Gift Wrap a Bean Bag – Best Ideas to Follow

The first impression is the most vital factor that impresses friends, family, or office mates. This phenomenon naturally applies to everything, including gifts. 

Think about your birthday present. Indeed, you may imagine beautiful boxes that are wrapped with colorful wraps. Or else, think about your Christmas gifts. All of them were received with attractive shiny packages. 

So, if you want to gift a bean bag for your mother, girlfriend, or grandparents, how do you gift wrap the bean bag? Bit confusing. It is challenging to select the most appropriate method to wrap a bean bag due to its giant and non-fixed shape. That’s why you are reading this article. 

Keep reading! I will show you the easiest and simplest method to wrap your bean bag. Let’s see one by one!

gift wrap a bean bag

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Suitable Materials to Wrap Bean Bags

Wrapping Papers

Wrapping papers are easy to use and cheap. But if your present has to go on a long journey through the mail, it can get dirt and damage. However, it is an eco-friendly method to wrap your bean bag. 

Wrapping Polythene

These polythene are available with shiny and vivid colors and designs. You can select gold, silver, or any color here. This polythene can give some protection to your packages, especially in wet conditions.  

Wrapping Fabrics

Some people love to use silk, velvet, and other rich-looking materials to pack their valuable presents. Here, you can take the required size fabric piece from the market.

Determine Wrapping Material Size or Diameter

The standard size wrapping papers will not be enough to warp the giant boxes. So, before starting the wrapping process, you should join several wrapping papers together. But how to determine the exact size required to cover your bean bag?

Think if you put your bean bag into the 18 x 18 x 18 inches square shape box, you have to cover its whole area. So, calculate your wrapping paper size first.

Total Length of the wrapping paper = Box length x 4

= 18 x 4 = 72 inches 

Total Width of the wrapping paper = Box length x 2

= 18 x 2 

= 36 inches

However, when cutting the paper, leave extra 2 inches for pasting purposes. 

If you need to wrap a rectangular-shaped box, do you know how to determine the wrapping paper length and width? It is easy and the same as the above method.

Length of the wrapping paper = Box width x 2 + Box height x 2

Width of the wrapping paper = Box length x 2

Now your wrapping material is ready. So, let’s start the wrapping process.          

Methods to Wrap Different Bean Bags

Wrap a Toddler’s Bean Bag

Generally, a toddler’s bean bag size is a bit smaller than an adult’s bean bag. So, first, you can pack the bean bag into the box and then go for the wrapping.  

If your bean bag is not too big, you can wrap it directly without reducing its size. You need one large wrapping paper. Here, if you are unable to find a larger paper, you can join several papers together using tape or glue. 

Other than that, you may need tape and scissors. After collecting the above materials, follow these guidelines.

Step 1: First, pack your bean bag in the cardboard box.

You can wrap your bean bag directly using wrapping materials. But it is better if you can add it to the cardboard box first. Then, you can easily pack that cardboard box. 

Moreover, packing with the cardboard box is safe. Because when you transport your bean bag, a cardboard box act as a protective cover. It is vital to deliver your present to your loved one without any damage. 

Step 2: Place the prepared box on the wrapping paper.

Definitely, you may wrap at least one present in your lifetime. So, the bean bag wrapping process is the same as that. 

The only difference is that you will wrap a large box with a few wrapping materials. Place the container in the middle of the wrapping material. 

Step 3: Wrap the paper around the box and fix it using tape.

Here take one corner and paste it on the box. Then wrap the other end around the box and paste the other end on the box. It is better if these two ends overlap. Then the container will not expose to the outer.

Now you successfully wrapped four sides of your box! Let’s see how to cover the other two sides. Bend the open corners of the paper. Then paste these edges. 

Step 4: Set the ribbon bow on the box.

You are almost done. Do you need to add extra beauty to your present? Then add a bow on the top of the box.

Congratulations! Your gift is ready to surprise a little kid. 

Wrapping a Giant Bean Bag

If you have a giant bean bag, how do you pack it?

I know you may think it is an impossible task. But nothing impossible. There are many alternative ways to do these tasks. 

Shall we reduce the size of your giant bean bag? 

Do not get confused! Yes, you can reduce your bean bag’s size in two ways. One is vacuuming free air from the bean bag. Another is to remove the bean bag filler and pack and wrap only the bean bag cover. 

Step 1: Reduce the size of the bean bag using a vacuum cleaner.

Bean bags contain lots of air in the fillers and around the stuffing. So, a vacuum cleaner help to remove these air spaces and compact the bean bag. 

Here, you should place your giant bean bag in the garbage bag or polythene bag. Then put the nodule of the vacuum cleaner between the bean bag cover and polythene bag. Place the nodule mouth into the bean bag cover. 

After that, start the vacuuming process. You will notice your bean bag size reduce gradually. Then ask a friend to push and press the bean bag. It will support the removal of the excess air.  

Continue this process until your bean bag is fully compacted. 

Step 2: Close the polythene bag opening.

Using a thread, tightly close the polythene bag opening. 

Step 3: Immediately place the bean bag into the cardboard bag and seal it.

Step 4: wrap the box and set the bow.

Here, you can follow the steps I mentioned in the previous method. 

Step 5: Done.

Special note

Are you unable to find a large cardboard box? Or else unable to put the whole bean bag into the bean bag? 

Do not worry. Put a portion of the bean bag into that box. Then leave the rest of the bean bag to stay free. After that, wrap the whole compacted bean bag. 

wrap bean bag

Wrap the Original Bean Bag

You can wrap small size bean bags directly within 5 minutes. Primarily, this method is ideal for kids’ and toddlers’ bean bags.

Further, it is better to take polythene or fabric wrapping materials. Its super flexibility will help you to wrap your bean bag perfectly. Then follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Place your bean bag on the wrapping material.

When placing the bean bag, make sure to put it in the middle of the wrapping polythene. 

Step 2: Collect each edge of the wrapping material and keep them together.

Here, it would be best if you balanced the edges. Now enclose the wrap.

Step 3: Tie the bunch of wraps.

Use ribbon to tie the wrap. So, waiting is over. Surprise your kid with this fantastic gift!

Final Thoughts

Gifts are the most beautiful items that can inspire our whole life. So, bean bag or whatever you give as a present, wrap it with beautiful wrapping materials.

Wrapping not only covers the gift but also adds extra beauty and value to your present. It is an art. Thus, do it creatively!

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