Make a Bean Bag Using a Duvet Cover

A duvet is a sort of bed linen with a soft surface. It is made with soft materials such as wool, feathers, or a synthetic substitute. A duvet cover is a protective outer shell of the duvet.  

The duvets or comforts are expensive and difficult to clean. So, this duvet cover protects it from dust and dirt. Moreover, people can easily remove this duvet cover and wash them.

As pillowcase shields pillow, duvet cover shields the duvet. Usually, this duvet is used as a bed blanket. Especially in winter, it is common in every bed.

Now you know what a duvet cover is. But rather than its primary usage, how can you use duvet covers? Think out of the box!

If I say you can use a duvet cover to make a bean bag, do you believe? 

Yes, it is possible. Before further discussion, let’s see why duvet covers are suitable for bean bags. 

Make Bean Bag Using Duvet Cover

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Why do Duvet Covers Suit for Bean Bags?

Anyone can suppose materials to make bean bags. But we cannot use all of them. Before selecting the material, you should ensure that it can fulfill your requirement. 

Here, I am recommended a duvet cover to make bean bags. Why do I say so?  

Duvet Covers Can Fulfill the Comfy Requirements

When you hear the word of bean bag, what comes to your mind first? 

Comfy seat, no? So, whatever you use to make a bean bag, those things should have the ability to fulfill that requirement.

Every duvet cover is prepared with soft fabrics like flannel, linen, organic cotton, and Supima cotton. So, if you use them for your bean bag, it is no doubt they will provide great comfort to your body! 

Beautiful Designs

Duvet cover manufacturers are not only focusing on customer needs. They want to satisfy customer wants with a series of choices. As a result, companies release different types of duvet covers into the market. 

These include printed teddy bears, flowers, and thousands of glamorous designs. So, when you prepare a bean bag using a duvet cover, these beautiful designs will add extra value to your bean bag. 

Everyone loves to sit on a beautiful bean bag, including toddlers and adults. So, it is possible to create bean bags with a duvet cover!

Machine Washable

This cover is a protective sac. So, it may get dirt with much foreign substance. Because of that, manufacturers use washable fabrics to create duvet covers. If you use this sac for your bean bag, you can get this advantage too. 

Do you want to experience effortless cleaning? Then duvet cover is ideal. It is machine washable and swift to dry. 

Easy to Remove

A Duvet sac is a removable cover. Thus, if you want to clean, you can remove them. Or else, if you’re going to replace the existing bag, you can do that very easily! 


If you purchase a brand-new bean bag, you must spend hundreds of dollars. But here, you can make a bean bag using existing resources. 

Yes, you can fulfill your exact need using a duvet bag without spending many dollars. 

Now, you have good knowledge about why a duvet cover is suitable for bean bags. But till now, you may not know how to create a bean bag using a duvet cover. So, let me explain!

Way to Make Bean Bags Using a Duvet Cover

As I mentioned above, a duvet cover is a sac filled with a duvet. Hence, making a bean bag by using a duvet is pretty straightforward.

First of all, think, what type of resources do you need to make a bean bag? Check the below list.

  • Bean bag fillers
  • Outer cover
  • Inner cover
  • Zippers

So, here you can use a duvet cover as an alternative for bean bag outer cover. There are two methods to prepare a bean bag using a duvet cover. These are;

Method 1: Directly fill beanballs into the duvet cover.

Method 2: First, fill beanballs into the inner cover and insert them into the duvet cover.

Rather than these two methods, you can change the bean bag shape by using different techniques.

Directly Fill Bean Bag Balls to Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is a kind of a sack. Also, it has one zipper opening. Thus, you can fill beanballs directly into it. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the duvet cover zipper.

Step 2: Fill bean bag balls into it.

The lightweight fillers are ideal for filling this sac. So, you can use expanded polystyrene balls, Shredded memory foam, or cotton.

Fill 2/3 of bean bag fillers from cover volume. To know how to fill bean bag balls into bean bags, click here. On the other hand, heavy fillers may not succeed with duvet covers. Because cover strength is not enough to keep them.

Step 3: Enclose the zipper.

Here, as a safety precaution, you can remove the zipper flap. Then your kids cannot open it easily.

All duvet covers are relatively large, and they have a rectangular shape. Thus, you can create a giant bean bag using it as it is.

However, if this single outer layer is damaged, the bean bag fillers may spill out. Thus, if there is any possibility, it is better to use an inner cover to fill beanballs.

Using an Inner Bag

Rather than the above simple method, you can try this method too. Here, you should fill bean bag fillers into the inner bag first. Then insert that bag into the duvet cover.

You can create an inner bag using cotton or linen-like fabric. Because of the double layer, it will enhance the strength and safety of the bean bag.

Now you know the basic steps of making bean bags using a duvet cover.

But we do not discuss how to make various shape bean bags using a duvet cover. Do you have any idea about it?

Teardrop Shape Bean Bag Using Duvet Cover

Generally duvet cover is a rectangular shape sack. But if you want to experience different shapes, practice the below steps.

Step 1: Turn duvet cover inside out

Step 2: Draw a triangular shape there

Here you do not need to overlap the triangular top point. Just leave 2 feet distance in top sidelines.

Also, you can decide the baseline’s distance according to your preference. If you want a relatively big bean bag, leave more space between baselines.

Step 3: Sew the duvet cover by following drawn lines

It is better to sew double lines to enhance strengths.

Step 4: Turn the duvet cover into the original side

Step 5: Cut the exciting zipper or take a new zipper

The zipper is an essential part of the bean bag. So, if you cannot take the existing zipper, attach the new zipper to a triangular shape bean bag cover. Also, put a zipper-lock into the other side of the zipper.

Step 6: Add bean bag fillers

You can direct fill bean bag fillers into bean bags. Or else fill bean into lining bag first and then insert it into the duvet cover. 

Step 7: Enclose the zipper and remove the zipper flap

Now you can enjoy yourself with your brand new bean bag!

It is not only a teardrop shape; it is also possible to make a circular shape bean bag sac using a duvet cover.  

The only thing you have to do is turn your cover inside out, draw a circle, and sew it. While sewing, let some space to fill beanballs or insert inner bags. It is also not recommended to use heavy filler types such as rice and sand.

Final Words

Making a bean bag at home is not difficult if you can think differently. Also, it will give a chance to use existing resources more efficiently. So, why are you waiting? Create your own bean bag with a duvet cover!

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