How to Clean Bean Bag Chair Cover?

Cleaning is a primary function that needs for everything. So, your bean bag cover also wants regular care. The bean bag covers are made with suede, fake fur, leather, vinyl cotton, or microfiber.

So, I will ask a small question from you. Where do you keep your bean bag? Indoor or Outdoor? Or else on the floor or the mat? 

Most of us directly placed bean bags on the floor.

Since bean bag chairs directly place on the ground, they can dirt easily. Not only that, if you have kids, you may get plenty of stains on the bean bag. On the other hand, you cannot follow the same procedure to clean bean bags as traditional furniture.

But do not panic. You do not require to know rocket science to clean your bean bag! I will share my expertise knowledge with you. According to the guidelines, you can select the best method to clean your bean bag.

clean bean bag cover

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Wash Bean Bag Cover

Washing is an essential thing that you remind with the word of cleaning. Yes, you can wash and clean your bean bag covers such as Cotton, linen, fake fur. Also, you have to follow some specific methods to waterproof fabrics such as vinyl, leather.

Not only the covers, but also you can wash bean beads too. To check how to wash bean bags with beans or wash bean bag fillers, click these links.  

However, washing bean bags once per 3 months is better. Read manufacturer guidelines before wash your bean bag cover. They included the best methods that you should follow. 

But it is not practicable to wash bean bags once per week or regularly. In addition to that, your bean bag needs daily care. So, let’s see how to clean your bean bag cover according to the fabric used in the bean bag.

Clean Faux Suede Bean Bag Cover

The level of cleaning will depend mainly on the material and color of your bean bag. For example, the brushing technique is the most suited one to clean faux suede cover.

If your faux suede cover has any strain, you can use a suede eraser or a damp terry cloth to rub off dried stains. You can check them on Amazon by visiting the links.

Use Suede Eraser for Strain

It is designed to remove minor stuff on suede without any water or chemical. Therefore this method is one of the safest techniques to bring your suede back to life without actually cleaning it!

Moreover, it will take few minutes to remove stains. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune to grab this multipurpose tool. Follow the guideline to achieve great success.

Step 1: First, lightly rub the suede eraser on the affected area

Step2: Then run a suede brush over the cover circular motions with little pressure

This will facilitate spot cleaning and raises the nap. Further, this unique brush delivers fast and efficient care. You can handle it at every angle with poise and confidence, including rounded corners and seams.

So, use the suede cleaner eraser for a more robust cleaning of denser scuff marks and stains. Not only strains, but it will also help you to scrub dirt, hair, water spots quickly and easily without residue.

Use a Toothbrush for Strong Patches

Sometimes above method does not work for the strong patches. So, you can use a toothbrush to clean them.

Step 1: Gently scrub the soft-bristled toothbrush on the suede cover with a moist

Step 2: Then wipe the moisture off with a dry cloth

Use a Terry Cloth Towel to Dump Dust

Microfiber ultra-terry cloth towel is the most common and versatile type used to clean most fabric types, including faux suede. You can use it as wet to absorb foreign substances from bean bag cover or dry to dump the dust and clean.

If any strain is removed with the above methods, dip the terry cloth in warm soapy water and then wipe on the stain. However, it would be best to clean the bean bag regularly to prevent dirt buildup.

Use Cornstarch or Talcum Powder for Oily Stains

If you want to clean oil strain, use the below steps

Step 1: First, sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder on the area that has oil strain 

Step 2: Then keep it four hours to draw oil out from the suede 

Step 3: Brush or vacuum the powder away and repeat until the stain is completely gone

Use Vacuum Cleaner for Dust & Mud

If there is a heavy layer of dust on the bean bag cover, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them.

Moreover, if your bean bag will dirt with mud strain, allow them to dry. Then you can brush it or vacuum it away quickly.

In addition to the above methods, use a two-part water-vinegar cleaning solution to persistent stains. To know how to remove stains from bean bags, visit my previous article. 

Clean Velvet Bean Bag Covers

Velvet fabrics easily dirt with human hair, pet hair, dandruff, lint, and dust. But velvet is also treatable in similar ways as suede. In that case, you should never put velvet cover into the washing machine, nor should your tumble dry.

Therefore you should follow a different method to get rid of dirt. Thus, I recommend using a velvet brush to keep your velvet cover clean. This brush is superb and purposely manufactured to eliminate the dirty substance from all types of clothing materials. 

Therefore, not only velvet, you can use this brush harmlessly for Cotton, linen, suede, and faux fur.

