Lumaland Bean Bag Washing Instructions

Lumaland is a world-famous brand, and most people love to buy their Bean Bags. Luxury appearance, superior foam, and better quality fabrics create a huge fan base for the Lumaland bean bags.

This bean bag’s most significant advantages are ensuring the product quality and giving a lifetime warranty.

This premium quality bean bag is prepared with microsuede fabric. Also, the inner cover is crafted with polyester fabric, and it is filled with high-quality memory foam with no plastic.

However, Like other bean bags, the Lumaland bean bag and its cover can dirt with toddlers pee, dust, liquor, or anything else. Hence, after a certain period, you have to clean or wash this bean bag chair.

But do you know how to wash the Lumaland bean bag? Most probably, you may also search for the best way to clean this. Because this bean bag has more quality materials than most of the other bean bags and thus, you may feel it needs extra care during the cleaning process. 

Thus, here I prepared the Lumaland bean bag washing guide. Further reading may give relevant knowledge. Keep reading!

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Lumaland Bean Bag Washing Guide

Lumaland bean bags come in different sizes. It ranges from a 3-foot bean bag to a 7 foot. Also, it has a weight range starting from 30 pounds to 85 pounds. Moreover, it consists of 4 major parts, including an outer cover, inner cover, foam fillers, and zipper.

Generally, the bean bag’s outer cover gets dirt immediately than fillers and liners. Thus, most people wash and clean the outer cover regularly. 

This washing guide describes the process that you should follow when washing the bean bag outer cover

Step 1: Unzip the outer cover and remove it

Lumaland bean bags come with the inner cover. Thus, it is easy to remove the outer cover from the lining layer. 

Step 2: Re-zip the outer cover again

This is a significant step. After removing the bean bag’s outer cover, you should re-zip the cover completely.

 It will ensure nothing gets caught while washing in the machine. If not, there is a possibility to damage the bean bag cover and zipper.

Step 3: Mix 5 spoons of mild detergent with warm water

Do not use strong detergent. Always try to use a mild detergent. Moreover, you can use warm water to clean your bean bag cover. It is okay to use water, 4,5 Celcius higher than the room temperature. 

If your bean bag gets dirt with toddlers or pets pee, add 5-10 drops of white vinegar. It will help to remove bad odors from the cover. 

Moreover, make sure that your detergent is free of chlorine because chlorine can decolorize the fabric.

Step 4: Put the bean bag cover into the washing machine.

Step 5: Set washing machine to gently rotate for 5-15 minutes

High-speed rotation may cause torn-up bean bag seams. Therefore set your washing machine to rotate gently. The 5-15 minutes is enough to wash the suede bean bag cover.

Step 6: Air dry or tumble dry

You can go with air dry or tumble dry. But air dry is the most recommended one. Here, you have to let the bean bag cover dry under room temperature.

However, if you need to dry it immediately, use tumble dries at low temperatures.

Lumaland Bean Bag Manual Wash

Rather than machine wash, you can wash the Lumaland bean bag cover manually. Follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Take the plastic basket and fill it with water

In here, you can use water a few Celsius higher than room temperature.

Step 2: Mix 5 spoons of mild detergent with water

Do not use strong detergent or any other soap that consists of bleaching. 

Step 3: Put Lumaland bean bag outer cover into the water.

Step 4: Rub and wash bean bag cover manually

Step 5: Rinse Lumaland bean bags cover with clean water

Step 6: Air dry the bean bag cover

Lumaland Bean Bag Foam Wash

The Lumaland bean bag consists of super-quality shredded memory foam. Memory foam is a kind of material that can absorb water or moisture immediately. 

It also can dirt with pee, drinks over time. So, if you want to wash them, practice the below steps.

Step 1: Fill water into the large bucket

You can use the top-loading washing machine or a bathtub as an alternative. 

Step 2: Add 5 or 6 spoons of mild detergent to water

Step 3: Take a separate cloth bag that fits into the water bucket

Step 4: Remove and put memory foam fillers into that cloth bag. Then tie the open of the pack.

If you can put all fillers at once into the bucket, you do not need a separate bag. 

But, the Lumaland bean bag comes in large sizes. Thus, it is not easy to wash the whole bean amount at once. Therefore, you should separate enough portions of foams into a cloth bag first. 

Likewise, you can do the same process for all foam filers. Most probably, you may have to do this process at least three times. 

Step 5: Soak memory foam fillers into the water bucket

Sock memory foam for 20 minutes in a bucket. 

Step 6: Wash the memory foam.

Here, you can gently press and clean the memory foam. 

Step 7: Remove water and press foams to release absorbed water

Step 8: Rinse foam fillers with new water

In this step, you should rinse foam fillers until the detergent removes completely.

Step 9: Air dry

Spread foam on the towel and allow it to dry under sunlight. Generally, it may take 8-10 hours. Don’t wash your beans on a cloudy day because it may take several days to dry them completely.

Step 10: Filled the bean bag using well-dried foam fillers

Do not fill the bean bag until it has dried completely. The partially dried memory foam may emit bad odors. 

Can You Wash Lumaland Bean Bag in Washing Machine?

It is not practical to wash the whole Lumaland bean bag in the washing machine. Generally, the Lumaland bean bag consists of a vast amount of foams. Also, memory foam is a material that can absorb and retain a large portion of water. Hence, its weight will increase when put into the water. 

Due to its heavyweight and giant size, it is impossible to clean or wash the whole Lumaland bean bag in washing mashing. It is also applicable to manual wash. Thus, if you need to wash them, do it using the above steps. 

Final Words

Due to superior quality and comfortable feel, Lumaland bean bags are famous worldwide. Also, this well-reputed brand provides standard quality bean bags for kids, teenagers, and adults. Its size variety and color variety also become a significant cause for enhancing its market share.

However, as a proud owner of Lumaland bean bags, you may need to clean them after a certain period. However, most people have doubts about how to wash this super luxury furniture without any damage. 

Hence, to protect your favorite chair, here I include proper instructions. Follow them!

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