How to Sit on a Bean Bag? – Things You Don’t Know

The primary purpose of a bean bag is to allow the user to sit comfortably. But did you know that it is an art to sit correctly on a bean bag?

Sitting on a bean bag is a comfortable and healthy way to relax. But before sitting on a new bean bag, you need to make it suitable to sit after filling the bean bag correctly.

With this article, I aim to discuss the methods of proper sitting on bean bags and what you should do before sitting when you buy a new bean bag.

how to sit on bean bag

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How to Make a Bean Bag to Sit on?

You have to always fill your bean bag with high-quality polystyrene beads or memory foam as you would prefer it and make sure you wouldn’t either overfill your bean bag or underfill it. 

Usually, the number of fillings send with the packing is the exact amount you need to fill in. 

Then stand the chair and create a nest to sit down by moving one-fourth of the beans or the filling to support your back. Always remember not to make ample folds on the fabric when you are preparing it to sit on. 

You do not have to be gentle when you sit, and it is always better to sit on a bean bag with speed so the beads or the foam would swirl around you and mold the bag into your shape.

If your bean bag has been flat due to time and weight, you would have to fluff the bag to its original shape. You have to remove the outer shell first and then fluff the inner core. 

To do that, hold the bean bag from its bottom and shake it up and down firmly. Then you will have to repeat this until the needed fluffiness is returned. Then you can replace the outer cover again.

Why Should you Use a Bean Bag to Sit? 

Bean Bags Help you with your Back Pain

Bean bags are the best way to reduce back pain as well as to avoid getting back pain all together because they divide your weight equally when you sit on it and gives equal pressure on your body from all the sides, which helps your spine to align correctly and stay in its natural shape. 

The usual furniture you find in the market does not support your spine at all. This usual furniture required you to sit in a specific manner to get the support; even if they do so, with a bean bag, you do not have to worry about finding the correct posture to sit on it. And spend hours on the internet trying to find that as any posture on the bean bag is the correct posture. 

This matter is also the main reason why you can sit on a bean bag for hours and study or work without getting tired or any back pain.

Bean Bags Correct the Body Postures

As stated earlier, one of the most significant advantages of having a bean bag is not having to sit on it in a specific way if you do not want to hurt yourself. 

With other regular furniture, you have to sit in a specific way to be in the correct posture on that furniture but also, if you did not sit on that exact posture, it would be harmful to your spine and other parts of your body. 

This is a pain both in the manners of figuratively and literally. 

On the other hand, Bean bags let you sit on them in any posture you like to be on them and help your body correct the bad postures that it has learned throughout your use of various other furniture to sit and sleep on. 

This happens thanks to the flexibility of the bean bag, which gives you no extensive pressure on your hips, lower spine, and sciatic nerves and supports your spine to be in the natural form it should be.  

Bean Bags are a Good Remedy for Tension Headache and Neck Pains

Did you know that most people in our current society are with tension headaches and neck pains, and bad postures play a significant role in this situation? 

As said earlier, sitting on a bean bag is an excellent way to correct your posture and make sure you never get headaches and neck pains. But the usefulness of bean bags is not just a way of preventing but also curing such pains. 

Bean bags apply almost no pressure on your body, and that helps the muscles on your neck relax and heal themselves gradually. 

Bean Bags also Helps to Reduce Muscle and Joint Pains

It is not just the muscles of your neck that relax when you sit in on the comfort of a bean bag but all the muscles and joints in your body. This lets these muscles heal themselves if they have been damaged in any way before. 

Did you know that doctors recommend bean bags for people who just came back from surgery or patients who have faced significant injuries in their bones and muscles and in need of relaxation to heal themselves? 

It is also a fact that people tend to fall asleep the moment they sit on a bean bag, and this happens as bean bags have a way of letting you forget the pains in your muscles and joints, which might have to torment you for a long time. 

Thanks to the unique ability, bean bags have to apply pressure to your whole body equally and therefore give no excessive pressure anywhere.

That is why you should use a bean bag for sitting.

How to Sit Comfortably on a Bean Bag

You can sit on a bean bag any way you like, and all of that would be comfortable as for the unique properties of this product. But let’s see the most common and popular ways of sitting on a bean bag.

Lying down

This would be the most famous and the best way to use a bean bag, especially if it is a bean bag made of cloth. This position gives you maximum comfort, and you would need no too little skill to set your bean bag up for this position. 

This is most comfortable because the bean bag would support your whole body, and your weight will be distributed through the bean bag relative to your body.

Sitting Up

This is the most common way of sitting on a bean bag, primarily when people work from their homes. This would work best if you have a more oversized bean bag chair as it would have more than enough surface to support your body, including your thighs, back, and head, while you are sitting on it. 

Remember to prepare your bean bag by creating a nest at the place, and you are planning to sit and use at least three fourth of beans to support your lower body while you are doing that. 

Bucket Seat

This is not much common position, yet people who use it find it highly comfortable. You need a giant bean bag to make a bucket seat, and it would be great if that bean bag is pear-shaped. 

You make this by pushing the top of the bean bag into its middle and creating a nest surrounding you. Then you have to jump into that bucket-like nest and shift around until you find that sweet spot of comfort. 

This position will also give you a sense of security while supporting your whole body, which is in the bean bag.

Those are the three best ways I prefer to sit on a bean bag, but they are not the only ways to sit on a bean bag. Always feel free to experiment with your bean bag and find the most suitable way to prefer indeed. 

This is, after all, the best quality of a bean bag compared to any other furniture out there in the market. There is no correct posture with a bean bag, as any posture is the correct posture thanks to the beautiful fluid-like flexibility they carry.

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