Clean Vinyl Bean Bag Covers

Do you have a waterproof vinyl bean bag? Then you cannot wash them with standard procedures. But, you can wipe them with a clean wet cloth to remove stains, pee, dust, or any other foreign substances. Moreover, you can use a mild soap solution if it has a strong stain or dirt.

Use Mild Soap Solution

In addition to that, the soft-bristled toothbrush also helps to remove the sticky substance. Use mild soap solution, gently scrub the bean bag cover using a brush, and then wipe and dry it using the clean cover cloth.

Use Baking Soda

However, all of these methods do not work to remove any strong stain. Try the spot cleaning method for them.

Step 1: Take a spoonful of baking soda and 

Step 2: Mix drops of warm water until the powder becomes a wet paste

Step 3: Dab paste on the spot and scrub the area using a soft-bristled toothbrush

Step 4: Wipe away the paste with a damp cloth

Now, your vinyl bean bag will look great!

cleaning bean bag cover

Clean Leather Bean Bag Covers

It is easy to clean leather covers than non-waterproof covers. As a vinyl, the leather cover also cannot wholly wash using a washing machine or manually. But you can clean its surface using a wet or dry cloth.

Generally, wipe the leather cover once a week with a damp towel. The dry towel helps to remove dust immediately, and the wet towel can remove sticky stains.  

Hence, if the leather cover has spots of dirt, scrub these spots with a damp cloth in a circular motion. Before cleaning the leather, you can dip the fabric in the solution prepared with mild soap with warm or cold water. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove more stubborn stains.

Moreover, apply a leather conditioner every three to six months to keep your leather bean bag look.

Clean Plush Bean Bag Covers

Everyone loves to lay on plush bean bags due to their softness. So, when you are going to clean them, do not let them go soft away. Use the below methods to clean your plush cover easily within few minutes.

  • Remove dust using a soft-bristled brush
  • Vacuum with a brush attachment
  • If it is necessary, use soap and water
  • Use dump cloth

Clean Cotton & Linen Bean Bag Covers

Generally, these fabrics can wash and clean using a washing machine. Thus, ideal for a toddler’s bean bag. Rather than wash, you can use the below methods to keep clean.

  • Use vacuum regularly to keep bean bag cover lint and dust-free
  • Remove dust using a soft-bristled brush
  • Please give it a good shake, leave for a while

Clean Faux Fur Bean Bag Covers

Faux fur bean bags look luxurious! Also, most faux fur covers are washable. But you do not need to wash them unnecessarily to make them look like a wet kitty.

You can easily remove dust using a vacuum cleaner that has an attached brush. But use it carefully because faux fur fabric is made with soft fibers and can suck in the vacuum cleaner. Also, the velvet brushes are the ideal tool to remove hair, dandruff, and other foreign matter. 

In addition, you can use professional-grade upholstery cleaner to spot clean. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before you wash them. Rather than it, you can use a terry cloth towel to dump dust from them regularly.

Tips to Eliminate Lice

clean lice

Most of the school-aged kids have lice on their hair. These lice can transfer and live considerable time on non-living surfaces like bean bag chairs. So, if another person sits on it, lice can easily move into their heads too.

Isn’t it a headache? Yes, I know all of us hate lice.

Therefore try the below method to get rid of lice from the bean bag cover.

Tip 1 # Vacuum the bean bag chair cover

Tip 2 # Add several drops of tea tree oil into the small spray bottle and mix with warm water. Then spritz these on the entire chair. But do not need to soak bean bag cover in solution. The best thing is tea oil is safe for kids, adults, and pets. Thus, you do not need to worry about its safety.

Tip 3 # Cover the whole bean bag chair using a plastic bag for 2, 3 days. It may kill and eliminates the lice.

Tip to Keep Freshness in the Bean Bag Cover

Coffee grounds are a perfect solution to remove bad odors from bean bags and keep to clean. You have to put small coffee grounds into a small, dry towel. 

After that, tie it properly and put it inside the bean bag cover. This is a great way to absorb unfavorable odors from bean bags and keep them fresh.

Final Words

Maintaining cleanliness is an essential habit of our lives. When we spend time on the bean bag, it gets dirty with our sweat, dandruff, falling hair, dust, mud, or pee. Therefore you should follow different methods to remove different types of stuff.

Moreover, you should carefully select the most suitable method for your bean bag cover. It’s always worth trying to solve matters at that moment before it ruined your whole bean bag. 

So, try these methods just now. Then you can take a good rest while lying on your favorite seat.

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