How Do You Fill a Bean Bag Sofa?

Bean bag sofas are the modern furniture that is super famous in this century. It is a cozy sac filled with tiny EPS balls or shredded memory foam. Not only them, but manufacturers also use different kinds of fillers to fill it. Then, they release a fully completed bean bag sofa to the market.

But can you use the same fillers over several years? Like every material, they get flattened and lose their original cozy properties. Then what should you do?

Some people throw their bean bag sofas away after beanballs get flattened. But the good news is you can refill and reuse them for an extended period until all materials decay. Let’s move to the main subject!

How do you fill bean bag sofas? We all know working with tiny EPS balls is a bit tricky job. Do you know any particular method to deal with these bits of EPS balls (expanded polystyrene balls)?

Whether you know it or not, I will explain the simplest ways to fill a bean bag sofa. Relax and keep reading the guide!

Fill a bean bag sofa

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Add Beanballs Directly to Bean Bag Sofa

There are different methods available to fill bean bag sofa. According to the resource, availability, you can follow any plan that suits you. However, before filling the bean bag sofa, you must prepare your surroundings for the bean bag refilling. Let’s see how.

Step 1: Switch off fans and close the windows.

The expanded polystyrene balls have lightweight. Hence, they tend to move with airflow. So, this step helps reduce the air movements and circulations in the room. It will support you to do your task easily.

Step 2: Open the bean bag sofa zipper.

Open around 1 foot or the same diameter enough to insert the bag filled with beanballs. Here, if your sofa has a safety zipper, you should use a pin to open it.

Step 3: Insert the bag filled with beanballs into the bean bag sofa inner cover.

Here, you should insert a bean-filled bag at least 3 inches from the bean bag cover. It will prevent bean spill-outs. 

Step 4: Let beanballs release gradually to the bean bag sofa.

You should do this work with the patient. Do not let beanballs spill over the surroundings. Carefully fill the bean bag sofa.

To do this task successfully, get support from a friend. Then one person can handle the bean bag sofa until the other person fills beans. 

Step 5: After releasing all beanballs, take off the polythene cover.

Step 6: Repeat the same process until the bean bag sofa has enough beans.

Step 7: After filling the sufficient amount, enclose the zipper and remove the zipper flap.

The sufficient amount means we didn’t fill bean bag sofas with beans until they got fully compact. We fill 2/3 of bean volume from its volume. It will help maintain the cozy and loose properties of the bean bag sofa.

Now you have a fantastic chair to enjoy your leisure time!

Using the Inner Cover to Fill a Bean Bag Sofa

Step 1: First, take a bag filled with beanballs.

Step 2: Then attach its mouth with the bean bag sofa inner cover.

Here, you can use duct tape or another stick thing to attach them. But make sure that tape should have enough stickiness to tie two bags tightly. If not, bean bag balls may spill out while refilling them into the bean bag sofa.

Step 3: Keep your filler bag at the upper level and let the beans down.

Here, you can shake the beanball bag to increase the bean filling speed. However, gravity does its task whether you shake it or not.

Step 4: Enclose the inner and outer cover zippers.

After you fill the sufficient beanball amount, you can remove the duct tape and enclose both zippers of the bean bag sofa.  

Step 5: Manually adjust the bean bag sofa.

You can spread beans into free spaces and arrange your bean bag sofa shape as a final step.

If you use this method, the best thing is to fill your bean bag sofa without getting support from another person. How cool it is! 

Now, the filling process is almost done. So, this is the best time to enjoy it!

refill beanbag

Use Cardboard Funnel or Water Bottle to Fill Bean Bag Sofa

Rather than the above methods, you can fill beanballs using simple tools. Do you have a funnel? Then you can use it. If you do not have one, do not worry. You can create a simple funnel using cardboard within a few seconds.

So, try this method. Surely you can enjoy the activity!

Step 1: Take square shape cardboard and bend it as a funnel.

The funnel size mainly depends on the cardboard size. Also, you can control its mouth and outlet opening size by bending it.

Allow enough space at the outlet corner. Then you can fill the bean bag more efficiently.

Step 2: Fix the funnel edges using gum or duct tape.

Here, you should take strong gum. If not, these edges may get loose while filling the beanballs into the bag. It may lead to spilling out the beanballs.

Step 3: Open the bean bag zipper.

Step 4: Set the outlet opening of the funnel into the bean bag.

Do not open a vast space to insert the funnel. It may cause to spill out the beans.

Step 5: Slowly add bean balls into the funnel.

It is better to get support from a friend to do this task together. Then one person can keep the funnel in the stable position, and another person can gradually release the beanballs to it.

Step 6: Continue the process until the bean bag sofa is filled with enough beans.

Be careful when doing this process because beanballs have a static charge. Also, make sure all windows are closed, and fans are switched off when you fill the beanballs onto the bean bag.

Step 7: Enclose the bean bag sofa.

Enjoy the fantastic seating experience of the bean bag sofa!

Beside the funnel, you can use a plastic bottle. You should remove the lid and cut the bottle in the middle. Then within a few seconds, you may have a great funnel.

Fill Bean Bag Sofa with Memory Foam or Cotton

Do you want to fill your bean bag sofa with shredded memory foam or cotton? Still do not know the correct way? Try the below tips!

The best news is these fillers do not have a considerable static charge. Therefore, you do not need to follow a particular method to fill these fillers.

However, these lightweight foam and cotton fillers can quickly move with the wind. Hence, close windows and switch off fans while filling them.

Further, you can use the below techniques to fill them within a few seconds.

Tip #1 – Use methods 1, 2, 3 to fill these fillers into a bean bag sofa.

Tip #2 – Use a cup or ball to collect memory foam and add them manually to the bean bag sofa.

Final Thoughts

Filling a bean bag sofa is not tricky if you know the correct methods. But if you do not follow proper guidelines, this task can mess up your entire room. Not only the room, but it can also damage your electronics.

Also, there is a risk of inhaling these tiny balls. Because of that, do not ask for help from kids. We cannot predict the future. Thus, keep kids away when you are refilling the bean bag sofa!

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