The Ultimate Guide: How to Safely Wash Your Bean Bag in the Washing Machine

Washing a bean bag is a headache for most of us. So we all would be glad if we can wash our bean bags in the washing machine. 

You can wash the bean bag in the washing machine. But before that, you have to follow some safety precautions to protect both the bean bag and washing machine. You need to adhere to the cleaning guidelines given by the manufacturer in the tag attached to the bean bag.

So, keep reading. This article includes the most critical points you should consider before wash your favorite bean bag using a washing machine.

The bean bags are made with different types of fabrics and filler beads. Hence, when you decide the best method to clean the bean bag, you should consider them. Also, the shape, size, and conditions of the bean bag are essential. 

Let’s see how to make the correct decision for your bean bag.

wash bean bag in the washing machine

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Check the Manufacturer Guidelines

Generally, all standard bean bags come with a set of manufacturer guidelines. Also, manufacturers attach tags to the bean bag that mentioning the allowed wash and dry methods. 

Hence, first of all, check that tag and read it. Because some manufacturers are allowed to wash bean bags in the washing machine, and some are not allowed. 

Moreover, some manufacturers allow to clean bean bags without removing the beans in them. But some products do not allow it. Therefore, first look at their suggestions.

Check Bean Bag Fabric Type and Filler Types

Cotton, Linen, Velvet, and Suede Bean Bags

Generally, standard bean bags with cotton, linen, velvet, and suede fabrics can wash in a washing machine.

Also, if they fill with PVC pellets or Expanded Polystyrene beans, you can wash these bean bag balls because they do not absorb moisture and water. 

The bean bags fill with microforms also can wash with the washing machine because the microform is a 100% mini version of Expanded Polystyrene beans. 

Some bean bags are filled with memory forms. But if your bean bag fills with memory foam, it isn’t easy to wash in a machine. 

Generally, memory foams are artificial synthetic materials, and most of them absorb water. Hence you should remove these fillers first. Then you can put the bean bag cover into the washing machine. 

Leather or Vinyl Bean Bags

You cannot wash bean bags prepared with leather or vinyl in the washing machine because these fabrics are waterproof. 

Also, the fabrics like leather may damage by the washing machine process. But do not worry. You can find another solution for these bean bags types

Manually clean is an ideal method for waterproof and sensitive bean bags. Use a wet cloth or sponge for it. 

Natural Fillers

Besides these common scenarios, some people use different kinds of fillers for bean bags. Generally, they use natural seeds such as rice and actual beans. Also, people use sawdust, paper waste, dry sand as bean bag fillers.

In addition to these fillers, some people love to have eco-friendly bean bags that fill with pine needles and leaves. 

However, if your bean bag fills with this kind of material, do not put your bean bag in the washing machine with them because they are easily wet with water. 

After that, organic fillers can deteriorate within a short time. 

But you can wash your bean bag fabric using a washing machine after removing these fillers into a separate bag. Make sure to dry your bean bag cover properly before refill the organic materials. If you refill these organic fillers into the wet fabric cover, they may destroy with fungus. 

Anyway, do you need to wash and clean your organic filler? Fortunately, there are some other options for them. 

You can add alternative bean bag fillers like sawdust and sand to the large pillowcase made with fabric like cotton or silk. Then you can take a big basket and add water to it. Then mix mild detergent in water. After that, you can put a pillowcase with fillers into it.

You can gently move the pillowcase with fillers until you wash it. Finally, use rinse water to remove the detergent mixture from fillers.

Now you come into the last stage. You have to air dry these materials well before refill the bean bag again. Most probably, you may wait 6-8 hours until it gets fully dry. 

Air dry is the best method to clean natural fillers such as rice, beans, pine needles, and leaves. It helps to reduce bad odors, fungus, and moisture levels of the stuffing.  

bean bags in the washing machine

Check the Bean Bag Size and Shape

Generally, domestic washing machines have a 50-75 liter capacity. But most adults’ bean bag sizes range from 100 liters to 600 liters. Hence, it is impossible to put these giant bean bags with beans into the machine.

But you can clean its fabric by removing the fillers into a separate bag. If your bean bag has a lining layer, you can remove the cover easily. 

However, some toddler’s bean bags and small bean bags can directly wash using a washing machine. Also, if your machine capacity is okay for your bean bag, you do not need to worry. Keep in mind, do not compress and put bean bags into the washing machine. It is not suitable for both machine and the bean bag. 

Some bean bags come in different shapes, especially toddler’s bean bag chairs. If you are going to put them into the washing machine, try to minimize the compressions of the fillers. 

Check Bean Bag Seams and Tears

It is recommended to use the machine wash for the bean bags that have strong fabrics and seams. Moreover, do not put damaged, torn, or seams loosen bean bags into the washing machine because some bean bag does not have two stitching or overlock sewing. 

The bean bag contains thousands of tiny beans fillers. Hence if they break or tear accidentally, the whole washing process ends up with a mess. Thus, be careful about this factor. 

However, you can repair the damaged seams or torn areas of the bean bag using a needle and thread. Then you can put bean bags with beans in them.

Further, if you do not trust bean bag fabric strength or seams quality, you can put the bean bag into another strengthened pillowcase. 

After that, tie the opening and put it into the washing machine. This step is a safety precaution. It prevents fabric damages while rotating and washing the bean bag. Make sure to use the same color pillowcase to avoid color blotting. 

Or else, you can remove all fillers to separate bags and clean only the bean bag fabric cover. 

Use the Best Washing Machine to Wash your Bean Bag

Generally, people have top loading and front loading washing machines. Among them, front-loading washing machine is ideal for the bean bag. But you can also use a top-loading washing machine. But make sure the wash load is full.

Further, it is not recommended to use warm water to wash the bean bag. The warm water can shrink the bean bag’s fillers. Thus, it can lead to lost bean bag properties. Moreover, the warm water can damage bean bag fabrics too. 

In addition to that, don’t use bleaching powder for bean bags. You can use a mild detergent to wash your bean bag safely because the bleaching powder can change and fade the color of your bean bag. 

Further, if you are using a washing machine, set it to rotate gently. Fast rotations can tear up the bean bag seams and also fabrics. 

Final words

In this century, everyone searches best and easiest method to do their task. Hence, a washing machine is an excellent piece of equipment that design to clean our clothes. 

But it is used not only limit for that, but also you can use it to wash your favorite furniture like bean bags. Hence, try to wash your bean bag using a washing machine with the above safety precautions. 

I hope you all have a better understanding of using a washing machine for different bean bag types. 

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