How to Clean Outdoor Bean Bags at Home

How to clean outdoor beanbags is what the article describes. The article gives you tips that will help you to learn the ways on how to clean outdoor beanbags.

The beanbags that you see in the store are all-time favorites of people. They use these beanbags as sources of furniture, as decorations and as entertainment sources.

The beanbag is a comfortable place to sit. You can watch TV, listen to the radio or read your favorite storybook sitting on the chair. A beanbag is a comfortable place where you could relax and enjoy.

Kids prefer to sit in these seats and have their food. You know about kids. When they eat food, they have no idea of where they are. They spill food on the chair and drop food everywhere. Sometimes they drop the cup of tea that they are having on the beanbag.

Therefore, there will be lots of stains and other marks on the beanbags. You will have to remove those stains or marks or else the beanbags will be ugly. In such circumstances, you have to know about tips on how to clean outdoor beanbags.

Learn these tips on how to clean outdoor beanbags so that you can have your outdoor beanbags clean and with a new look. If you want to have your beanbag usable for several more years, then you must indeed clean the beanbag.

To clean the chairs, you can find the needed things from your home. Regular cleaning will shine your beanbags.


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Before you start cleaning…

Before you start cleaning, you must know that there are different beanbags from various materials. In the market, there are different beanbags made out of different materials. The way of cleaning of each of these, bags are different.

You will have to use a different method of cleaning of the outdoor bags. Therefore, this reason is why you must know how to clean outdoor beanbags the proper way.

In the next section, you have tips on how to clean outdoor beanbags. You can use these cleaning methods on beanbags according to the material of the beanbag that you have. There are separate ways for every beanbag.

Try these methods to have a spotless beanbag, which has a brand new look!


Getting ready to clean the outdoor beanbag


There are specific methods to use to clean the outdoor beanbag. Before you clean the beanbag, first remove the beans inside the bag and keep aside.  Get ready the vacuum cleaner to remove pet hairs, if available on the beanbag. If there are holes in your beanbag, before cleaning the bag, you will have to mend the holes.

Keep ready a stain remover to remove all stains. To remove off all the dirt, you must rinse the beanbag cover inside the washing machine. When you wash the beanbag, the detergent that you use should not make colors fade. After washing, you must dry the beanbag.

Now it is time to see how to clean outdoor beanbags according to the material it uses.


How to clean beanbags that are made from vinyl?

If your beanbag is made from vinyl, you will have to use warm water and a mild detergent to remove dirt. Rub the detergent on the dirty areas. If you have liquid dish soap at home, you can use it as a mild detergent.

Rub gently, or the bean bag will get damaged. Even with the help of a toothbrush, you can take off the dirt.


How to clean beanbags that are made from nylon?

To clean nylon bags, you must use a toothbrush and a mild detergent. Using the brush apply the soap and rub the brush in circular motions to take off the dirt.  After that, you must wipe the area with a dry cloth.


How to clean beanbags that are made from cotton fabric?

In the same way, you can clean the beanbag. You will have to use a toothbrush and a mild detergent. However, make sure not to dip the beanbag in a bucket of water thoroughly.


What are the steps to clean the bean bag?

Here are the steps to clean your bean bag. First, you will have to find the things to proceed with the steps. You will need a large bag to put away the beans. Then you will need a detergent and soft clothes to remove stains. You will also need a stain remover.

First, open the zipper on the beanbag and start removing the beans. Next, put away the beans into the large bag. After cleaning the bag, you can use the beans once again. If you see pet hair on the chair, remove the hair using a vacuum cleaner.

If there are holes, you will have to make sure to mend the holes and next start removing all the stains. Using the stain remover, dip the piece of cloth and rub on the surface where there are stains. Dry the chair as the final step. The last thing to do is to refill the beans by opening the zipper.

 refill beanbag


What to do if there is an odor from the bag?

Here is what you could do if there is an odor. The first step is to take out the beans and then place them outside to let get some fresh air. Another way to remove odor is to sprinkle baking soda.

What if there is mold?

If your bean bag gets the sun and rain all day; especially rain, the bean bag will be damaged. You would see something green and with a bad smell. These molds will be bad. It is not good for your health.

To get rid of this mold, you can use hot water with a mild detergent. Follow the above step for the outer covering and if there is, mold in the inside covering, use distilled vinegar on the affected place, leave for one hour and wipe off with a piece of dried cloth.


These are the steps that you can follow on how to clean outdoor bean bags and following these steps you can bring your beanbag long life.

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