Best Bean Bag Sofas – Top 3 Reviewed with Buying Guide

Are you bored with traditional furniture, including sofas? Are you looking for a versatile, comfortable, and even stylish sofa for your game room, movie room, or apartment?

The best option is a bean bag sofa!

It is a kind of sac that facilitates a comfortable seating experience. So, most people tend to replace their traditional sofas with bean bag sofas.

However, before buying a bean bag sofa, you should know some particular criteria to select the ideal bean bag sofa that suits your requirements. 

So, check whether your bean bag sofa has the following facts.

best bean bag sofa

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Buying Guide for a Bean Bag Sofa

After reviewing many products, I have made this bean bag sofa buying guide. Thus, I hope you all take advantage by reading these tips.

First, Identify your Requirement

Most people do not have a clear idea about their requirements. So, as the first step, you have to identify your wants and needs.

To clarify your requirement, take a paper and write answers to these questions.

  • Why do you need a bean bag sofa?
  • How many people do you need to accommodate on your bean bag sofa at once?
  • What is the expected comfort level that you are seeking from a bean bag sofa?
  • What is your favorite posture to lay on?

Now you may have a rough idea about your requirement. Let’s clarify this with other facts.

  • How much can you spend on a bean bag sofa?
  • Are you looking for an indoor bean bag sofa or an outdoor bean bag sofa? Or where do are you going to place your bean bag?
  • What type of lifestyle do you have? Do you change living places frequently?
  • Do you have any skin allergies or back pains?

Now you have a proper understanding of your needs. Therefore it is easy to decide the following factors.

  • Bean bag sofa shape and size
  • Weight of bean bag sofa
  • Filling material and fabric type

So, let’s check how to select the best bean bag sofa that perfectly matches your desire.

The Shape of the Bean Bag Sofa

Bean bag shape is one of the main factors influencing your seating posture and comfort. Moreover, your seating posture will depend on its shape.

For example, if your bean bag sofa has good back support, you can maintain your upright position comfortably. Not only that, according to the shape of the bean bag sofa, its physical properties will change.  

These factors are the key parameters that influence the bean bag sofa’s comfort level. It also determines the ergonomics level of your bean bag sofa.

Besides the typical bean bag sofa, if you want to buy one for your kid, you should check whether the bean bag size fits their body size. If not, it will not give super comfort to their bodies.

On the other hand, if you buy this chair for a particular purpose like working with a computer, these shapes should match relevant work. Can you sit and work for hours without having sufficient back support? So, when buying a bean bag sofa, think about the below factors.

  • Seating space enough for your body size, or accommodate the relevant number of people
  • Back supporter shape and level of support
  • Armrest availability and shape
  • Height between bean bag sofa’s seat to floor

Size of the Bean Bag Sofa

The bean bag sofa size is the essential part. Therefore, before selecting a bean bag sofa, keep in mind to check the below factors.

The first check is that the bean bag sofa size is ideal to fulfill your requirement. This is a very subjective matter. Some people want to use bean bag sofas in the living room. So, most of them expect chairs to accommodate three people as a typical sofa.

But some people may want to use a bean bag sofa for individual usage. Thus, they need a sofa that can accommodate only one person.

Rather than these factors, you should consider the room space that you have to place your bean bag sofa, mainly if you have limited space.

Fabric Type of the Bean Bag Sofa

The softness, comfy level, and warm feel of the bean bag sofa mainly depend on the fabric and filler types. So, it is vital to select the best one that matches your requirement.

There are different kinds of fabrics used to manufacture bean bag sofas. Cotton, Faux far, linen, velvet, and leather are the most common types. These fabrics have different properties. Thus, according to your requirement, you should choose the best one!

For example, if you expect a warmer feel from your bean bag sofa in the winter season, buy bean bags made with faux far or velvet.

These fabrics have tiny, soft threads or hair-like surfaces. So, these help to keep and store your body heat in spaces between these threads. As a result, they give a warmer feel than other fabrics.

But if you mainly use your bean bag sofa in summer, avoid purchasing a bean bag sofa made with leather and vinyl.

These fabrics do not have good porous structures. So, there will not be enough space to escape the heat from the bean bag. It will cause to give an uncomfortable feel.

On the other hand, environmental heat is also higher in the summer. So, it also causes to heat leather bean bag sofas. Therefore buy a linen or cotton bean bag sofa to use summer season.

Filler Types of Bean Bag Sofas

The commonly available bean bag sofa fillers are shredded memory foam, expanded polystyrene balls (EPS balls), and cotton. Among them, EPS balls are the most common type.

Generally, these filler types give a super comfortable feeling to users by conforming to their body shape. However, they work a little bit differently.

