8 Tips to Decorate And Style Your Bean Bag

If you have a bean bag, you may think of a way to style it. Or else method to decorate your bean bag.

Bean bags are not only used for sitting or playing purposes. It adds quite a nice look to living rooms, bedrooms, and dens. So, bean bag plays a significant role in styling the interiors.  

Yes, there are plenty of creative things you can use to add more value to your bean bag. This is not a complicated job. You can add a great look to your bean bag by following simple tips. Without wasting time, let’s check them!

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Tip #1 – Clean Your Bean Bag and Let it Shine.

Before moving to the massive changes, you can bring back the fresh look of your bean bag with its original color and design. You just have to clean it with the proper method.

Here you can do the following things.

  • Wash bean bag cover according to the user manual
  • Clean bean bag fillers using the appropriate method
  • If beanballs get flattened, refill it
  • Remove stains and other patches using a spot cleaner
  • Sew the loosened seams and ensure the safety of the bean bag

You restore your bean bag to its original look at the first step. Then follow the below tips.

Tip #2 – Paint the Bean Bag Cover

If your bean bag cover got shade, it would not look nice. What do you do to recover when your wooden furniture looks dull? Definitely, you will apply paint or varnish.

Can you recover your bean bag like that? Yes sure. You can enhance your bean bag’s beauty by painting it. Here, you cannot apply any paint. Hence, you should select a suitable paint type applicable to the relevant fabric. Then do spray the paintings.

Tip #3 – Make a New Bean Bag Cover.

You can make a new bean bag cover if you feel that the lifetime of your current bean bag is over. Select suitable fabric like cotton, linen, faux fur, or suede. Then use an old bean bag cover as a stencil and create the fabric blocks.

Finally, stitch the bean bag cover. To know the detailed guidelines about making a bean bag cover, click here

Do you want to surprise your family and friends with a brand-new bean bag?

Then create a bean bag cover with another design. Then you can fill the beans into it. So, now you may receive a brand new bean bag.

Tip #4 – Lay Faux Fur or Velvet Layer on the Bean Bag

Fake fur or faux fur is a fabric that has a loamy appearance. These are made with natural animal hair and synthetic hair.

Due to its rich look, most people tend to lay them on bean bags and sofas. Also, fur faux is widely used to make garments, especially winter garments.

In addition to the rich look, it is ideal for laying on the winter season. The softness and loamy structure will help you to keep your body warm. So, apply it and enhance the beauty of your bean bag.

Besides Faux fur, you can use a piece of velvet fabric to decorate your bean bag. Velvet brings a shiny and luxurious look to your bean bag. So, if you cannot find faux fur or already existing velvet fabric, use them.

Before selecting faux fur or velvet, you should match its color with bean bags, walls, and other interior colors because beauty does not generate only one thing. It is teamwork.

Tip #5 – Use Small Pillows to Decorate Your Bean Bag

Do you have a traditional sofa? So, don’t you use small pillows for them? Pillows are an everyday accessory that decorates all kinds of furniture, including chairs and beds. If anyone has experience with small soft pillows, they will definitely know how they add value to their furniture.

For example, people use different shape pillows such as round, square, and cylindrical to decorate their sofas.

Like that, you can decorate your bean bag using small pillows. However, check the below factors when creating or buying a pillow for a bean bag.

  • Does the pillow color and size match your bean bag?
  • How much space needs to accommodate your bean bag?
  • The pillow shape that fits the bean bag
  • The size of the pillow
  • The color of the pillow
  • The design of the pillow

Do not select warm or lumens color pillows for your bean bag. It has the ability to frustrate your mind peace. So, always try to choose cool and light colors. However, light colors may get dirt immediately. So, keep in mind that too.

Make sure the pillow color, design patterns, and size blend with your bean bag. Get creative and choose the best one as your preference!

decorate with lights

Tip #6 – Decorate Your bean bag with Lights

Light can add a vivid look to your bean bag, especially at night. Also, it will add extra value to your space and attract everyone’s eye. 

So, if you can decorate your bean bag with light, it will add uniqueness. However, this is a bit tricky job. Why? The light intensity and color should match your bean bag. Also, it should be comfortable for the human eye, especially for toddlers.

Now you may doubt which light is suitable for bean bags. Do not think that much. You can use Christmas light to wrap your bean bag. 

Here you can set the lights on the backside of the bean bag chair. Use tape or thread to stick the light into the bean bag.

Now you may have a super bean bag with fantastic colors. However, it is recommended to do this decoration only for adult bean bags because electrical equipment is not suitable for toddlers. 

Tip #7 – Set Flowers, Ribbons, and Other Small Accessories

Most toddlers love fancy designs. Also, some adults too. You can satisfy their wants by decorating bean bags with flowers and ribbons.

Here, you can cut flowers using soft fabrics such as panel, velvet, or faux fur. You then attached them to the bean bag by stitching or pasting gum. It is better if you can sew these designs using thread.

Then, if you are bored with these designs, you can easily remove and decorate them with new designs. But if you use gums, it may remain some marking or patches.

Ribbons also can use to enhance the beauty of bean bags. You can set it like strips, bows, or other beautiful shapes. Especially these fancy designs are suited for kids playing rooms and girls’ living rooms.

Tip #8 – Decorate the Bean Bag with Animal Faces or Cartoons

Do you have kids? So, what are the things they like most? Any cartoon character, superman, spiderman, or Coco melon?

Then you can use these characters to decorate your bean bag.

You just need the fabric that prints with relevant cartoons. Then cut that design. After that, you can set it to a kid’s bean bag by sewing or pasting.

Not only kids, but you may also have some preferences. So, you can cut these characters that are printed in fabric and paste them into a bean bag. Likewise, you can attach smiling faces, Mickey Mouse, dinosaurs.

Do you want to create a bean bag with a smiling look? Then cut eyes nose lips from the relevant color fabrics. Then you can sew them to the bean bag. If you are good at sewing, you can create any design in a bean bag using color threads.

Special Note

Avoid using rigid structures such as buttons, pins, and other plastic accessories to decorate your bean bag. These can irritate your comfortable sitting feel!

Final Thoughts

A stylish home is a dream of most of us. But, our preferences and requirements differ. So, I cannot recommend it as this is the best method.

 But if you read all the tips that I mentioned above, you can select the most suitable one. Decorating your bean bag is not a complicated task. The only thing is you have to think creatively and do some small steps.

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