a risk. Always follow the precautions. 

Tip 14: Make a funnel to transfer new beans into the bean bag inner cover

Be innovative! Funnel is the best option to fill your bean bag very straightforwardly.

You can use a plastic waste paper bin or bucket as your funnel. If not, make a funnel using paper or cardboard.

Tip 15: Cut the corner of the new bean pack

New beans are on your side when you are ready to fill your bean bag. 

So, it is better to cut a corner of that pack instead cut along the end of the plastic bag unless you have to face big trouble with beans. 

Tip 16: Shake the bean bag well after filling it

Why do you shake the bean bag after filling it? You may confuse because of this filling tip.

Shaking the bean bag well will help to fill the beans in all the corners of the bean bag. However, the most important thing is that make sure the bean bag’s zip is closed well. 

Tip 17: After filling the bean bag, sit on it to ensure whether the filled beans are enough or not

Generally, it is recommended to fill beans 2/3 volume of the bean bag. But after filling beans, let your body feel the comfortability. Your body will decide whether the comfortable level is enough or not. 

If you do not feel much comfortable, it may be a cause of overfilled or underfilled. 

Tip 18: Close the bean bag properly and remove a File clip from the zipper

Using a File clip to open the bean bag could remain after you finish the filling activities. So, do not forget to remove them at the end of your work. 

Final Thoughts

Filling your new bean bag or refilling your existing bean bag does not have to be messy or time-consuming. Following the above bean, ban filling tips will be easier. However, we have a complete article about how to fill your bean bag

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