Using Bean Bags for Studying – With Buying Guide

The younger generation is the best fan of bean bags. They love to sit not only comfortably but also stylishly. They love to use bean bags for reading and their study work. But is it good to use bean bags for studying? Hence, we conduct independent research about what are the best bean bags for studying.

What do you commonly see about students reading behaviors? Do you see any students reading a book, novel, or other material while sitting on a piece of hard furniture like schools or high schools? Or else, do you mostly see them sit comfortably on a soft piece of furniture and read in their leisure time? 

Ergonomics bean bags are good for studying. Because subconsciously, people search comfortable zone to live happily and peacefully. It is also applicable to their studying time and behaviors. 

Sitting down on a bean bag is not always fun. It also assists students in maintaining good posture and relaxing their mindsets while studying. Also, the relaxed mindset improves students’ problem-solving ability, analytical thinking, and concentration capacity. 

Further, it reduces the pressure spots and confirms with body shape, hence suitable for physical health. 

Furthermore, the education specialists and researchers said that bean bags impact to academic results of students. They also discovered, in some instances, Bean Bags help to improve educational outcomes.

Thus, most primary schools are removing rigid furniture from traditional classrooms and introducing ergonomics bean bags. The Prof. Stephen Heppell said that students are more open to learning and display their positive behavior patterns when studying in “borderless environments.”

bean bags for studying

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Pros and Cons of Using Bean Bags for Studying

A Bean bag is a magical sack that can give super relaxation. But every piece of furniture can have advantages and disadvantages. So, do not confuse. We will help you to understand the pros and cons of bean bags for study. 

Further, this analysis allows you to decide what variables should consider before making a choice.

Pros of Using Bean Bags for Studying

  • Comfortable & provide warmth to the person sitting on them
  • Give super relaxation to study well
  • Increases the work concentration
  • Good for posture
  • Lightweight, compact and can move anywhere
  • Flexible and conform to the body shape
  • Reduce pressure spots of the body
  • Ergonomically designed and supportive

Cons of Using Bean Bags for Studying

  • Too comfort make you lazy
  • Not as durable as other wooden furniture
  • Can use it in a wrong way and sit with bad postures impact physical health
  • Cleaning is a challenge

Best Bean Bags for Studying

So, let’s see the top pics and reviews about recommended products.

Chill sack bean bag chair – BeanBagsExpert’s Top Pick

What We Like

Giant Size

The cylindrical shape and 5 feet wide giant space give large space to enjoy. Also, its dimension is 60 x 60 x 34 inches ( L x W x H). Thus, you can sit on there very comfortably and do not need an extra footrest. It provides enough space to lay your whole body, including your feet. 


A chair, lounger, couch, bed, and bean bag are all in one product. Thus, a chill sack bean bag chair genuinely versatile addition to your study room.


Chill sack bean bags do not have a fixed shape. The light and fluffy shredded memory foam may bounce back with comfort. Also, the soft memory foam is highly durable. So the consumer can flop and fall on it all they want, and it will never lose its shape.

Thus, can change its shape according to user requirement. If users need to rest after studying hours, they can lay down their whole body on the bean bag to have super relaxation. 

Comfy Cover

Rather than any other fabrics, the microsuede fabric cover may give a super-duper feel. Also, this soft material offers ultimate comfort and unmatched functionality. 

Hence, sitting hours on a chill sac chair for studying do not make you uncomfortable as other chairs. 

Machine Washable Cover

The removable micro-suede cover can be machine washed. Also, it is resistant to stains and discoloration. So, it always looks and feels like brand new. 

Moreover, every chill Sack has double-stitched seams and durable zippers for extra strength and extended use. 

Color Options

Bean bag chairs come with 26 colors options, and customers can select their preferred color. 


The chill sac comes as a compact foam and will take few hours to expand to its full size after unboxing it. 

What We Don’t Like


It is 55 pounds weight. Thus, moving bean bags from one place to another is challenging. So, do you like to stay in the exact location?

Big Joe Dorm Smartmax Bean Bag Chair

What we like

Comfortable Shape 

Big joe dorm smart max chair structure is close to the sofa chair. The 33 x 32 x 25 inches ( L x W x H) dimensions facilitate comfortably sitting. Also, it can use as a table chair. Thus, ideal for the students and officers who sit long hours in the same chair. 

In addition, it has an armrest to relax your arm while using laptops and studying at the table. 

Proper Handle and Pockets

The Built-in handle makes it easy to grab and move to another location. Also, it has built-in pockets and is convenient to stash your books, pencil cases, smartphones, and remotes.

There is one more pocket built to hold the users’ water bottles. Hence, these properties are essential for users.

Use Best Beans

Big joe dorm smart max bean bag is filled with UltimaX Beans, and it can conform to body shape. Also, they are 100% recyclable. 

Smart Max Cover

The Bean bag cover is made with SmartMax fabric, and it is tough and stain-resistant. The water-resistant property makes them easy to clean with a damp cloth. Also, these covers are refillable.  

