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People can buy the best bean bag that perfectly matches their preferences in this vast collection. However, some people have doubts about bean bags when they are ready to purchase them online. They ask, do bean bags come filled?

One type of bean bag comes filled, while the other comes without any filler. You can buy a bean bag with or without fillers. You can fill the bean bag with existing fillers or use any alternative fillers if you only buy the bean bag outer cover.

Now Let’sLet’s read more about these two bean bag types that come as filled or not.

do bean bags come filled

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Inflated and Pool Bean Bags

The pool bean bags and inflated bean bags are different. Air is the primary source that is used to fill them. So, here you do not need to worry about the filler type.

The best thing is the air is completely free. Also, you do not need to spend many dollars on shipping charges.

You just have to buy the bean bag cover. After that, you can fill it by using an air pump or any other method. Please read our guide on filling inflated bean bags and pool bean bags for more details.

Ability to Refill a Bean Bag

Further, bean bags can be categorized into two types.

Bean Bags That Can Refill

If you purchase this type, you can remove flattened or old beans from the bean bag cover. Then refill your bean bag using new fillers.

Further, if the existing filler type does not match your preference, you can easily replace them with new ones. Mostly, you can see a zipper in this type of bean bag.

Bean Bags That Cannot Refill

Here, you cannot remove or replace the beans after a certain period. Those products are mainly produced for use specific time.

After that period, or when the beans get flattened, you have to throw the whole bean bag away. So, manufacturers do not include zippers or any opening to this type of bean bag. They just sewed and sealed.

However, if any manufacturer sells bean bags cover separately, they definitely keep access to the insert the bean bag fillers. So, let’s check what type of bean bags come filled or without fillers.

Different Bean Bag Brands


If you are a bean bag lover, you definitely may know the brand name of “Lovesac.” The top rating manufacturer company reputed about the quality and super comfy bean bags. So, if you use Lovesac once, you will become a loyal fan of it forever.

Now you may think, do Lovesac come filled or not! No?

Lovesac introduces its products with two categories. These are;

  • Lovesac filled with fillers
  • Lovesac cover without fillers

Generally, they use a dura foam blend to fill their bean bags. This filler is a bit different than common beans and beads. It gives a super comfy feel like a cloud. That’s why I said, if you were once a Lovesac fan, always a Lovesac fan.

However, over time, Lovesac covers also get dirt. So, users may want to replace their covers and get a new look at their bean bags. Because of that, the manufacturer releases separate bean bag covers to the market without any filler.

So, if you want a high-end bean bag cover, you can get it from LoveSac. Further, you can customize these covers by material, color, and size according to your requirement.

Do you want to fill the Lovesac cover with another filler type?

It is not essential to fill this cover with dura foam. You can use any other alternatives such as EPS beads, shredded memory foam, cotton, rice, or whatever you prefer.

However, make sure that filler gives the super comfort you deserve!

Lovesac alternative can be seen here.

Chill Sac

The chill sac is also a world-famous bean bag brand name. Mainly their bean bags are large in size. Thus, users can lay down their whole body there. Also, two-three people can comfortably share one sac at once.

However, some people doubt whether the chill sac comes filled? Yes, chill sacs come in both filled and non-filled types.

Mostly they make bean bags with microsuede material. So, if you want to buy just a bean bag cover, click here and find it on amazon. And to purchase a full bean bag with fillers, you can find it on amazon.

Whatever your requirement, the Chill Sac manufacturer is always there to fulfill it.

Big Joy Bean Bag

When selecting things, we all try to go for branded ones. Why?

Because they earn that reputation and brand name because of the quality, they maintain that quality as the brand name is vital for the company.

You may hear the brand name of “Big joy.” It is a company that produces high-end bean bags at affordable prices.

Hence, many people love to buy Big Joy products. However, before purchasing a bean bag, do you want to know whether the Big joy comes filled or not?

This world-reputed bean bag brand introduced bean bags with fillers and without fillers. Further, their bean bag covers come in different shapes and sizes. So, whatever you want, you can choose the best one there.

In addition to that, the extra-large zipper will help you to replace the old beans from the bean bag.

Find Big Joy Bean Bags with Fillers on Amazon.

Find Big Joy Bean Bags without fillers in Amazon.

Cozy Sack

Times changes! So, it is time to update your bean bag with a brand new cozy sac cover. These are built with double stitch seams. Further, the Cozy sac covers are machine washable.

If you still do not have a cozy sack, find it on amazon and be a proud owner. It is filled with premium quality foams. These forms have CertiPUR-US certification.

Thus, Cozy sac is an excellent choice if you wish to push comfort like deserving. So, to feel a super smooth sitting experience, buy a cozy sac filled with foams.

Sofa Sac

You can sit on this nice lounger like a couch. Its flexibility and giant size will help you to relax your whole body. The stylish appearance and high ending quality are the key factors that cause to grab a significant market share.

Anyhow, you may doubt like, do sofa sac come filled?

Yes, sofa sacs come filled. But rather than them, they sell sofa sac covers too. So, users can update their old chairs with new covers.

They sell covers for every product. Hence, do not worry about how to renovate your bean bag. With sofa sac, it is not an impossible task!

Final Thoughts

I hope you all have a good idea about bean bags and fillers. Some manufacturers introduce bean bags covers to reduce the shipping cost. Also, some others offer bean bag covers for their users to update with brand-new covers.

Also, some users want covers separately to customize their bean bags. Manufacturers introduce their products to fulfill all these requirements. So, you can buy a filled bean bag or a non-filled bean bag easily from the market. Both are available!

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