How to Clean Snorlax Bean Bags? – 5 Methods Explained

There is a market segment that loves animal theme bean bags. Also, they expected a super comfortable seating experience too. So, most of them buy Snorlax bean bags. Mainly, this bean bag is a famous seat among toddlers, kids, and girls.

However, when toddlers use it regularly, bean bags may become dirty with their pee, spilled food, and drinks. Then as a parent who is highly concerned about the children’s health, it is your responsibility to keep the bean bag clean.

But rather than a typical bean bag, the Snorlax bean bag has a unique appearance. Thus, you may have doubts about cleaning them using standard methods.

Every problem has an answer. So, keep reading to find the best solution for a way to clean a Snorlax bean bag.

Before you select a method, first identify the bean bag’s cleaning requirement.

  • If your Snorlax bean bag dirt with food or mud, it should clean up immediately to get the best result
  • All bean bag covers get dirty with dust. Thus, cleaning them once a week is better.

So, follow these methods to maintain your Snorlax bean bag with good quality.

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Table of Contents

Method 1: Vacuum Clean

The Snorlax bean bag is prepared with 100% polyester. So, if it is covered with dust, you can easily remove them from the vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Use a Bristle Brush to Spot Clean

The Snorlax bean bag is prepared with light color fabrics. Thus, if mud or any other food waste may attach to it, it will directly appear. So, you have to take corrective measures immediately. 

Here, you can use a bristle brush to remove the attached waste from the bean bag. Smoothly rub the affected area until the trash is loose and removed. 

However, sometimes stains may remain after you remove the waste. If you face that kind of experience, you must practice the spot cleaning method or thoroughly wash the Snorlax bean bag cover.

Step 2: Remove Attached Hair and Fur Using a Lint Roller

If you have pets, you may definitely know how they messed up your sofa or bean bag. Generally, they lose a considerable number of hairs daily. Due to its lightweight, these hairs get attached to some surfaces like clothes, upholstery, and bean bags. 

Not only that, but pets also like to spend hours in a comfy and warm place. Due to that, they may lay on your Snorlax bean bag. 

Additionally, your hair, dandruff, and other small waste will attach to bean bag fabric. However, the regular vacuum cleaning process is not enough to remove those tiny particles. Thus, use a lint roller and rotate it on your Snorlax bean bag. It will remove these types of small wastes. 

Step 3: Vacuum the Snorlax Bean Bag 

Everyone knows how to use a vacuum cleaner. But here, to clean your Snorlax bean bag well, I will give some tips.

Snorlax bean bags look like a teddy bear and has the same features as that animal. It consists of hands, legs, ears, and also nails. So, the dust can quickly accumulate on these edges. Therefore, when you are vacuuming it, give attention to those spots too. 

If not, over time, these edges will be covered with dust and give an unpleasant look. Moreover, you can set dust buster or hose attachment to take optimum results from the vacuum cleaner.  

Anyhow, if your vacuum cleaner cannot clean some tiny edges, you can use a bristle brush to lose dust from these edges. 

Method 2: Clean Pet Pee/ Toddlers Pee from Snorlax Bean Bag

Sometimes you may see the pets pee at the same time they pee. So, like that situation, follow this method to clean fresh pee from Snorlax bean bag.

Step 1: Blot the Pee with a Paper Towel

Here, it would be best if you practiced gentle patting motions. Do not rub in the pee; it will cause to sink pee into the padding. Then it will get even worse.

Step 2: Sprinkle the Wet Area with Some Baking Soda

In this step, first, you add a layer of baking soda to an affected area. Then wait for 2-30 minutes. The backing soda is a chemical compound that supports loosening the trapped dirt from bean bag fabrics. It was also good to eliminate bad odors too.

Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove these baking sodas. However, if the stain remains, use the below step.

Step 3: Use Vinegar to Remove the Stains from the Snorlax Bean Bag

Generally, white vinegar is suitable for hard stains. Moreover, it is safe for many fabrics, including polyester. However, you have to follow some safety preclusions. Read manufacture guidelines first.

Here, you have to prepare a white vinegar solution. I recommend mixing a cup of white vinegar with one cup of warm water. Moreover, you can add one teaspoon of dish soap to take optimum results. But it is not essential. Then do a spot test to check results. 

Apply or spray a small amount of solution to the pee strain. Then let it gently blot. Keep in mind do not soak the Snorlax bean bag in solution or do not rub the surfaces. 

Step 4: Remove the Strain Using a Wet Sponge

Step 5: Air Dry the Bean Bag

The Snorlax bean bag manufacture does not allow any other drying method. Hence, you have to practice air drying. 

snorlax bean bag

Method 3: Old Pee Stain Cleaning

However, cleaning old or dried-out pet or toddlers pee is a bit trickier. Also, the cleaning process’s success will depend on the age of the stain. Anyhow, people get positive results by following this method. Try it!

Step 1: mix 3% hydrogen peroxide with three tablespoons of baking soda

Step 2: Then add 2-3 drops of dish detergent into it.

Step 3: Add this solution into a spray bottle.

Step 4: Shake the bottle until a homogeneous solution is formed.

Step 5: Do the spot test on an invisible part of the Snorlax bean bag.

Check whether your prepared solution can change or shade the color of your bean bag fabric. Most probably, this mixture is matched most bean bags.

Step 6: Apply or spray the solution on the affected areas.

Step 7: Repeat this cleaning process until the stain remove

Method 4: Steam Clean the Snorlax Bean Bag

Steam cleaning is not a method to remove visible waste. It is a method to kill and remove microorganisms like bacteria and viruses too. 

Polyester Snorlax bean bag can be steam cleaned as long as you do everything correctly. But, steam cleaning a Snorlax bean bag still can be a challenge for many people. It means they do not know the right tools, temperature, and correct way. 

So, here I included the most effective method to steam clean a Snorlax Bean Bag.

Step 1: Vacuum clean your bean bag first.

Step 2: Then remove the outer cover.

This is a most protective step because it will reduce the risk of steam damage on your bean bag fillers. Because we know steam is safe for polyester. But we cannot assume this high temperature how to react with its fillers.

Step 3: Steam clean both sides of the bean bag.

If your bean bag cover cannot remove, steam it while keeping 3,4 inches distance from the bean bag to the steamer.

Step 4: Let it air dry.

Sometimes, the moisture will remain in your bean bag and room. Thus, open the window and let it air dry. You can use a fan to speed up this drying process. This is a vital step.

If excess moisture remains in the bean bag, it will become an ideal environment for mold growth for a long time. I recommend using a standard routine of steam cleaning once a month or every two months.

Method 5: Wash Snorlax Bean Bag by Hand

The Snorlax manufacturer does not allow to use of the washing machine for deep cleaning. However, they allowed handing wash for bean bag cover. Try the below steps!

Step 1: Take a large basket and fill it with water.

Step 2: Add mild detergent into the water and mix it well.

Do not use any detergent that consists of bleach. It will badly affect your bean bag color.

Step 3: Now, soak your Snorlax bean bag cover in that basket.

Step 4: Wait 10, 15 minutes

Step 4: Rinse your bean bag cover with fresh water.

Here, if you cannot find a large basket, use a bathtub or washing machine as an alternative.

Final Words

Now you know the easiest way to clean your Snorlax bean bag. Always try to maintain your bean bag regularly. But if you have no confidence or time to remove some stains, give to do this task for an expert. 

However, cleaning a Snorlax bean bag is not a big deal if you go with proper guidelines!

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