EPS balls disperse the free spaces of the bean bag sofa when you sit there. Whatever your sitting posture, it arranges shape according to it.  

Besides that, there are other benefits of polystyrene balls. It has good durability. You can use them for around 3-5 years without any issue. Moreover, its water-resistant ability makes it easy to use and clean.  

Shredded memory foam has a sponge-like pores structure. Thus, these air pores get compact and reshaped according to your body posture when you sit there. Moreover, these pores can store body heat during the winter, and they will help to keep you warm.

Thus, memory form fillers are a good choice if you are looking for a bean bag sofa to sit comfortably in the winter season.

Here, some bean bag sofas are filled with a natural filler called cotton. They are also super comfy filler types. These are suitable for people who love to feel super soft and natural. However, cleaning cotton fillers are a bit tricky task.

Inner cover of Bean Bag Sofas

Some manufacturers directly fill beans into the bean bag sofa. But some use inner cover to fill beanballs first. Then insert that inner cover into the bean bag sofa.

It is good to buy a bean bag sofa with an inner cover. It helps to reduce the risk of bean spills.

Skin-Friendly Materials

Whatever you purchase to wear or sit, check these are made with skin-friendly materials as some materials can be allergic to some people.

Cotton, linen, velvet, and far faux are breathable natural covers that allow healthy airflow. Thus, if you search for a skin-friendly bean bag, you can buy a bean bag sofa made with these fabrics.  

bean bag sofa

Safety Factors for Bean Bag Sofa

Being a human being is the most precious gift. So, whatever you use, it should consist of safety precautions. 

The bean bag sofa is a sac with thousands of EPS balls. If they spill out accidentally, they may inhale. Especially if a toddler faces that kind of situation, it is severe.  

On the other hand, EPS balls have a static charge. Hence, they will attract to any item that has the opposite charge. 

Therefore, it can be dangerous. Do not worry! If you purchase the standard product, you are free from this stress.

So, check the below factors;

  • Strength of your bean bag fabric
  • Child safe zipper
  • Inner cover availability
  • Double seaming

If these factors are okay, that bean bag sofa is good to use. 

Seat Belt or Safety Straps

Some bean bag sofas consist of safety straps to keep toddlers safely. So, if you wish to use your bean bag sofa for infants, check whether there are safety belts available with your couch.

Supporting Weight of Bean Bag Sofas

Tolerance is the common factor that is associated with any furniture. It means every piece of furniture has a specific weight tolerant limit. So, if anyone exceeds that limit, this furniture will break.

According to the bean bag sofa size, the number of people that can accommodate the sofa varies. Think, your selected sofa can accommodate three people at once. So, if a person’s average weight is 70 Kg, that bean bag sofa can tolerate 210 Kg at once. 

If your selected bean bag sofa cannot tolerate that much, it does not match your requirement. Thus, try a new one!

Determine Bean Bag Sofa Type

Mainly bean bag sofas are available for adults. But some bean bags are specially made for kids. So, after clarifying your requirement, you may better understand your purpose.

So, if you wish to buy a bean bag sofa for kids, select that type. If not, order average size bean bag sofa.

Bean Bag Sofa Designs, Color, and Patterns

Do you like to add out-of-fashion furniture to your room? 

We all love to try new trends and like to follow them. So, this applies to furniture too, including bean bag sofas. 

Moreover, a bean bag sofa acquires a large portion of your living room. Therefore, it is the main factor that changes your room outlook. 

Hence, before purchasing a bean bag sofa, make sure the below factors match!

  • Does the bean bag color match with the wall paint and other interiors?
  • Does this sofa fabric shape match a modern home?

Additionally, every piece of equipment in our living space can directly influence our minds. Thus, do not buy a bean bag sofa made with luminous color fabrics.

Waterproof Bean Bag Sofas

Regular usage can dirt any furniture, including bean bag sofas. Also, accidents are unpredictable. If you spill a cup of tea on your bean bag sofa, what should you do?

What is your next step if your pet or toddler pee on your bean bag sofa? Thus, it is essential to have a waterproof bean bag sofa if you want to use it regularly. 

Select UV/Fade Resistant Bean Bag Sofa

Rich quality bean bag sofas are made with fade-resistant fabrics. So, try to select them to use years without any color change. 

Choose Mold-Resistant Bean Bag

Mold can completely ruin your sitting experience. These are growing on wet surfaces. If your bean bag sofa is wet with water, coffee, or tea, these surfaces provide an ideal environment for mold growth.

To overcome this issue, some manufacturers use mold-resistant fabrics. To minimize the risk, you can buy them. 

Comfort Level and Cushioning Effect of the Bean Bag Sofa

Let me ask a small question. Why do you need to buy a bean bag sofa beside a typical sofa?

