Can You Wash Bean Bag Balls?

When it comes to washing your bean bag, the most significant confusion you could face is the feasibility to wash the bean bag balls.

You can wash bean bags balls made with polystyrene, microform, Styrofoam, plastic, PVC pellets, or memory foam. Also, there are some specific methods to clean them. 

Also, some alternative bean bag fillers are washable, mainly sand, pebbles, hay, and sawdust. But some environmental friendly bean bag fillers such as rice, beans, cedar shavings are not washable. 

However, to wash above mentioned bean bag fillers, you should have to follow some specific steps. Hence, today’s article is all about assisting you in finding the best method to wash your bean bag balls. Keep reading. 

wash bean bag balls

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How to Wash Expanded Polystyrene Beans

Did you know the most using bean bag filler type? Yes, it is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) balls. Generally, a bean bag consists of thousands of EPS beans. 

Also, like other fabrics and furniture, these beads can dirt with toddler pee, pets pee, beverages, food, or any other circumstances. 

Hence, you should read manufacturer wash and dry guidelines to wash and clean the bean bag first. Then you can try their allowed method. 

There are several methods to wash bean bag balls. One of the easiest methods is washing a bean bag with beans

However, this method cannot apply to the bean bags prepared with waterproof fabrics such as leather and vinyl. Hence, you can practice the following techniques to wash expanded polystyrene beanballs separately.

Method 1: Use a Washing Machine

As I mentioned above, you can wash some bean bags with beans. But if you have a waterproof bean bag or need to clean the bean bag balls properly, you can follow these steps.  

Step 1: First, remove your expanded polystyrene balls into the large cotton pillowcase and tie its mouth.

If your bean bag has a lining, you do not need an extra pillowcase. Because you can wash bean bag balls with lining, but make sure that the lining has enough strength. Also, it should not have any tears or damage that can cause spills out the beans.  

Step 2: Then add 4-5 spoons of mild detergent to the washing machine and fill the water

Do not use warm water. You can use water that has around 86 Fahrenheit temperatures. 

Step 3: Set to rotate gently for 2-3 minutes. 

Step 4: Wash bean bag using the washing machine

Step 5: Air dry the beans

After wash, you can place the cotton pillowcase on the area that has good sunlight. Moreover, you can open the pillowcase mouth and let them dry immediately.

If not, you can lay the polystyrene balls on the clean cotton towel or bed sheet. It may absorb the excess water and helps to dry beans balls within a short time. 

This method is the easiest method to wash your expanded polystyrene balls. But you should do this carefully because your simple mistake can destroy both the beanballs and the washing machine. 

Method 2: Manual Wash

Step 1: Remove your expanded polystyrene balls into the large cotton pillowcase and tie its mouth.

Step 2: Take a large bucket or bowl and fill 3/4 of water into it. 

If you do not have a large bucket, you can use a bathtub or top-loaded washing machine as an alternative. But do not run the washing machine mechanically. It is just an alternative for a large basket. 

Step 3: Add mild detergent to it and mix well

Step 4: Dip the pillow into the water basket 

Step 5: Gently scrub and wash the beanballs

Step 6: Rinse the cotton bag that consists of EPS filler, until the detergent completely remove

Step 7: Air dry the expanded polystyrene beans

Wash Microform, Styrofoam, Plastic, PVC Pellets

wash pvc pellets

The Microform, Styrofoam, plastic, PVC balls do not absorb the water. Also, they do not react with mild detergents. Hence, you can follow the above two methods for these materials too. But make sure to read the manufacturer guidelines first. 

In addition to the above factors, there is one more important thing that you should keep in your mind. Do not use warm water or strong detergent because materials like microform and Styrofoam can badly affect them. Some strong detergents can change the foam structure of these materials. 

Wash Memory Foam Filler

wash memory foam

Some bean bags fill with memory forms. Do you know the material known as a sponge? A piece of sponge is a primary tool of every kitchen. This memory foam is a kind of sponge. Hence, it can absorb the water or moisture immediately.

However, if it is dirty with some liquid or pee, you can wash them with the below steps.

Step 1: Add water into a large bucket, bathtub, or top-loading washing machine

Step 2: Mix 2,3 spoons of mild detergent and mix it in water

Step 3: Take the separate cotton bag and remove memory foam fillers into it. Then tie it. 

If your bean bag has a lining, you do not need a separate bag. 

Step 4: Soak that cotton bag into the water basket for 15-20 minutes

Step 5: Gently press the memory foam and clean them

Step 6: Remove existing water and add new water into the bucket

After that, you can apply pressure on the cotton bag and remove the absorbed water 

Step 7: Apply pressure and rinse the cotton bag with fresh water until the detergent remove completely

Step 8: Air dry

You can spread memory foam on the polythene layer or cotton towel. Then allow it to air dry. Roughly it takes around 8-10 hours to dry on a sunny day.

But if you wash them on a cloudy day, it will take 2, 3 days to dry completely. Further, do not refill the bean bag until fillers are completely dry because wet conditions may cause them to emit a bad smell.

Wash Packing Peanuts

wash packing peanut

Some people use packing peanuts as bean bag fillers. Also, there are two types of packing peanuts. These are non-biodegradable and biodegradable. 

The non-biodegradable type is prepared with composed polystyrene. Also, it is not dissolved in water. Hence, you can wash the filler manually.  

But biodegradable packing peanuts cannot be washed using water because these can dissolve in water. 

However, you should read manufacturer guidelines first. They will tell you the best method to clean your packing peanuts. 

Wash Sand and Small Pebbles

wash sand

Do you love to live eco-friendly? If it is yes, most probably, your bean bag may fill with items like sand or small pebbles. Fortunately, you can wash them with water. Also, It is a great encouragement you reuse and protect the environment. 

These natural filler beads are not dissolved in water. Also, do not absorb the water. Hence, you can wash it manually. But you cannot use a washing machine to clean these types of heavy and rough fillers. It may damage your washing machine. Hence, do not take the risk. 

Before you wash the sand and pebbles, you should add them to the cotton bag. If not, you can rub and wash them by directly add into the water basket. 

However, if you are using a bathtub, use a cotton bag. It may protect your tub and also pipelines. After wash dry them under direct sunlight. 

Wash Hay and Sawdust

wash sawdust

You can wash hay and sawdust if the particles are not too small. Because very tiny particles can disappear with water. 

If there is not have that type of risk. You can wash them manually, which I mentioned above. Also, it is not recommended to use the washing machine for the hay and sawdust cleaning process. 

After wash, you can spread them on a clean surface and allow them to dry under bright sunlight. If it is a sunny day, it may take 8-10 hours. Do not refill the bean bag until the fillers are fully dry.

Wash Rice and Beans

wash rice

You cannot wash natural seeds like rice, beans. Hence, the only option is to let them dry under hot and bright sunlight. If your rice bean bag fillers are dirt with pee, you can spray baking soda and let it dry under sunlight. Baking soda isn’t a toxic compound. 

Final words

Most people have curious about “Can I wash bean bag balls?” In this article, I try to solve all your doubt with exact solutions. But reading manufacturer guidelines is essential. So, please don’t get rid of your bean bags when it gets dirty. You can reuse them after wash. 

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