How Do You Clean a Sofa Sack? – A to Z Guide

Sofa sack is an ultra-comfortable chair that goes beyond the bean bag. The sofa sack is a result of a revolution of innovation. 

People shifted to bean bags from traditional chairs, making it time for a sofa sack. However, this is not surprising in a world where people pursue comfort. 

But in the meanwhile, we have various problems in using these new features including sofa sack. So, today I am here to solve the problem when dealing with sofa sacks. The hardest part of owning a sofa sack is cleaning the sofa sack and bringing it to its original look.

If you are on the right track, this will not be difficult. However, the first thing you should do is grab the general idea about your sack. 

It is a must to read the manufacturer’s instructions. So, this will help you to understand what you want to do and what you do not want to do. 

clean sofa sack

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Things to Consider When Cleaning a Sofa Sack

Generally, the two main things you should consider when you clean the Sofa sack. These are fabric and fillers. It is a must to be aware of these two.

  • What fabric comes with your Sofa sack
  • What are the fillers consisting in it? 

So, the cleaning method will depend on the answers to the above two questions. 

Plus, you should clarify whether you clean the outer cover or the whole Sofa sack with fillers. No matter what your selection is, I am here to help you. 

Clean Micro Suede Sofa Sack Cover

Almost all the sofa sacks are covered with Micro-suede fabric to enhance the user’s comfortability in all ways. So, what is this Micro-suede fabric? 

In brief, Micro-suede is a synthetic and soft nappy material that is closely similar to animal suede both in appearance and touch. 

Why is Micro-suede used for sofa sacks? Simply it will offer an ultra-comfortable feel to sofa sack users. 

  • More stain resistant 
  • Easier to clean with home-based cleaning products 
  • Less expensive than suede 
  • More water repellent 
  • Keep fabric spot free 

So, as I mentioned above, check out whether the outer cover is removable. Most probably, it can be removable. Then start your work!

Step 1: Read the instructions carefully.

Almost all the peoples misunderstand that Micro-suede is the same as regular suede. It is not the truth. 

However, when you clean a Micro-suede sofa sack, ensure it is safe. The reason is that the water and soap can leave water rings for many synthetic materials, including Micro-suede. So, it may spoil your sofa sac more than before. 

So, how do we know your Micro-suede sofa sack is safe to wash or not? 

Check the label on your sofa sack. It is the solution, and if you can find out one that I below mention and then go through it. 

S       – use solvent-based cleaners only 

W – use water only 

W/S – use water or solvent-based cleansers 

X – avoid using water and solvent-based cleaners. Apply vacuum only. 

Step 2: Wash your Micro-suede sofa sack cover.

If the label of your sofa sack mentions that it is water-friendly, you can lather up your Micro-suede sofa sack. 

Here, you do not need to clean the whole outer cover. So, treat only for stains. You can follow these steps. 

  1. Vacuum the sofa sack to remove loose debris.
  2. Lightly spray the water.
  3. Lightly dab it but do not wipe. 
  4. If the stain is still retaining, repeat with sudsy water.
  5. Dry the wet clean sofa sac with a blow dryer to set on a cold or cool setting because it will help to prevent water stains.

Here you may have a question regarding only using the water. Micro-suede is tightly woven and dense. 

So, it avoids absorbing water and dirt deeply and stops them at surface level. Therefore, you can remove the stains by quick wipe in many cases.  

However, if the stain remains, you can spray the microfiber cleaning product and wipe it off with a wet rag. 

Plus, you can throw heavily soiled Micro-suede in the washing machine. It also has the proper path. Go on it. 

Stage 1: unzip and remove the cover from the sack.

Stage 2: Place cover into the washing machine.

Stage 3: add the preferable detergent.

Stage 4: wash on cold.

Stage 5: Then, remove the cover from the washing machine and place it in a dryer.

Stage 6: dry it on low heat.

Stage 7: replace and zip cover onto your ultimate sofa sack.

Step 3: Get professional advice.

If your label’s code is letter X, it is much better to call a professional to get advice on removing stubborn stains. 

Step 4: do not forget to occasionally vacuum and clean your micro-suede sofa sack.

Clean Oil Stains on Micro-Suede Sofa Sack

If your Micro-suede sofa sack dirt with oil, the below steps can lead you to solve this problem quickly. 

Step 1: Remove the cover of the sofa sack. Then place it on a flat surface. Do not forget to put some paper towels under the cover. 

Step 2: Remove the oil as much as possible.

Step 3: Then pour some ethyl alcohol on a clean rag.

Step 4: Dab the alcohol on the stain.

Step 5: Patting the loosened oil by using a second clean rag.

Clean Wax or Chewing Gum on Micro-Suede Sofa Sack

To remove the wax or chewing gum strains, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Take a bag and fill it with a few ice cubes.

Step 2: Then, apply ice to the wax or gum.

Step 3: After gum or wax is hardened, you can easily peel it off.

clean Fillings

Clean the Fillings of Sofa Sacks

Generally, high-quality memory foams are the filling property of sofa sacks. Their theme is bean bags without beans. So, the sofa sack offers a more comfortable place to relax without noise; CRUNCH!

Clean the Memory Foam in the Sofa Sack?

It is not good to wash the memory foams in the washing machine. Because it can be damaged and lose the fluffy properties of memory foam, you can follow other cleaning methods to clean them. 

Clean the Memory Foam

Below steps should be followed to clean the memory foam. 

Step 1: Choose a sunny day and remove the shredded memory foam from the inner liner of the sofa sack.

Step 2: Then lay shredded memory foams on the mat or clean surface and let them dry under the sun. The place should be dry.

Step 3: Clean the inner liner.

Step 4: Shaking them and refill the sofa sack.

Clean the Shredded Memory Foam Using a Shaking Bag

Step 1: Take a net bag.

But if it is difficult to buy or find a net bag, you can make a DIY shaking bag. 

Step 2: Then find out another container or bag that is large enough to collect clean foams.

Step 3: Open the inner liner of the sofa sack and fill some shredded memory foams into a shaking bag and shake it well.

Step 4: After ensuring the shredded memory foam is clean, put it into a separate bag you arranged early. 

Step 5: Repeat this until the last shredded memory foam.

Step 6: clean your inner liner and dry it well.

Step 7: Then refill the memory foams.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning sofa sac is not a big deal if you know the correct method. I have explained several ways to follow when cleaning a sofa sack yourself. And the most important thing is that you need to strictly follow the cleaning guidelines given by the manufacturers in the tag attached to the sofa sack.

Now it is time to improve your skills and clean your sofa sack yourself at home.

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