Are Bean Bag Chairs Comfortable?

Bean bags are trendy all over the world among any age group. You will agree that bean bags are among the most comfortable pieces of furniture available in the market. It is a stylish alternative for traditional pieces of furniture.  

Bean bags are super comfortable for sitting and sleeping. Comfort is the main reason for its popularity. The soft filling used in the bean bag molds itself to the body shape of the person who sits in the bean bag. It gives super comfort to the person who sits on the bean bag.

Here we are going to peep into these factors and see how the comfort of a bean bag chair varies accordingly.

are bean bag chairs comfortable

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Classy Covers for Bean Bag Chairs

The bean bag cover plays a significant role when it comes to its comfort. There are various kinds of materials use to cover the outer surface of a bean bag chair. Starting from regular inexpensive materials like cotton, it varies to highly expensive stuff like lambswool. 

These expensive cover materials are solely to cater to the style and to comfort. 

Lambswool is one of those highly expensive, classy looking materials used for bean bag covers. It gives a super soft feel to your bean bag chair. High-quality faux fur, Australian sheepskin, and faux linen are some other bean bag cover options that produce a smooth, silky feel to the user. 

Apart from these luxurious materials, there are plenty of inexpensive yet comfortable materials available for bean bag covers. You can pick materials suits for your interior designs within your budget. 

The Essential Fact for Comfort: The Filling 

The main factor for the comfort of a bean bag chair is its’ filling. There are many kinds of fillers introduced for bean bag chairs that offer different textures of comfort. 

Microfiber and high-quality memory foam are some comfortable bean bag filler options. There are breathable fillers with the capability of providing an extended, comfortable stay without getting hot. Some fillers are light in weight, so that easy to handle. 

The price of the bean bag will vary according to the bean bag filler. The more comfortable and more durable will be more in price too. 

Choose According to Your Body to Feel More Comfortable.

Although bean bag chairs are famous for their’ comfort, there are instances you may feel uncomfortable too. For example, if your upper arms are not strong enough or have difficulties in the spine, you may observe problems when standing from a bigger beanbag chair. To avoid the difficulty, you can select a beanbag chair according to your body type and age. For more details, you can visit our guide on selecting the perfect size of bean bag.  

If you pick the right size, you can get the maximum comfort in all your postures from a beanbag chair. 

Relax? Gaming? Reading? Or Something Else? Different Bean Bag Chairs for Different Purposes. 

Bean bag chairs come to the market in different shapes and features to facilitate users’ diverse requirements. 

For example, some people prefer to relax on a bean bag chair and some purchases to be comfortable while gaming. Another group may prefer to read for a long term while sitting or lying on a bean bag furniture. Likewise, the prime objective of using a bean bag chair can vary according to the user. 

On the other hand, there are bean bag chairs designed according to these different requirements. For instance, the chairs designed for gaming are different from the chairs intended for relaxation. Gaming bean bag chairs come with back support to facilitate comfort for the person while gaming for a long time. 

For more details about bean bag types made for different purposes, you can visit expert’s post on bean bag types.

By selecting a specific bean bag chair designed for your requirement, you can feel more comfortable while you spent your time on a bean bag chair. 

Further, additional features or pieces are made to enhance your comforts, such as armrests, footrests, and extra pillows. You can add these items too to your chair if you are seeking for more support and comfort.

comfortable bean bags

Bean Bags are Best When it Comes to Portability. 

It’s prevalent that we need to move our chairs at our home in the day to day activities. In that case, bean bags are an attractive choice of furniture. Since bean bags are light in weight compared to regular furniture, it is easy to move from one place to another. Also, it is easy to transfer from doors as it is not rigid as a wooden or plastic piece. 

Thus, it is user friendly and comfortable for the user. 

When it comes to the weight of a beanbag chair, the main course for the mass is the beanbag filler. You can select a beanbag chair with a very light filling but durable filling material if you always need to move the chair: especially for a space like kids’ playroom.

Ability to Adjust for the Expected Level of Comfort 

Especially when it comes to the extra-large bean bags, such as sofa beds, loungers, slabs, and couches, there are removable sacks available within the pack. You can remove or add those removable sacks according to your preference. Thus it will provide more comfort for your stay. 

On the other hand, bean bag fillers sometimes get flat in the long run. Thus it will matter to reduce the comfort you had in the early days. 

But you don’t want to worry about this fact much as there are plenty of affordable and comfortable refill materials readily available in the market. You can refill the bean bag by your self and get the comfort back to your chair. 

Kids Comfort Zone

As mentioned earlier, all groups of people will love bean bags once they use them. It applies to kids as well. Kids will love the comfort of bean bag chairs. It is an ideal option for a kids’ room as it is comfortable and fashionable. 

But the bean bag chairs can not be recommended for regular studies of a kid as they will quickly fall asleep cause of its high comfort. 

On the other hand, kids should train themselves to maintain good posture. For that, bean bag chairs will not be a wise decision. 

Our Picks for Comfortable Bean Bags

Everybody likes to have a super comfortable, classy bean bag furniture at home. Let’s have a look at few attractive bean bag items available in the market.

Fine cotton lazy sofa sack

Are you looking for a super comfortable, healthier, and environment-friendly bean bag chair? Then fine cotton, lazy bean bag sack is an excellent choice. 

The cover is made of high-quality fine cotton and linen so that it feels soft and comfortable. The half -lying angle, between 128- 138, facilitates relaxation and comfortable footrest. 

The chair is light in weight, thus very convenient to move from one place to another. Ideal for rest, gaming, reading, and even watch movies.

Convertible bean bag chair.

Charcoal Chenille- convertible bean bag is an exceptional idea if you are looking for a super comfortable bean bag bed and a chair both at the same purchase.  42″ wide, one-seater bean chair can convert to a full-size bed enough for two adults comfortably. 

The chair comes with a washable and dryable bean bag cover, and a full bed-insert made of premium super soft shredded foam. 

The bed and chair both are comfortable and handy in use.

White furry comfy sack

If you can vacate five feet area form your space, a white furry bean bag chair is an ideal placement. It looks elegant and super comfortable. 

The memory foam blend filler enhances comfort, while the ultra-soft cover provides a quality time of relaxation. The cover is machine washable and comes in different colors too. You can select a piece according to the interior decorations of the space.

Multifunctional leather bean bag chair.

The high-quality thick PU leather cover is durable and breathable so that it provides comfort while lasting for a long time without fading. This chair can be arranged for different forms by fastening the zipper on different levels. 

The conventional form, zipper half open form, zipper full open form, facilitates different seating requirements such as relaxation, work, read. Therefore, you will feel comfortable in any task you perform on the bean bag chair.


It is evident that bean bag furniture is always comfortable and stylish. There are bean bags made of specific cover materials and fillers to enhance comfort. For example, bean bags made of a leather cover with a memory foam filler are super comfortable and elegant. 

You can select a comfortable bean bag chair according to your requirement, body dimensions, and also for the budget to get the maximum comfort out of it.

If you feel that your bean bag is not comfortable. see beanbag expert's guide on how to make bean bags more comfortable.

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