Can You Vacuum Bean Bag Balls? – With Hack

People automatically think they can grab and clean any home waste using a vacuum cleaner as dust. Also, they feel a vacuum cleaner is the fastest way to remove any unnecessary and tiny materials.

But is it valid for bean bags balls? Can you vacuum bean bags balls? Let’s clarify this confusion.

The vacuum cleaner is designed to grab waste like dust, food, and other tiny particles. But it is challenging to vacuum bean bag balls using a vacuum cleaner because of the static charge in the EPS bean bag balls.

 If you ever try to collect spilled out beans using it, you might know how difficult it is. But you can vacuum bean bag balls with a small hack. Read further for more information.

vacuum bean bag balls

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Reasons Behind the Difficulty of Vacuuming Bean Bag Balls

Do you know why vacuum cleaners cannot clean bean bag balls as same as other waste? First, I will give the exact answer for that.

It is because of a static charge of beanballs. Generally, every tool and equipment have static charges. But expanded polystyrene beads (EPS) or beanballs consist of considerable static charge.

Due to that, when you are going to vacuum spilled out beanballs, they will attract to the cleaner, including nozzle, extending hose, and machine. It makes beanballs are challenging to vacuum using a vacuum cleaner using the ordinary way.

Rather than the above main point, generally vacuum cleaner has small bag or sack to collect dust. But bean bags contain a massive volume of beans. When it is accidentally spilled out, you have to clean a considerable amount of beans.

Because of that, that vacuum cleaner waste-collecting bag is not enough to clean bean bag balls. Do not panic! There is a particular way to clean beanballs using the vacuum cleaner. Let’s check how.

How to Vacuum Bean Bag Balls Using the Vacuum Cleaner

At the very first, close all doors and windows. Then switch off the fans and air conditioners. Also, Use slow sweeping movements around the bean bag filling.

Try to reduce all the way that causes the movement of air as much as possible. It will prevent the slightest breeze and further spreading of the bean bag balls.  

As a pre-step, you can accumulate bean bags balls using cardboard or anything like that. After, practice the below steps.

Step 1: Take dryer sheets and rub them over the vacuum cleaner

Dryer sheets are commonly used for clothes dryer purposes. But it has a perfect ability to reduce and control static charges. As I mentioned above, not only beanballs, equipment like vacuum cleaners also have a static charge.

Static is a significant obstacle that slows the vacuuming process. Due to that, you can use a dryer sheet to reduce the static charge in the vacuum cleaner. Click here to check dryer sheets on amazon.

Moreover, you can use anti-static spray or baking soda over the vacuum nozzle and pipe. It also reduces the static charge. Click here to check anti-static spray on amazon.

Step 2: Pop a stocking over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner

The most considerable matter is vacuum cleaner small waste bags may fill within seconds when cleaning the bean bag balls. This isn’t very pleasant. If you use that, you have to turn off the vacuum cleaner from time to time to empty that bag.

Hence, to overcome this issue, pop a stocking over the nozzle of the cleaner. Then it will prevent the beans from going into the vacuum cleaner. Then brush the beans collected with the stocking or a long sock into a bucket.

Step 3: Spray anti-static agent on the spilled out bean bag balls

This is a crucial step. To remove and clean beans balls properly, you should have to remove their static charge first. So, spray anti-static spray on it. You can buy these sprays easily from market or online stores like Amazon.

If you do not use anti-static spray, it is highly possible to block these small EPS micro beans in a vacuum cleaner. It may break the machine too.

However, if you are unable to find an anti-static agent, spray bit water on the bean bag balls. The moist condition and water also have the ability to reduce the static field of beanballs at some level.

Step 4: Vacuum beanballs

Now you are close to finishing your job. After doing the above steps correctly, you can collect spilled out beanballs using the vacuum cleaner.

However, do this carefully. Do not play with these tiny balls!

Step 5: Use a proper way to decompose beanballs

Generally, beanballs can be recycled. Or else you can use them for any other recreational works. The important thing is, do not throw beanballs into the environment irresponsible way. These take hundreds of years to decompose fully.

On the other hand, if your toddler or pet tries to play with collected beans, it will mess up your room again. Not only that, small bean balls can block their respiratory tract and cause severe damage.

Thus, do not ignore the final step. This is the most critical step to get success your whole work and effort.

Special note:

There is a possibility to attract spilled-out beanballs into other home accessories and electric equipment. Thus, you can use a humidifier to reduce the static charges of beanballs. The moisture can prevent the dryness of the room or home.

However, if you do not have a humidifier, open a bathroom door and switch on the shower. It will help to circulate moist air in your room.

If not, you can simply spray some water at the beans spilled area using a water spraying bottle. To read more details about how to reduce the static field from bean bag fillers, click here.

Final Words

Beanballs can be spilled out because of several reasons. Mainly, toddlers open their zippers, and pets chew bean bags until beans come out. However, after that, it is your responsibility to clean bean bags balls. But most people do not have enough knowledge about how to pick spilled-out beanballs.

They are saying picking up spilled-out beanballs from the floor or carpet is a frustrating thing. As well, they said that using vacuum cleaners is not successful for beanballs.

But, this is not a big deal. You just need to know a small fact called static. If you recognize how to reduce or remove static from beanballs and vacuum cleaners, you can do it fast.

So, clean your stuff first. Then reach our blog and keep updating with the most fantastic things that are published in our blog!

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