Indeed, you will say it is all about the comfort feel. So, before buying a bean bag sofa, check whether it can give comfort according to your expectation.

Cushioning effect is the ability of the bean bag sofa to adjust with the user’s body shape automatically. So, if your bean bag has an excellent cushioning effect, it can give a fantastic sitting experience to you! 

Fire Retardant Properties

Bean bag sofa is cozy furniture. Therefore, it should have relevant safety precautions to prevent fire accidents. So, check the redundant fire properties of bean bag fillers and fabrics.

I hope now you have a good idea of selecting the best bean bag sofa. Further, here I mentioned a few other important facts. Check them too!

  • Bean bag sofa weight 
  • Portability
  • Refillable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Machine washable
  • Warranty period
  • After service 
  • Package details
  • Shipping method

Besides observing only your point of view, it is important to see others’ points of view too. So, to go for the best products, read the experience of previous customers on customer reviews.

Also, try to buy a bean bag sofa from a known and widely used brand!

Best Bean Bag Sofas – Top 3 Reviewed

As an independent reviewer, I check the best bean bag sofas that fulfill the above facts. I recommend that these three bean bag sofas are the best of a dozen bean bag sofas!

Factory Direct Partners Cali Big Bear Sack Bean Bag Chair

This cozy bean bag sofa is made for one person. So, it can accommodate a person comfortably. Its target market segments are kids, teens, and adults. Thus, this is a chair that is designed for all ages. Moreover, it facilitates upright sitting posture.   

What We Like


Big Bear chair made with nylon polystyrene fabric. Therefore, it has good durability. On the other hand, it resists stains, tears, and abrasions. Consequently, you can use this bean bag sofa relatively long period without any issue. 

Comfy and Cozy Feel

The shape-retaining form of beads facilitates a super relaxing experience for users. Also, it can perfectly adjust with the user’s body shape. The 26 x 24 x 26 inches dimensions perfectly match for an adult!

Portable and Fun 

We all love to enjoy and have fun. Do you believe that the chair can fix your mood? The Cali big bear sac is an answer!

Double Stitching

The double seaming ensures the quality of this bean bag sofa. So, users need not worry about seam damages.

Many Features

This lightweight Cali big bear sac has a handle and side pockets. Therefore, the owner can easily carry them to a comfortable place.


The Cali big bear sac certified with CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications. Hence, they ensure their products have low indoor air emissions and comply with flammability regulations.

No Assembly Required 

This bean bag sofa is fully assembled. So, it is ready to use.

The best news is you can buy this fantastic Cali big bear sack bean bag sofa at a very affordable price.

Cardinberg Water-Proof PU Leather bean bag sofa with Filler & Footstool

This pear-shaped bean bag sofa comes with a footstool. Hence, user can maintain their upright positions while relaxing their foot on the stool.

Not only these features, but it also consists of many more. Let’s see what!

What We Like

Perfect Size

The Cardinberg leather bean bag sofa has 41*38*19 inches dimensions. Thus, it is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, basements, dormitory, and theater rooms.


Memory foam is used to fill this excellent chair. Because of that, it can perfectly rearrange the user’s body shape. Fantastic no? 

Waterproof Cover

The removable PU leather cover is waterproof. Thus, it is easy to clean and maintain the Cardinberg leather bean bag.

Inner Bag

This inner bag ensures product quality by preventing foam spill-outs. Moreover, it enhances the strength of this bean bag sofa.

Portable Bean Bag Sofa

The 5-pound weight makes them move quickly. So, users can move them to their favorite places!

What We Do Not Like

No Diversity

This Cardinberg leather bean bag has a leather outer cover. So, manufacturers do not offer a range of color selections.   

However, the leather fabric can add a rich look to your room. So, click here to check the price of this fabulous bean bag sofa on amazon.

Disney Minnie Mouse Bean Bag Sofa

The Disney Minnie mouse bean bag sofa is specially built to accommodate two toddlers at once. This bean bag sofa is the best one to use for your toddlers.

What We Like

Colorful Appearance

The pinkish color polyester fabric decorates with a mickey mouse. Hence it attracts kids’ and toddlers’ attention. Moreover, the overall shape of this bean bag sofa is adorable. 

Perfect Size

The 30 x 18 x 18 inches bean bag sofa offers good space for two kids. Due to 18 inches in height, kids can easily sit there.

Portable Chair

Due to its lightweight, it is easy to move to kids’ favorite places. 


The quality foam beads of the Disney Minnie mouse bean bag sofa adjust with the toddler’s body shape perfectly. So, kids feel super cozy feel when they sit there. 

However, you can buy this super fancy bean bag sofa at a meager price.

Final Thoughts

How do you respond to them if anyone asks about the best bean bag sofa? I hope now you have a good answer with accurate facts!

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