Make a Bean Bag Pillow – DIY Guide

The world is moving with new technologies and innovations. Also, People search for the best ways to comfort their lives. Because of the super comfy feel, besides sitting purpose, people want to use the bean bag concept for other accessories.

Therefore, they tend to use a small pouch of bean bag called a bean bag pillow. So, within few years, bean bag pillow is famous worldwide. 

Primarily due to its lightweight, small size, and comfy feel, it ideally matches travelers. 

Besides travelers, a bean bag pillow is suitable for people with neck issues, injured arms, or other injuries because it provides ideal support to reduce numbness, joint achiness, and pressure points.

Rather than these uses, bean bag pillows are great for placing behind the back while driving and watching TV. Moreover, it can provide better postures when you are sleeping.

However, our desires are unique and change from time to time. Hence, we love to prepare customized accessories like bean bag pillows at home. But some people do not have a clear idea about the way of making bean bag pillows. 

So, I will share my expertise knowledge about bean bag pillow preparation. Just spend 10 minutes to be an expert on making a bean bag pillow! 

make bean bag pillow

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Make a Rectangular Shape Bean Bag Pillow

Do you believe you can prepare a brand-new bean bag pillow within 1 hour? Yes, it is. The best thing is you can use existing resources. So, you do not need to spend dollars. Let’s look at the process. 

Required Materials

  • 1 yard of Fabrics: Cotton, Velvet, Faux far, Linen, Silk
  • Microbead filler 
  • Sewing machine and threads
  • Zipper
  • Pins

Decide the Size of Bean Bag Pillow

First, you should understand your requirement. Then you can decide the correct size of pillow that can fulfill your requirement. 

You can create different shaped bean bag pillows as follows. Moreover, here I mentioned the possible usage of these types of bean bags pillows.

Square shape bean bag pillow 

11 x 11: Backrest, Headrest

Rectangular bean bag pillow

14-inch x 10 inches: Backrest

14-inch x 20 inches: Sleeping pad

Cylindrical shape bean bag pillow

3.5-inch x 7 inches: Armrest, Knee rest

7-inch x 12 inches: Neck rest, footrest

Rather than the sizes mentioned above, you can try sizes as you wish.

Here I describe how to make a rectangular shape bean bag pillow that has 14-inch x 20-inch dimensions.

Step 1: Take a piece of fabric and cut 14-inch x 20 inches two pieces.

We use this fabric to create a standard pillowcase. Moreover, at the final step, we fill beans into this sac. Therefore, this fabric should have enough strength.

Further, if you are not using any outer cover for a bean bag pillow, it is better to select good-quality fabric. Because this sac directly exposes to the people.

Step 2: Place the two fabric pieces together right-side-in.

You can use pins to secure edges. Also, you can turn the bean bag pillow right side out later.

Step 3: Sew the three edges using a sewing machine.

Safety is a primary consideration of every accessory. If seaming has not had enough strength, the microbead can spill out from the bean bag pillow.  

So, to ensure the safety of the bean bag pillow, you should seam the three edges twice. Try to use matching thread colors. It will enhance the final product quality.

Do not seam and close the bag entirely because you need one opening to fill microbeads into the bean bag pillow. Thus, leave one 14’’ side free.

Here, you can draw a line on fabric and follow that for seaming. The first seaming line should be 1 cm inside from the edge. Then you stitch one more raw just a few millimeters inside of the first line.

Step 4: Take the seam and fold it back onto itself.

This should do right along the second stitching line. Also, this is an extra step. But if you have toddlers or kids, do this step too.

This step can give extra strength to your pillow seaming. So, do this process for all three edges of the bean bag pillow and leave one edge free.

Step 5: Turn the bean bag pillow good side out.

If you use very thick fabrics like denim, you should have to cut corners off first. Then turn the pillow right side out. Finally, use your fingers to push the corners out.

Step 6: Fill microbead into the prepared sac.

You can use the open edge of the pillow. But keep in mind bean balls have a static charge. Hence, you should do this process carefully. If you need more details about how to remove bean bag balls to another sac, click here

After the pillow is filled with enough beans, use a rubber band or thread to tie the opening. You should tie it few inches down from the open edge.

Step 7: Fold the open edge and sew It.

In this step, you can fold the edge ½ inch and sew it using the machine. Also, it is better to stitching two or three lines.

Moreover, make sure these bean bag pillow seams do not have t any gaps or damaged places because microbeads can spill out from tiny spaces.  

Now your bean bag pillow is ready to serve you!

However, if you want to cover your bean bag pillow, you can create an outer cover using the steps above.

Furthermore, use a zipper for one side of the outer cover. Then you can remove and clean it easily.

Make a Cylindrical Shape Bean Bag Pillow

Do you need back support? Or else do you need hug bolsters when you sleep. Try the below method. 

Required Materials

  • 1 yard of Fabrics: Cotton, Velvet, Faux far, Linen, Silk
  • Microbead filler 
  • Sewing machine and lines
  • Zipper
  • Pins

Here I give guidelines to create a cylindrical bean bag pillow with a 5-inch diameter and 24-inch length. But you can create customized sizes according to your requirement.

This bean bag pillow is the same as a cylinder. So, use the “ 2. Pi. r” 

formula to calculate the required width and length of the fabric. In here, Pi is a constant, and “r” is a radius.

If you want to calculate different size bean bag pillows, try this calculator.

Step 1: Take a suitable fabric and draw two circles that have a 2.5 radius.

Step 2: Then, draw a rectangle that has 16.7-inch x 24-inch length and width.

Step 3: Cut the two circles pieces and a rectangle piece.

In here, you should have extra space for stitching. Thus, when you cut the fabric, allow one inch extra space from the drawn lines for the seams.

Step 4: Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise while the right side facing in.

Step 5: Double sew the bean bag pillow along the 24-inch edge.

Double stitching enhances the strength of the seam. After this step, you get the tube-like structure.

Step 6: Pin the edges of the circle to one edge of rectangle fabric.

In this step, you should place a circular fabric piece inside out.

Step 7: Start sewing circle piece to the edge of the rectangle fabric piece.

You can follow drawn lines to stitch. Also, as I mentioned earlier, if fabric pieces have extra space, it is easy to seam.

Step 8: Turn the bean bag pillow right side out.

Step 9: Fill the microbead into the bean bag pillow.

Step 9: Attach circular fabric piece to the edge another edge of sac.

Here, you can use pins.

Step 10: Hand sew the second circle to the bean bag pillow.

You can do this manually. Because sewing these circular surfaces is not easy with the machine.

Now enjoy your bean bag pillow.

Make a Bean Bag Pillow Using a Pillowcase or Cloth Bag

Do you need to make a bean bag pillow in a short time? Or else do you need to convert your old pillowcase into a comfy one? Try this method.

Required Materials

  • Pillowcase or cloth bag
  • Microbead filler 
  • Sewing machine and lines

Step 1: Take pillowcase or cloth bag.

Here, you do not need to worry about bean bag pillow preparation. You can take a pillowcase for that. Make sure that the pillowcase or cloth bag has enough strength.

Step 2: Then fill the microbeads into it.

Step 3: Fold the open edge and sew it.

This method is the same as method 1. The only difference is you do not need to prepare a bean bag pillowcase.

Final Words

You can try any design or size to create bean bag pillows. The only thing you should consider is your requirement, suitable bean bag pillow size, and type, and preparing method. As a small pouch, one yard or one-meter fabric is enough to create a bean bag pillow.

You can select any fabric that gives a better experience for you. Also, microbeads will provide a super comfy feel. So, why are you waiting? Make the miniature version of the bean bag called the bean bag pillow.  

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