Make Bean Bag More Comfortable – Full Guide

The ‘Comfort’ is the very first thing we subconsciously consider in our life. Hence, we purchase bean bags to sit more comfortably. However, even a comfortable bean bag can become uncomfortable over time. Are you bored with your existing bean bag? Do you need to add extra comfort to your bean bag?

Have you ever believe that you can make your bean bag more comfortable without spending hundreds of dollars? Well, it is possible.

Generally, bean bags consist of two major parts. One is bean bag fabric, and another one is bean bag filler

Therefore, to gain extra comfort, you should modify either/both fabric and the stuffing of the bean bag.

Please read the following essential methods and try them. I can guarantee you make it real within a short time.

make bean bags more comfortable

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Methods to Make Bean Bag More Comfortable

Pad Up the Bean Bag

The bean bag is prepared with various fabrics such as cotton, vinyl, leather, and faux fur. But if you need to increase the comfort of them, you can pad up the bean bag.

It means you can set the padded cover on the bean bag. You can use a padded cover for the whole bean bag or part of it. Please follow the below steps to create a padded cover at home.

Required Materials

  • Cotton or linen fabric
  • Padding foam layer/memory foam
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Zipper

Step 1: Measure the Shape of the Bean bag and the Volume 

Calculate the required fabric and memory foam quantity if you want to cover the whole bean bag using a comfortable cover. This cover should be enough to insert your bean bag completely. Therefore measure these parameters correctly.

Here you can use velvet, linen, or cotton fabrics because they have a more comfortable texture than other fabrics.

Read our guide on how to measure the volume of a bean bag.

Step 2: Take Memory From Layer

Memory foams generally use for mattress production. First, you have to decide if you cover the whole bean bag using memory form or cover only the sitting area with memory foam.

The toddler’s bean bag required a small amount of memory foam, and the giant bean bag required a significant amount. Hence, do your calculation correctly.

Further, according to preference, you can select a suitable thickness. Generally, 1 to 3 inches of memory foam sheet is enough to give a good comfy feel.

Step 3: Cut Memory Foam and Fabric 

In this step, you can cut the fabric according to the bean bag shape. If your bean bag has a lining layer, it is easy to do this step.

First, you should remove the bean bag fabric and use it as a stencil. Then cut the memory foam and material according to its shape. For this padded cover, you need three pieces of fabric.

Step 4: Set the Fabric on Both Sides of the Memory Foam Layer

You should place a memory foam layer between the fabrics. Then sew edges using the needle and thread. Also, you can use a sewing machine too. 

After that, if you need to increase the beauty, you can sew a 2 * 2 inches squire shape pattern over the fabric.

Step 5: Sew the Beneath Side Fabric and Zipper

Now the upper side of the cover is finished. Now you have to join the beneath side fabric to it. Then, as a final step, you have to fix the childproof zipper into the new cover.

This process is the same as creating a new cover for the bean bag. But in this method, you have to use a foam layer to enhance the comfort level of the bean bag.

Further, you can complete step 4 and use that padded fabric cover on your bean bag. It will save time and money. But sometimes, it may slip out from the bean bag.

Here we recommend covering only the sitting area using memory foam. The bean bag that touches the floor area does not need extra comfort. Hence, spending lots of materials on the floor area is unnecessary.

Use Memory Foam Massage Mat

If you need to sit more comfortably on the bean bag, you can purchase a memory foam massage mat. It designs with soft and comfortable polyurethane memory foam as a padding layer. 

This high-density memory foam provides superior comfort and excellent pressure relief. Also, it is flexible and foldable. Therefore you can put it on your bean bag. 

Moreover, above primary benefits, it has vibrating massage motors to massage the entire body. This process will help you to relieve stress, tension and eliminate fatigue. Also, you can adjust the massage mode.

Further, it is equipped with heating pads. Its target heat zone is the neck, lumbar, upper and lower back, and legs. These excellent heat pads are loosening tense muscles and improve body circulations. Also, it consists of a heat-controlling unit to maintain the temperature at a stable level.

 If you need to take extra relaxation, purchase a memory foam massage mat on Amazon. I guarantee you may have a great feeling when you lie on it. 

Fix Tear-Jerking Areas

Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable when your bean bag has tears because it can affect bean bag tightness or smoothness. Also, sitting on a damaged bean bag may destroy your mental peace too.

Read our guide on how to fix your bean bag to fix these problems.

Sometimes it may cause to spill out of thousand of tiny beans. If bean beads spill out, you may lose the comfort feeling of the bean bag. 

Don’t Ignore Bean Bag Hygiene

Anyone does not like to spend hours in a dirty place. It is an unconscious feel. Therefore if your bean bag has a pee stain or any other stain, it makes you uncomfortable. Also, these may emit stinky odors.

Thus, do not forget to wash and clean your bean bag.

If you do not know how to wash your bean bag, visit beanbags expert's how to wash the bean bag guide. 

Then you can lay down on it more comfortably. 

how to soften a bean bag

How to Soften a Bean Bag

Add a Sheepskin or Synthetic Faux Fur

You can feel like sitting on a feather by adding a piece of sheepskin or synthetic faux fur fabric to the bean bag. Significantly, these soft materials are ideal for the winter region. They will keep you warm. 

The cost of these fabrics ranges from $ to $$. According to your requirement, you can select your piece. 

Use Correct Amount of Fillers

The bean bag filler amount directly links with its comfy level. Therefore you should maintain the correct amount of bean fillers in a bean bag because overfill may not support laying your whole body comfortably. It may add extra pressure to your body. 

In addition to that, a loose filling also does not give a comfortable bean bag. Therefore check your bean bag is filled with 2/3 of beans for its volume to take the ultimate relaxation experience.

Fluff your Bean Bag

The bean bag fillers may compress with each other over time. Then it causes to lose its unique, comfortable properties. But do not worry. You can recover it using few steps.

First, take your bean bag. Then shake it for few minutes until it becomes fluffy. But sometimes, your bean bag cannot recover using this method because your filler beads are flattened. Then you can purchase new filler beads to refill the bean bag. 

Use Alternative Bean Bag Fillers

Different kinds of beans are used to fill bean bags, especially expanded polystyrene (EPS), memory foam, rice, and other eco-friendly things. Thus, if your filler does not give an expecting comfort to you, you can try an alternative bean bag filler

Generally, eco-friendly beans are less comfy than EPS or memory foam. If any fillers do not match with you, you can try air bean bags. Then you need not worry about fillers. Also, It gives a super soft feel.  

Change the Shape of the Bean Bag

You may feel uncomfortable if the bean bag’s height and shape do not match your height. When you are using a bean bag for an extended period, the original shape of the bean bag will lose. 

Or else, sometimes you need to change the bean bag shape according to your sitting position. If you face this kind of situation, you can rearrange its shape manually.

Final words

Any person is not born to live 1000 years on earth. Hence, everyone loves to live comfortably during their short period of life. That’s why you are continuously seeking the best methods to enhance the comfy feel of your bean bag. 

I hope now you have a good idea about it. Let’s take a cup of black coffee by sitting on your favorite extra comfort bean bag. 

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