5 Top Tips to Keep Bean Bags Brand New

Are you obsessed with your beanbag? Are you a neat freak and have an OCD like Monica Geller? Beanbags are the most versatile piece of furniture. They are very dynamic and so comfortable to use for everyone. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys sitting on a bean bag

Diversity of bean bags as seating furniture

Now, they are coming in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. So naturally, you would want to keep your bean bag looking brand new. They are being used for both indoor as well as outdoor seating.

Outdoor bean bags tend to get damaged easily or wear out sooner as they are continuously exposed to varying weather conditions. To gain maximum utility from the bags, you must maintain them and keep them looking brand new!

Lately, bean bags are being manufactured in different materials like canvas, cotton, faux fur, polyester, and nylon. Each material needs to be maintained differently. But given below are the top five general tips to keep bean bags brand new.

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Removing Creases

while being transported, the bean bag must have been in some truck, packed and kept in a box, rendering hard creases on the bag. The comfortable and soft creases will vanish with the time you can also steam iron them to smoothen the cover. You can also use the steamer you use for ironing clothes to achieve the same results but adjust the settings according to the fabric of the bag. Leaving the bag out in sunlight for a few days will also make the creases disappear

Read our guide on how to transport a bean bag.

Avoiding Dust and Dirt

Chemically polluted air reacts with the fabric of the bag and can corrode it. Thus, you must regularly clean your bag to remove any such particles. When you are not using it, cover it up with a dust cover. Periodically wiping off the dust and cleaning with fresh water will help you to keep you bean bag looking brand new for a long time.

Removing Stains

Quite often, especially if you have kids in the house, food, and drinks can spill over accidentally and leave behind some stains. The polyester fabric is resistant to many stains but not to all. Soups, cocktail, and turmeric stains can be very tough to remove. Search for stain removal methods online and have a clean bean bag.

Minimize the exposure in the Sun

While you might enjoy getting tanned and sipping on your mimosas in your backyard, your beanbag’s surface is very susceptible to the harmful ultraviolet radiations and can get decolored at some places. Certain particular kinds of fabrics are made of sun-resistant materials that can safeguard the surface of your beanbag.

Don’t sweat on it

Sweat is chemically composed of acid and salts that will gradually accumulate on the surface and corrode it. So if you are naturally a sweaty person, or your skin tends to perspire when it chafes against a surface, then wipe off any residues you might see.

If you handle any piece of furniture with care, its lifespan increases. And a bean bag is no exception to it. Keeping it clean so that it looks brand new will also help to increase its durability, and you need not worry about buying a new one anytime soon.

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