Big Joe Bean Bag Washing Instructions

Big Joe is the most famous brand in the bean bag industry. They use quality fabrics and filler types to produce bean bags. Also, the Big Joe bean bag manufacturers greatly align with quality standards. Thus, most people tend to buy their products because of the quality and the brand name.

Most of the Big Joe bean bag users said that it has good durability and has been good-looking for a long time. Because of that, they do not need to worry about the cleaning process every day. However, the Big Joe bean bag can also dirt with some stains or dust over time.

Thus, people are looking at the methods to clean their Big Joe bean bags. So, let’s check whether you can wash Bog Joe’s bean bag!

Generally, the original Big Joe bean bag is covered with premium quality fabric, and it has stain-resistant and water-resistant properties. Hence, the Big Joe bean bag chair is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The spot cleaning is best for big joe bean bag clean.

big joe bean bag cleaning

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Can You Wash Big Joe Bean Bag?

Anyhow, sometimes you may feel spot cleaning is not enough. You may need to wash or clean your Big Joe bean bag thoroughly.

So, if your bean bag cover is removable, you can wash the Big Joe Bean Bag Chair gently using mild detergent. Do not use strong detergent or soap that includes bleach. It will badly affect your bean bag.

I hope now you get answers to your major questions.

Big Joe Bean Bag Washing Instructions

It is better to see manufacturer guidelines first. Because according to bean bag type, the cleaning instruction can be different. 

There are different kinds of methods that can apply to clean the Big Joe bean bag. The important thing is; first, you identify the cleaning requirement of your bean bag. Do you not have any idea about how to identify it? Check the below list.

  • What kind of material do you need to remove from the bean bag
  • Strain type

Method 1: Spot Clean Big Joe Bean Bag

Most Big Joe bean bags come with fixed covers. Thus, it is not removable. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it is made with stain-resistant and waterproof fabrics. However, your cup of tea, coffee, or wine glass may spill on it. Then, you have to clean them.

Moreover, due to its water-resistant ability, the bean bag fabric is impermeable to spilling out liquids. Thus, you do not need to worry about inner fillers too much.

Spot cleaning is the best method to clean your Big Joe bean bag. Thus, practice the below procedure to take superior results.

Step 1: Add soap water into the spray gun

When you select soap or mild detergent compound, make sure it’s free from bleach because the bleach can irritate and discolor your favorite bean bag.

Step 2: Spot wash your bean bag

Here, you can apply soap water on the place that dirt with strains or any other foreign material. If not, you can spray this mixture on the whole bean bag.

Step 3: Use a soft bristle brush and smoothly rub the affected area

Step 4: Clean that area with a wet dump cloth

Step 5: Air dry your Big Joe bean bag

Do not place your bean bag under direct heavy sunlight. Let it dry at a shaded place. Cleaning the Big Joe bean bag is very easy, but you have to follow a few simple steps.

After the cleaning process, your bean bag will have a new and fresh look!

Method 2: Clean Big Joe Bean Bags With Removable Cover

Some Big Joe bean bags come with a removable cover. So, they consist of a separate inner cover, and it protects beans or fillers. Hence, you can wash your bean bag cover separately. Follow these steps!

Step 1: Brush off loose dirt from bean bag cover

Step 2: Open the safety zipper and remove the outer cover

Step 3: Then add it to the washing machine

Step 4: Wash with mild detergent under a gentle cycle.

Operate a washing machine with gentle cycling. It may help to protect your bean bag. If you set it as high speed,

Step 5: Allow air to dry.

However, sometimes you may need to clean and wash the bean bag inner cover too. So, if your Big Joe bean bag comes with a lining layer, follow the below instructions.

First, remove the beans that are filled with. Then add bean bag inner cover into the soapy water and leave them around 5-10 minutes.

After that, wash it using freshwater. Here, you can use mild detergent too. Finally, dry this inner cover under a shaded environment.

Additional Maintenance Tips for Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

  • If your Big Joe bean bag chair is covered with excess dust, vacuum cleans it. If not, take your cover out and shake it.
  • When food or liquid spills over the bean bag, clean it as soon as possible. If foodstuff stays a long time, it could leave a stain.
  • Also, if your bean bag dirt with toddlers or pets pee, spray white vinegar to clean and remove the bad smell.
  • Always follow the manufacture’s guidelines. Do the only things they allowed.

Final Words

Bean bag is a piece of interior art. If you have a Big Joe bean bag, it will add luxuries and a high-end appearance to your home. Rather than look, it gives a super comfortable seating experience to users.

However, like every accessory, the bean bag also gets dirt. Then you have to clean them. But the bean bag cleaning process is not easy like other wooden furniture. You have to pay attention to its fabric and filler type. Because of that, sometimes, bean bag cleaning becomes a headache.

But, the Big Joe bean bag is free from these issues. You just have to follow simple steps to clean it. Also, in most cases, you can finish Big Joe bean bag cleaning within 5-10 minutes. So, the stain is no longer matters. Live free and enjoy your life freely!

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