Are Bean Bags Waterproof? – Clear Your Doubts

Waterproofness is essential for every consumer product, from iPhones to bean bags. Let’s discuss the waterproofness of bean bags from this article.

Not every bean bag is waterproof. But there are waterproof bean bags specially made for outdoor use. They are made with unique waterproof materials. While indoor using bean bags are not waterproof and are not made with waterproof materials.

Let’s discuss this further and see the reason for making this difference in bean bags.

are bean bags waterproof

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Waterproof and Non-Waterproof Bean Bags

There are waterproof bean bags but do not misunderstand. Not every bean bag in the market is waterproof. But if you prefer to use bean bags made of waterproof materials, yes, you can buy them. It depends on your preference. 

When it turns to bean bags, you already know several types of bean bags exist in the market. We can categorize them as outdoor bean bags and indoor bean bags.

Here almost all outdoor bean bags are made with waterproof material. So, we can recognize them as waterproof bean bags. 

But when it turns to indoor bean bags, this can be changed because there are waterproof bean bags and non-waterproof bean bags in the market to use indoors. 

In addition to that, there are waterproof bean bags in the current market that are customized to use several works. 

Different Types of Waterproof Bean Bags

Swimming Pool Bean Bags or Floating Bean Bags

This type of bean bag is specially made for enjoying the pool or water. Hence, it deals with water, so it should be waterproof, right?

So, these waterproof bean bags are a perfect nap spot to enjoy the summer sun. 

Waterproof Bean Bags for Chlorine and Saltwater Pools

Most people have the problem of leaving their waterproof bean bags at the pool. Salt and chlorine can damage your bean bag. 

But there are waterproof bean bags made with salt-resistant and chlorine resistant materials. Thus, you can buy them for regular usage. 

However, if you are going to buy a pool bean bag, it is good to get instructions from the manufacturer. 

Waterproof Bean Bag for Boats

Sea is the harshest environment of the earth with strong winds, sun-exposed with no shade, and fierce currents. So, you need a waterproof bean bag made of solid materials to face them. 

However, there are many different options in the bean bag market. For instance, you can go with bean bags made of commercial-grade marine vinyl. 

Waterproof Bean Bag for Toddlers

Children always learn from failures, so let them do anything until they are successful. Also, if you have a bean bag, there is no doubt it will be a favorite seat of kids. 

But the bean bag also has to survive with the playfulness of kids. So, the wise thing to do is buy a toddler’s waterproof bean bag.  

Moreover, kids pee on whatever they sit. But if your bean bag is waterproof, it is easy to clean. That’s why waterproof bean bags are ideal for them rather than non-waterproof ones. 

Waterproof Bean Bag for Pets

Pick a waterproof one if you search for a bean bag for your furry pet. 

For instance, PVC-coated bean bags are available in the current market. So, you do not have to worry when your dog plays with water anymore because it cannot ruin the seat. 

Factors To Considered When Buying a Waterproof Bean Bag

There are hundreds of bean bag brands in the bean bag market. However, no matter what type of bean bag you buy, it is important to have branded and quality bean bags because this initial step will help avoid many troubles. 

Apart from that, let’s look at the other considerations when buying a waterproof bean bag. 


Fabric is the most crucial thing of many bean bags because it directly contacts dust, water, and other dirt. However, when it turns to waterproof bean bags, they resist dust and moisture. 


Vinyl is not a natural one; it is a synthetic material. Due to its waterproof ability, most outdoor bean bags come with this fabric. 

However, if you need to buy a bean bag for a boat, make sure that the bean bag is made of 100% waterproof marine vinyl fabric. 

Nylon and Polyester

Nylon and Polyester materials are also standard fabrics used to make waterproof bean bags, but they are not really waterproof on their own. They are water-resistant due to their tight weave. 

Do you know why these fabrics are used to make waterproof bean bags? 

Waterproof bean bags are made with nylon and polyester with a special coating. That’s how they can be waterproof. 

As an example, it can be got PVC-coated polyester. It is 100% waterproof polyester fabric with poly-vinyl chloride coating on the back. 


Now oilcloth waterproof bean bag is also available in the market. However, if you didn’t hear this name, remind yourself of these names, enameled or American clothes. 

These three names represent one fabric: a close-woven cotton duck or linen cloth with a boiled linseed oil coating. These coats make it waterproof. But this is the old version.

Modern oilcloth comes with a cotton or linen material, coating a transparent vinyl layer. 

High-Quality Waterproof Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy fabric is also used to make waterproof bean bags. Further, it is famous material these days.


Leather is also one of the popular fabrics for outdoor bean bags because you can clean it with only wipes. 

However, natural leather is not 100% waterproof. But there are commercial leathers with waterproof properties in the current market. 


EPS or Expanded polystyrene beans are suitable fillings for your waterproof bean bag because EPS resists moisture and heat.

In addition to that, this filler gives excellent comfort to users, and you can quickly move your bean bag due to its lightweight. 

Further, consider the following things when buying a waterproof bean bag.

  • Stitching – you should make sure the bean bag is double stitched 
  • Zipper – it should be childproof 
waterproof bean bags for pets

Why Should You Choose A Waterproof Bean Bag?

The bean bag makes your life easier and more comfortable. So, if I say the waterproof bean bag makes your life more and more simple and easier, do you agree with me? 

  • Since the fabric of your bean bag is waterproof, cleaning is super easy. What you have to do is wipe the surface.
  • Most waterproof fabrics are stain-resistant, so your bean bag is free from permanent damages. 
  • Almost all waterproof bean bags are dirt resistant. So they are an excellent choice for kids and pets.
  • Non-waterproof bean bags are mainly used indoors, but you can use your waterproof bean bag indoors or outdoors. It will be with you anywhere you wish to go. 
  • Also, this type of bean bag is long-lasting. It means you can enjoy many years with your waterproof bean bag.

You can read our guide on buying the best outdoor bean bag for more information regarding this topic.

Final Thoughts

All bean bags cannot be recognized as waterproof bean bags. There are waterproof and non-waterproof bean bags in the market. 

But if you want to waterproof a bean bag, sure now you can select the best waterproof bean bag according to your requirement. Enjoy it and share your experience!

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