How to Clean a Bean Bag Pillow? – Detailed Guide

Every piece of equipment requires some level of care, including a bean bag pillow. But the most common concern is washing the bean bag pillow. This article includes the easiest and most effective methods to wash your bean bag pillow. 

The method to wash a bean bag pillow varies with the size, type, filler type, and usage of the bean bag pillow. 

Generally, the bean bag pillow covers prepare with cotton, suede, vinyl, and velvet fabrics.

Moreover, the expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a commonly used filler type. Thus, you have to decide the best method to clean these specific materials. 

Every bean bag pillow comes with a set of manufacturer’s guidelines. Thus, they mentioned the allowed method and non-allowed methods to clean a bean bag pillow. However, if they don’t let you wash the bean bag pillow, do not wash it. 

But most standard products are washable. Moreover, you can wash the bean bag pillow without removing beans or, after removing the beans.

Further, you can practice the hand wash method or machine wash method to clean bean bag pillow. 

Process of cleaning a bean bag pillow is almost same as cleaning a bean bag. Read our guide on clean and wash a bean bag for more information.
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Wash Bean Bag Pillow Using the Washing Machine

Step 1: First, check bean bag seams carefully

To start, you should check the bean bag pillow’s overlock seams, double stitching, and quality of fabrics. Because loosen seams may spill out the beans while washing.

Step 2: Check filler type and bean bag pillow’s fabric type

The bean bag pillows, made with cotton, velvet, and suede, can wash with a washing machine. But it is not recommended to wash bean bag pillows made with leather or vinyl in the washing machine. 

Commonly using microbeads fillers does not absorb moisture or water. Therefore, if your bean bag pillow fills with them, you can add it to the machine with beans. 

Further, a front-loading washer is recommended than a top load washer. However, a top-loaded machine is acceptable as long as the wash load is full.

Step 3: Add bean bag pillow to a large pillowcase and tie it

This is a safety precaution. Because if your bean bag pillow is torn accidentally, this cover will reduce the risk of beans spills out.

 It would be best if you use the same color pillowcase for this purpose. Also, if you add other cloths with bean bag pillows, please try to add the same color fabrics. 

Step 4: Use mild detergent and cool water

If your bean bag pillow is dirt with pet or toddler’s pee, you can add 5-10 drops of white vinegar to the washing machine. It helps to remove the pee smell from the pillow.

Also, do not use warm water to clean your bean bag pillow because high temperatures may deform its unique properties. 

Note: Do not use the detergent that incudes are bleaching powder. Thus, it may change the color of the bean bag. 

Step 5: Use the gentle cycle setting

Gentle cycling reduces the risk of tears. Also, it avoids the shrinking bean bag fillers by compressing. Then, you can wash your bean bag pillow around 5-15 minutes as usual way.

Step 6: Air dry the bean bag

You can hang the bean bed pillow to air dry. If not, you can lay it flat on a try cotton towel. Moreover, turn it over after a couple of hours to dry both sides of the pillow entirely. 

Do not use the dryer or any other improper method to dry your bean bag pillow because it may fade your fabric and shrink your fillers. 

However, if you need to dry the bean bag pillow immediately, use a machine dryer at the lowest temperature until 90%- 95% of water dry out. But keep in mind overheating may damage the pillow. Also, it has the possibility to spills out the beans from the pillow. 

Step 7: Done

Now you can warm with your clean bean bag pillow. 

However, if your bean bag pillow is made with vinyl and leather fabric, you can apply the below method. 

bean bag pillow

Wash Bean Bag Pillow Using a Brush

You can clean your bean bag pillows using simple steps, especially vinyl and leather. Also, in this method, you do not need to soak your bean bag pillow entirely in water. 

Step 1: Mix the bit warm water and mild detergent in a small bowl

Step 2: Get a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the bean bag pillow fabric with soap mix

Step 3: Wash soap solution off with a little bit of warm water

You can take a clean cotton cloth or towel for this purpose. 

Step 4: Wipe the pillow cover with a clean cloth

Cotton clothes are best for blotting and cleaning purposes. It may remove 90% of moisture from your bean bag pillow. 

Step 5: Allow to Air Dry

As mentioned above, this method suits pillows that can not use other methods. Also, this method is ideal for bean bag pillows made with waterproof fabrics. 


Dip and Wash Bean Bag Pillow

If your bean bag pillow is relatively large and does not fit with washing machine volume, you can try this method. Moreover, this method is ideal for pillows that have weak seams, sensitive fabrics such as silk. Because if you add them to the washing machine, it may tear out. 

You know bean bag pillow tear-out is not a good experience. Yes, because it spills out thousands of microbeads, it can mess up your equipment and environment. It not only damage your favorite bean bag pillow but also blocks the washing machine valve.  

Therefore you can try this method as an alternative to clean your bean bag pillow. Further, some manufacture only allow to use of this method to wash their bean bags pillows. 

Follow these steps

Step 1: First, take a basket or container that is enough to dip your bean bag pillow

Step 2: Then, add mild detergent and mix with water

If your bean bag pillow is dirt with pee, you can mix few drops of white vinegar with water to remove the pee smell. 

Step 3: Dip your bean bag pillow in the basket

If your bucket is not enough to dip entirely, you can rotate your bean bag pillow to clean it.

Step 4: Gently scrub and wash the bean bag

In this step, you can use a sponge or any other smooth brush to clean dust or any other strains. Make sure to scrub the fabric gently. Also, do not use stones or hard parts to scrub. It may cause to loosen the seams and tear the bean bag pillow.

Step 5: Drain the soap solution and clean the pillow using new water

You can wash your pillow for around 5-10 minutes with fresh water until the soap solution is thoroughly washed.

Step 6: Air dry the bean bag pillow

Do not use iron or mechanical dryer to dry bean bag pillow as it may damage the fabric and beans. Furthermore, the beans do not absorb the water. Therefore you need not spend days drying your bean bag. 

Avoid direct sunlight. It also fades the bean bag pillow’s fabric. You can use a bit shaded area to hang on your bean bag. Use cloths pins for that.

 In addition, you can use a cotton towel to speed up the drying process. Lay your bean bag pillow on the towel and let it absorb the water. After that, you can keep your pillow on it until dry or hang it up on a line.

Final words

The standards bean bags pillows come with a wash and dry guidelines in the tag attached to them. Hence, first, you should read them carefully. If they allowed the above methods, you could practice them. 

However, to prevent unfavorable circumstances, it is essential to follow safety guidelines. 

I hope this article helps you to wash and clean your bean bag pillows safely. Now let’s take a break with your favorite pillow. 

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