In addition, covers have double-stitched seams and are sealed with two safety locking zippers. It makes this bag durable and safe. Moreover, you can use spot spray, a cleaning solution, and mild soap to clean them. 

Worthy Price

The high joe dorm chair costs in the $$ range. This compact bean bag chair is designed to give you more support with more structure than other options.

Color Options

Basically, purple, blue, green, and black colors are available. The remarkable thing is, do not use dark and luminous colors or any patterns that complicate user mindset.


It has only 4.25 pounds weight. Thus, it is easy to move from one place to another place. 

What We Don’t Like

Height of the Chair

The user sitting height is a bit low. Lower heights affect the ergonomics. Thus, users’ feet may feel uncomfortable when sitting on a bean bag for an extended period.

Big Joe Milano Plush Bean Bag

What We Like

Comfortable Shape

Big Joe Milano push bean bag has a traditional sofa-like structure. The 32 x 28 x 25 inches ( L x W x H ) round shape provides enough space for an average-sized person. It consists of a backrest too. Thus, users can sit there for extended hours. 

Soft Plush Fabric

Super soft fabric makes you very comfortable. It let the user’s body sink and conform to the body shape. 

Best Filler

Polystyrene fillers are absurdly awesome. It is filled with the right amount of fluffy, lightweight beans to allow for a perfect sitting. Every well-maintained bean bag compresses over time. Hence manufacturer sold the filler bag separately. Thus, it is a good choice for regular users. 


The 4.75 Pounds weights allowed the user to move the bean bag easily. Hence, users can place bean bags in different locations and do their works. 

Zero Landfills Certified

Manufacturers should prove they are sustainably producing their products to obtain this certificate. Thus, it is to minimize the impact of their products on the environment. This certificate communicates how manufacturer reduces, recycle and reuse their waste at their production process.

In addition, Big joe Milano push bean bag manufacturers donate a percentage of all profits to helping those in need.

Best Price

The price of the Big Joe Milano push bean bag is very reasonable and affordable. Thus, most people can easily catch this model. 

What We Don’t Like

Size of the Chair

It consists 28-inch width seat, and generally, it is not enough for the well-grown mature person. However, from my point of view, it is a con of this chair. Thus, this chair can be recommended to someone whose hip value is around 28-32 inches. 

study room bean bag

Buying Guide for Study Room Bean Bags

Do you like to spend your hard-earned money to buy things that you don’t like? So, keep reading! Following tips may help you to make the correct decision. 

Your Purpose

Sometimes you may stay hours on a bean bag and read references. Or otherwise, you may use a bean bag for sitting and writing your notes. Thus, according to your studying purpose, you should determine the best bean bag type.  

For example, if you need to write notes while studying, the bean bag height should match your writing table height. If not, you may feel uncomfortable. 

Look at the Bean bag Shape and Ergonomics

First, think about how many hours do you wish to spend on a bean bag for studying? According to it, you should select the best bean bag that provides comfort for this period. 

For example, if you wish to spend around 3-5 hours studying, that bean bag should have good ergonomics. Further, poor sitting habits directly impact on backbone and nerve system. Hence, do not forget about your physical health. 

Please check the following factors before purchase the bean bag.

  • Is this bean bag has a backrest?
  • Is this bean bag has a headrest?
  • Is this bean bag has an armrest?
  • Does the bean bag come with a footrest?
  • Width of the seat and is it enough for me?
  • Is the height between seat and floor is enough for my legs?

Check Comfort Level

As your ultimate goal is to sit comfortably and study, check the below factors too. 

  • What is a bean bag made of?
  • What is the filler type?
  • Fluffing and sinking properties of bean bag

You can select the bean bag according to the season because some bean bags are ideal for winter. Hence, the bean bags made with faux fur, faux suede, and velvet may warm the winter season. 

On the other hand, if you use vinyl and leather bean bags in summer, you may feel uncomfortable. 

Moreover, rather than expanded polystyrene beans, shredded memory foam may give a warmth experienced in the winter season. Hence, while selecting bean bags for studying, consider these factors too. 

Choose Calm Colors

Generally, a studying room should have a mind relaxing interior look. It subconsciously motivates your brain. Thus, try to choose colors that help to relax your mind. Further, you can match its color with the other interiors of your studying room. 

In addition, it is better to avoid luminous, warm colors and printed designs bean bags. 


Do you like to sit and study for an extended time in the exact location? Or else do you want to feel fresh by changing your studying place? Yes, you feel bored when studying in the same room. 

Therefore choose a bean bag that has lightweight and easy to move. Then enjoy the air of your balcony or outdoor space!

Final words

Every human being spends around 18-20 years in the mainstream learning process. Every student spends approximately 10-13 years for primary and secondary education and 3-4 years for higher education. 

So, why are you hesitate to spend your best time with a bean bag? I hope you all gather enough knowledge regarding it. So, this is the best time to start your academics!

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