Are Bean Bags Good for Your Back? – Solution Included

Do you know what scientists say about the most common work-related disability? Back pain. You know the way to overcome this obstacle. The simple solution is just maintaining a good posture. But this is the same thing which is we all forget when it comes to working. Lets see how bean bags affect this phenomenon.

Bean bags are good for your back. Bean Bags support your back while you are sitting on them. As the filling molds into the shape of the person who sits on a bean bag, it will reduce the back pain and tension while supporting your muscles.

If you pick a piece of hard furniture to your day to day work, you may feel very uncomfortable after sitting for an extended period. You may have experienced the backaches and stiffness in the neck at the end of a working day on a hard piece of furniture. 

bean bags for backpain

On the other hand, if your furniture is super soft, then it will not support your back and will lead to back pains. In this situation, Bean bag chairs will be a healthy alternative option for your seating furniture. 

Bean bag chairs lay in the middle of these extends. It’s not hard but capable of preserving your body curves. Because of this, after a long seated day, you will feel very relaxed in a bean bag chair. 

But in the same context, they do not recommend bean bag chairs as your every day all time sitting furniture. It can be dangerous to your health of the spine if you use it all the time.  

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Picking up the Right Bean Bag Chair is Crucial

Before selecting a bean bag chair for your back pain or your comfort, there are many aspects you should do a little research. 

When talking about support and back pains, the condition of the bean bag chair has a considerable impact. 

High-quality bean bags with quality fillers and materials can be used as an aid to reduce back and neck pains, as mentioned earlier. But a poor quality bean bag may result in the inverse of this. It can worsen your problems with the back. 

Also, your bean bag should be filled and made with proper standard materials to bare your weight and hold your body lines. So you should be very conscious about this when selecting your bean bag chair.  

Picking a bean bag chair that suits your body is another fact to pay your attention. The dimensions of the bean bag chair directly depend on the age and the purpose of the user. For example, an adult might choose an XL bean bag chair while a kid will go for a small-sized one. 

Not only the size but also the shape of the bean bag chair is crucial too. You can go for a teardrop-shaped properly sized bean bag chair to relax. It will support your back and will aid in stretching your legs and ease the pain. 

But this same bean bag will not be the right choice for a gamer. For that instance, chair shaped bean bag can be a better option. These chairs support your upper back and provide comfort throughout use. Likewise, you should be smart enough to select your bean bag according to your purpose of use. 

Thus, a properly selected bean bag chair according to your weight, age purpose will facilitate to relax your body, ease your pain, and a comfortable stay. 

Apart from the bean bag chairs, there are bean bag Mattresses

Pillows designed to relax muscles. These are too a good option for your back pains to use at the end of a day. 

Using Bean Bags for a Long Term

Let’s say you are using a bean bag chair already. Then you better pay your attention to the fillers in the long time use.  

In the long run of use, bean bag chairs may lose its firmness. In this situation, you should go for an additional fill to bring its’ comfort back. Otherwise, it will not be able to adjust according to your posture and weight and will lead to back pains. 

Also, although you pick the best bean bag chair for your requirements, health practitioners do not recommend bean bag chairs to use in very long periods as it may lead to many serious health problems. But if you use it correctly with sense, you will be delighted with the fantastic results for your back pains. 

Health practitioners recommend bean bag chairs not only for back pains but also for people with hemorrhoids. The bean bag filling aids this condition by producing constant pressure on the body. 

As mentioned earlier, though it is a great option to use bean bag chairs to reduce back pains, if you are suffering from severe health conditions like a disk slip in the spine, you better consult a doctor before going for a bean bag chair.

Read our guide on Bean Bags for Sciatica.

Usefulness of Bean Bags for Pregnant Ladies

Are you pregnant? Then you must have felt how difficult it is to find comfort in a seating position. For that, investing in a good bean bag which fits for you will be a wise decision. I’m sure you will be surprised for the fantastic results for your discomforts felt through the pregnancy.

It can understand your new contours in the body and will melt your back pains and stiffness in the neck. 

In the period of pregnancy, you will experience a new collection of curves in your body every day. Your bean bag is capable of adjusting its dimensions according to your body and will give you the same relief throughout the pregnancy. Especially when you reach your third trimester, you will be very thankful for your investment!. 

The drawback of the bean bag chair is the difficulty in getting up, which is negligible compared to the relaxation you receive. Remember, these chairs are just for then and there use, not as your all-time chair. And always get help from your partner when you are getting up from the bean bag.

baby bean bag chair

We try to give the best for our kids always. When it comes to furniture, you may wonder whether bean bags are the right choice or not for your kid?. Of course, yes!. If your kid is doing homework or any other activity, a bean bag is an excellent option to avoid back pains.

They can work on their preferred posturer with more comfort and safety for the back.

On the other hand, since the kids tend to achieve a slouchy posture in the long run, it is not a wise idea to use bean bag chairs for an extended period. Especially when they are reading, the curvature of the spine created when sitting in a bean bag will not be healthy. 

You can use a bean bag once in a while, but not always. But if you research, you will be able to find good bean bag chairs suits for reading purposes as well. 

Also, it is essential to remember that it is not safe to use bean bag furniture for infants under one year old, and it is ideal to use after two years of age. 

beanbag gaming chair

A Solution for the Back Pains of Gamers?

If you are a gamer, you may spend a lot of time on a chair without any concentration about your posture. As a consequence, the players experience pains in the upper back, lower back, and neck and difficulties when rearranging positions. 

Further, your poor posture may increase the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Therefore, it is essential to pay your attention to the types of furniture you use when gaming. As a solution to the problems mentioned earlier, you can try an appropriate bean bag for gaming. It may be a bean bag that supports your lower back as well as your upper back.

It releases the stress in your body pressure points while making you feel comfortable. But, make sure that you are not using it for a very long period as it can be dangerous. 


Bean bag chairs are an excellent option for your back pains and stiffness in the neck. For better results, you should select your bean bag chair according to your purpose of use, age, size, and weight. 

Though the bean bag chair releases your stress and makes your pain fade, health practitioners do not recommend bean bag chairs to use every day all time. Also, if you are suffering from severe health conditions in your spine, you should go for medical advice before using a bean bag chair. 

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