Fill Bean Bags With Foam – Detailed Explanation

There are different kinds of foams used to cushion domestic furniture, such as sofa and chairs. Therefore you may have doubts about “can I fill the bean bag with foam? Or “ Can I feel extra comfy using foam for bean bag?”. So, keep reading! I will solve all your doubts. 

You can fill your bean bag with foam. Also, there are different types of forms used worldwide to fill bean bags. Generally, the foam can adjust to body shape and give a comfortable and wonderful seating experience. 

On the other hand, foam is a long-lasting material. So, you do not need to worry about refilling procedures. You can fluff it regularly to keep its original shape. 

Moreover, not like mattresses; you cannot use the foam sheet to fill the bean bag. If you wish to fill the bean bag with foam, you must use the shredded foam particles. The shredded foam means small pieces of foam sheets. 

Industrially, manufacturers use a specific machine to makes this shredded foam, and it rips the form sheet into small pieces. Also, you should make sure that there are no odd-shaped foam particles in your collection because it will cause to make your bean bag uncomfortable. 

Another important thing is, do not to try to use foam for your outdoor bean bag. Thus, foams highly absorb the liquids. As a result, mold can develop in the bean bag

Moreover, the wet foam takes a long time to get dry. Therefore until it is completely dry, you cannot use your bean bag. In addition to that, the wet bean bags are heavy. Hence it is not easy to move them. 

My recommendation is, if you use foam as a filler, it is better to use a water-resistant or waterproof cover, especially for toddler bean bags and if you have pets. 

On the other hand, you can fill your bean bag by using a mix of shredded foam with expanded polystyrene beads. It helps to enhance the bounce and comfort feel. 

Further, As I mentioned above, there are different types of forms available in the market. Among them, the following types can use to fill your bean bag. So choose the best foam type that matches your preference. 

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Different Types of Foams to Fill a Bean Bag

Memory Foam

Memory foam or Viscoelastic foam is the best foam type for fill your bean bag. The important thing is memory foam conforms to your body shape quickly. Also, it has an open-cell structure. 

In addition, when considering the durability of memory foam, it has approximately ten years of longevity. Moreover, there are three types of memory foam. These are ;

  • Traditional Memory Foam 

The traditional memory foam is made from petroleum-based products. Also, this is a famous product in past decades. But most environmentalists do not like this type because of the bad influence on the environment while decaying. 

  • Plant-Based Memory Foam 

Plant-based memory foam is made of coconut, soy, and other plant materials. The important thing is this type of memory foam quickly springs back more than traditional memory foam. 

  • Gel Memory Foam 

Gel memory foam can define as a combination of traditional memory foam and gel. But this type of memory foam offers the best cooling experience than conventional foam. You can buy this foam type from under the LOUNJ brand. 

Dry fast foam

Dry fast foam is the best filler for outdoor bean bags. That is because this material does not absorb the water, and consequently, it helps protect your fillers from mold, rot, and mildew. 

Further, it has an open-cell structure. In addition to the above benefits, you can use dry fast foam type for approximately eight years with proper usage. 

Latex Rubber Foam

Latex rubber foam is the best non-allergenic and long-lasting foam type introduced to the market recently. Especially, Latex rubber foam’s longevity is around 15 years, and similarly, it has an open-cell structure.

High Resilience Foam

High resilience foam makes an excellent comfortable bean bag. Comparatively, this foam type is expensive. Also, when comparing with memory foam, this foam type has high responsiveness. So, you can enjoy more bounce in your bean bag. 

Lux Foam

Lux foam is also known as Evlon foam. The unique characteristics of this foam are long-lasting and very buoyant. So, this foam is also suitable to add a super bouncing feel to your bean bag. The durability of the Lux foam is about six years. 

High-Density Foam

High-density foam can be defined as a medium-quality industrial-grade foam. It can tolerate large weights. So, I recommend high-density foam for heavier people than lightweight people. 

On the other hand, this foam is the perfect solution for pain and pressure release. Pro foam direct bean bag filler, Jade active bean bag filler are the recommended brands. 

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How Much Foam does it Take to Fill a Bean Bag?

In general, it is a rule of thumb. You should fill 2/3 of the volume of your bean bag with filler beads to feel super comfortable. So, firstly, you should consider the capacity of your bean bag. 

Usually, when you are buying a brand-new bean bag from the shop, they mention the exact capacity of the bean bag. However, if you do not know the exact capacity of your bean bag, visit our guide on how to measure the bean bag volume

For instance, if you have a 150-liter bean bag, the actual volume that you have to fill is 100 liters (150-liter x 2/3). Also, 110 lbs. of foams requires to fill 1000 liter volume.

So, to fill 100 liters, you should purchase 5Kg of foam. 

Calculation: (110/1000 )x100

                     = 11 lbs.

But if you like to have a firmer bean bag, you can add a little more foam than the calculated amount. 

Is Memory Foam Good for Bean Bags?

In my opinion, memory foam is good for your bean bag. But this depends from person to person. That is because people have different preferences and requirements. So, the choice is yours. 

However, below I mentioned the pros and cons of memory foam, which will help you make your decision effortlessly. 

Pros of Memory Foam

  • Memory foam filler gives you a better comfort feeling, and it will quickly adjust according to your body shape. Because of that, it is the best one to relax your body.
  • It does not get flat quickly. So you can use this foam for a more extended period than EPS. Also, when your bean bag’s original shape is changed, you can simply fluff and recover to the original size.
  • High-quality memory foam filler is hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant. Consequently, there is less potential to damage your children and pets. 
  • Memory foam does not make a sound. It means that when you sit on a memory foam bean bag, it does not make a noise. 
  • Further, memory foam is a lightweight material. So, it is easier to handle and move your bean bag. 
  • Have not any static charge. It makes them ideal to use toddlers’ bean bags. Moreover, not have inhalation risk like EPS. 
  • The memory foam is easy to recycle. 

Cons of Memory Foam

  • Some peoples’ opinion is, memory foam is not comfortable like EPS. Because memory foam bean bag is filled with shredded foams and, there may be odd-shaped foams. Consequently, it can give an uncomfortable experience to the user. But this can avoid by using a high-quality foam type. 
  • Memory foam is not waterproof. So, cleaning them is a challenge. Also, it may take several days to dry completely. However, if you refill wet foams, it may cause mold development inside of the bean bag. Further, it may emit bad smells.  
  • It isn’t easy to wash in the machine. Or else, it is impossible.
  • Memory foam takes little time to adjust different positions. 
  • Sometimes you may feel hot when sitting on a memory foam-filled bean bag for an extended period. 

Final Words

Different types of filler beads may give a different feel. Therefore, when you are bored with some bean bag bead type, you can try another type. The foam is an ideal choice for a bean bag. So, now I hope you have good knowledge to make the best decision.  

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