How to Remove Bean Bag Cover? – Three Methods Explained

The bean bag is modern furniture that commonly uses in every home. Its comfy texture and fluffy appearance make it a most favorite chair.

But over time, new designs and patterns come to the market. Then people want to take a fresh look by adding a new cover for their bean bag. Also, the colors of the outer cover become faded with usage. It will be a reason to remove the existing cover to gain a brand-new look.

Or else, at a certain point, you want to clean the bean bag cover. So, then you will look at the best method to remove the bean bag cover.

Generally, most bean bags are filled with thousands of expanded polystyrene beads (EPS). Besides EPS, bean bags are filled with alternative bean bag fillers like memory foam, cloth, rice, sand, or pebbles.

Further, there are different types of bean bags available in the market. One bean bag type has an inner core. Therefore, all bean beads are securely consistent in this inner lining.

But some manufacturers directly fill beans into the bean bag cover, and these do not have any inner bag. Other than these two, some bean bags have no zipper. 

Hence, you have to follow specific steps for different kinds of bean bags. So, pick the most suitable method from below.

remove bean bag cover

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Remove/ Change Bean Bag Cover that Has an Inner Cover

You can use this method to remove a bean bag cover that has an inner lining layer. Moreover, it just takes few minutes. However, when you are dealing with bean bags, be patient. It will protect you from undesirable messed-ups.

Step 1: First, attach file clip to the bean bag zipper

Standard bean bags have childproof zippers that do not have zip tags due to ensure their safety. So, you have to use a file clip to open the bean bag’s protective zipper.

Step 2: Unzip the bean bag’s outer cover

As a second step, you have to safely unzip the bean bag zipper by pulling the zip tag from one side of the bag to the other side.

Step 3: Take bean bag inner cover the out

After your bean bag has been fully unzipped, remove the outer cover or remove the inner cover to the out. Both processes give the same result.


  • Store this inner cover in a safe place that your pets and toddlers cannot access until you put a new cover. If they misused the inner cover, there is a possibility to tear up or unzip. It can mess up your whole room. Moreover, the micro-size bean beads can be inhaled into your kids too. So, give good attention!
  • However, if your bean bag inner cover is damaged, you cannot do this task with this much of easiness. So, if the inner bag has any tear, damage, or patch, you have to use a garbage bag or any other large pillowcase. Then before you remove the outer cover completely, you should cover the inner bag using a garbage bag. It will eliminate the bean spills outs.

Step 4: Done

Finally, you have successfully taken your bean bag cover off!

Now you can wash your outer cover or use a new cover to decorate your bean bag. However, if you want to put your washed cover or newly purchased cover into the same fillings, follow these steps too.

Step 5: Put filler bead bag into the bean bag cover

When you are doing this step, check the place that the inner bag has its zipper. Then, put that side into the bean bag cover first.

Then the bean bag cover zipper and inner bag cover zipper do not align with the same place. It ensures safety by preventing bean spill-outs, especially when you have kids.  

Step 6: Carefully zip up the bean bag cover

As a final step, you should zip it up carefully. Do not be hurry because it may lead to an overlapped zipper on the inner bag. Sometimes it may damage and tear up the inner bag. So, to avoid undesirable incidents, you have to be patient.

All done. Now you can place it in your favorite place and enjoy the day!

change bean bag cover

Remove/ Change Bean Bag Cover that Has No Inner Cover

Some bean bags do not have an inner cover. So, when you want to remove or change its cover, you have to do some works. Hence, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the bean bag zipper and 2, 3 inches using a file clip

Step 2: Then remove bean beads

If your bean bag is filled with EPS beads, it is a challenge to remove beanballs. Because the EPS beads have a static charge, and you cannot remove the static charge and beans normally.

There are a few simple techniques you have to follow empty bean bag cover safely.

Technique 1# Use safety pins to attach the garbage bag to the bean bag opening. Then remove beans

Technique 2# Attach edges of the PVC or plastic pipe with the bean bag and garbage bag using duck tape. Then remove beans from bean bag to garbage bag safely.

See our guide, If you want to know more about removing bean beads from the bean bag.

Rather than EPS beads, your bean bag may fill with memory form or another eco-friendly filler type. These do not have or have a minimum static charge. So, you do not need any special techniques to remove them.  

Just open the bean bag zipper using a file clip and remove fillers. You can remove memory forms with your hand. Or else you can use an aluminum or plastic cup to remove rice, sand, pebbles, or foam fillers.

Furthermore, keep in mind, do not open the zipper too much. It will spill out the fillers. Sometimes few filler beads may remain in the bean bag cover. If you experienced that incident, shake the bean bag cover and accumulate them into the bottom. Then remove them manually.  

In addition to these factors, if you need any support to deal with giant bean bags, do not hesitate to ask for help from your friend or family member.

Step 3: Store removed fillers in a safe place

Safety is first. Sometimes you may just think about only how to remove bean beads. But it is not enough, and you have to follow the proper way to collect and store them. Prevention is much better than trying to solving issues.

Removing the Cover of Bean Bag that Has No Opening

There are some bean bags available in the market, and they do not have a zipper. Every corner of these bean bags has seemed. These are generally prepared to use a particular time. After that period, manufacturers advise you to dump the whole bean bag.

However, if you are an owner of that kind of bean bag, it is better to use it according to the manufacturers’ guidelines. Thus, I cannot ask you to cut and open the seams without knowing the filler type or manufacturer’s purpose.

But if you know the filler type, you can take precautions to remove the filler and replace it with a new cover.

Final Words

All of us need some refreshment over time. That’s why we try to go on trips, pick nicks after hard days. Your bean bag also needs the same care. Sometimes it may lose its appearance or need a good bath. 

Moreover, washing whole bean bags is a time-consuming thing and not an easy task. Therefore, you should know about these basics to removing your bean bag cover!

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