How to Remove the Sofa Sack Cover?

Does the time has come to give a fresh style or color to your ultra-comfortable sofa sack? or do you just want to give a quick wash to freshen your sofa sack?

We all bought a sofa sack bean bag to enjoy our lives. But you never thought what to do when it gets dirty, did you? 

However, you luckily deal with super quality and comfortable furniture, sofa sack. It comes to ease your busy life in all ways, and I’ll be here to guide you.

You may have different sizes of sofa sacks, from ultra-soft kids’ sofa sacks to mega-size sofa sacks. But there is a common problem among users with giant sofa sacks. They doubt how to remove the cover of this kind of large sofa sack. 

It is straightforward to remove the sofa sack cover, no matter how small or large. You just have to follow a few simple steps.

Once you do it, sure you will come to my side. Why do I say removing the sofa sack cover is easy? 

  • Almost all sofa sacks come with an inner liner. So, you do not need to bother about the fillings
  • The zipper of the sofa sack will help to simplify your work 
  • The sofa sack is lightweight, so you do not need an ultra-super strong guy to remove its outer cover. Do it yourself!

However, removing the sofa sack cover takes only a few seconds. Let’s check how!

remove sofa sack cover

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Steps to Remove the Sofa Sack Bean Bag Cover

Step 1: check and find the zip tag and unzip it carefully.

Most probably, large sofa sacks are very popular. Plus, these giant sofa sacks are made for adults. So, almost all these kinds of sofa sacks have zip tags. 

But there are some sofa sacks for kids. That kind of sofa sack has childproof zippers. It means kids’ sofa sack does not have a zipper tag. 

So, if you have a sofa sack with a zip tag, you have to find out the zip tag and unzip the outer cover

But if you have a sofa sack that does not have a zip tag, what should you do?

It does not difficult if you know the correct way. 

Phase 1: First of all, you have to find a file clip. 

Phase 2: Then find out the protective zipper.

Phase 3: After that, attach the file clip to the protective zipper

Phase 4: Now, your work is pretty much done. 

In this step, safely unzip the sofa sack zipper by pulling the zip tag from one side of the sofa sack to another side. However, if your sofa sack has a zip tag, you only have to do this step. 

Step 2: remove the outer cover safely.

Now you can remove the outer cover of the sofa sack or get out the inner cover. These both tasks finally give the same result. But here, you should make sure to unzip the entire zip of the sofa sack. 

However, once you unzip the sofa sack, whether wholly or not, you will feel that your job is completely done. Therefore, you will be tempted to drag the outer cover and finish the job quickly.

But do not act like that! Slowly remove the sofa sack cover from the inner bag. 

Step 3: Place your inner cover or sofa sack filled with fillers in a safe place.

After removing the outer cover, you may think that all is done. Yes, you are correct. But in my opinion, the most important one is this step.

Because if you do not place your inner cover filled with foams in a safe place, even if you make the outer cover nicely, you will lose a comfortable sofa sack. 

Where is the best place to store your inner cover of the sofa sack?

The location you choose should be a place where the little ones and pets can not access it until the sofa sack is covered with an outer cover.

Because there is a possibility to misuse the inner cover of sofa sacks by children and pets, for instance, it can be torn up or unzipped. I do not need to explain the possible consequences; you would understand how much trouble it would be. 

  • Further, you should keep the inner cover dry indoor space. So, it should not be near the window or door. 
  • Also, do not let pests damage the inner cover and fillers. 

Step 4: your work is completely done.

Here you remove the outer cover of the sofa sack successfully. So, this is time to clean the outer cover or change the outer cover to bring a fresh and new look to your sofa sack. 

However, if you have a new outer cover for your sofa sack or put the cleaned outer shell back onto your sofa sack, I invite you to follow the next step. 

Step 5: put the outer cover into the sofa sack back.

Carefully place the inner bag in the outer shell first. Then zip up the cover by rolling the sofa sack.

After you finish zipping the outer cover, do not forget to fold down the protective zip if it has. 

So, now you have a stylish or freshly cleaned sofa sack. This is the time to place it in a better location and feel the freshness. Congratulations! You did it alone. 

Special Note

Some sofa sacks come to the market without a zipper. The manufacturer’s recommendation on this type of sofa sack may be to dump the whole sofa sack after finishing its lifespan. So, you should follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. 

However, if you have the proper knowledge about refilling the sofa sack or bean bag, you can go through it, click here. I think it is better than throwing away your sofa sack. 

Final Thoughts

If you use your sofa sack regularly, indeed, its cover may need a bath once every two or three months. 

Sometimes you may think, removing the cover of the sofa sack is as easy as pulling a banana peel. Yes, it is an easy task if you know the correct way. Further, focus on your work when dealing with giant sofa sacks. The small mistakes can ruin your whole effort!

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