Can You Fill a Bean Bag With Old Clothes?

If I suppose to use old clothes to fill my bean bag, you may get wonder.

You can use your old clothes to fill a bean bag and bring it back to life. You can use any fabric that you no longer use. It can be your shorts, blouses, or trousers. Not only that, you can use old bedsheets, curtains, pillowcases to fill your bean bag. 

Moreover, the old clothes are non-toxic and durable. Further, the great benefit is you may not need to spend extra dollars to fill your bean bag if you had old clothes. 

Hence, old clothes are the ideal alternative filling for low-budgeted bean bags. Not only that, you can join to save the world by recycling your old stuff. But ultimately, bean bag users can have a comfortable feel and great relaxation. The only thing that you should know is the proper way to use them.

So, let’s check what kind of clothes you can use for bean bags and how to prepare old clothes to fill bean bags.

First of all, do you have any idea about how many clothes dump up annually? Indeed, you may throw lots of dresses away per year. But from today, you can use them to add value to your home.  

There are different types of fabrics used for clothes preparation. Those are georgette, cotton, linen, chiffon, polyester, velvet, panel, silk, leather, denim, and rayon. Among them, you can take the best fabrics to fill your bean bag. 

Moreover, the old clothes may consist of metal hooks, metal buttons, plastic buttons, and zippers. Therefore you have to deal with them when preparing old clothes to fill your bean bag. 

So, let’s look at these things further.   

fill bean bag with old clothes

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How to Choose Old Clothes to Fill the Bean Bag

Generally, you can use most old clothes consisting of smooth fabrics to fill your bean bag because it can give a comfortable and good feel. The rough old clothes can irritate your comfy feel. 

Therefore, it is better to select your old clothes prepared with the following fabrics as sitting comfy is your primary goal.

Cotton Clothes

Cotton is a natural and soft fabric. Also, it is a skin-friendly and lightweight fabric type. Thus, cotton old clothes are ideal for filling your bean bag. 

Silk Clothes

You can use silk wears to fill your bean bag because it is a smooth, soft-touch luxurious material. Other than the above factors, silk is a lightweight material. 

Therefore you can easily move bean bags filled with them. It is a tremendous advantage for bean bag users.


Do you have linen wears that you do not use for years? So, you can use faded or damaged linen cloths to fill your bean bag. It may give a smooth and warm feel to you, especially in the winter season. 


Most sweaters, jerseys, socks, and winter clothes are prepared with wool. It is a bit thick fabric type that is filled with lots of air pores. Therefore it will give a feel like memory foam. 

Further, its pores structure reduces the pressure spots of users and gives excellent relaxation. Also, the wool can easily adjust to body shape and absorb vibrations. Hence, you can choose them too. 

In addition to these fundamental factors, wool fillers are ideal for the winter season. Because it may warm up your body and keep your body temperature stable, you may feel a super comfortable and warm experience by filling your bean bag using old wool cloths.

So, I’m sure now will never throw away your winter suits, blankets prepared with wool fabric.


You can use your lightweight, dull appearance georgette dresses to fill your bean bag. Generally, it has creped surface and may give a soft feeling to the bean bag user. 

Georgette is an ideal filler type for a bean bag that is primarily used in the winter season. But in the summer, you may feel a bit hot when sitting on a georgette-filled bean bag for a long time.


Nylon is solid synthetic fabric. Moreover, you can use nylon clothes to fill your bean bag. But as a georgette, it may give a bit of a hot feel when you sit there for an extended period. But this may vary with the airflow of your home, weather, and climate. 


Do you have a velvet blanket or dress? Then, you can use them to fill your bean bag because velvet is a smooth and luxurious fabric. Also, it may give a super warm feel during the winter season.


Whatever you are a girl or boy, old or young, you may have significant collections of denim trousers. But sometimes, they may get fade or not fit with your size. Then you may leave them in the corner of your cupboard. But today onwards you do not need to waste extra space on these types of dresses. You can use them to fill your bean bag.

Denim is sturdy, rugged cotton twill fabric. Thus, it has a vivid texture and cozy feel. In addition to them, it has long durability. Therefore, it is ideal as a bean bag filler alternative. 

But keep in mind, the denim is a bit coarse material. Therefore it may give a bit fix shape to your bean bag. Further, denim is a bit weight. Hence, you may have to put a little extra effort into moving your bean bags. 

Besides these major fabric types, you can use rayon, viscose, satin, and net to fill your bean bag. Significantly, the main advantage of this material is they have good durability. 

prepare old clothes to fill bean bags

How to Use Old Clothes to Fill the Bean Bag

As I mentioned above, clothes consist of different kinds of ornaments, zippers, and gadgets. So, if you fill your bean bag with them, you may feel uncomfortable. Moreover, they may irritate your skin or even cause injury yourself. 

So, please follow this guide to prepare old clothes before adding them to the bean bag.  

Step 1: Take a sharp blade or scissor and remove all unnecessary stuff

In this step, you should remove all metal and plastic buttons, zippers, and hooks. Sometimes your old clothes may have rough clothes structures, especially the edge of the clothes. Then cut and remove those rough edges too. It will improve your filler comfy properties. 

Step 2: Cut your old clothes into small pieces

In here, there has not any specific size to cut your clothes. You can cut them according to your preferences. But try to cut them at least 4 x4 square inches or 5x 5 square inches pieces. 

However, you can fill your bean bag without cutting old clothes into small pieces. But clothes piece size inversely affect the comfy feel of the bean bag. 

Therefore, filling bean bags with large dresses might feel like sitting on a rigid structure. 

Further, if your clothes have some decaying parts, you can cut and remove them. 

Step 3: Fill your bean bag with old cloth particles

Now, it is time to fill your bean bag with old cloths particles. You can do this layer-wise. Firstly, add a bit of coarse fabric to the bottom of the bean bag. Then add smooth fabrics to it.

Likewise, you can fill the bean bag according to the fabric’s softness. Use most comfortable wool, silk, faux fur fabrics to fill the top layer of the bean bag. Moreover, try to fill 2/3 volume of bean bag using the old cloth pieces to achieve a fantastic sitting experience. 

Most of the clothes fillers do not have a static charge. It is a great advantage. Thus, you can use cloth fillers to refill your toddler’s bean bag too. Moreover, using old clothes reduce the risk of beanball spills out too.  

Moreover, keep your bean bag fire equipment away because most clothes do not have a redundant fire property. Also, it is not easy to wash clothes fillers. Hence, it is better to use a waterproof bean bag cover. In addition to that, use these fillers for indoor bean bags.  

Final words

I hope now you have a much better idea regarding the usage of old clothes for bean bags. Moreover, this is an incredibly affordable and environmentally friendly method. So, use your old clothes to make the luxury chair and feel an outstanding level of relaxation. 

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