How to Make Juggling Bean Bags? – 3 Methods Explained

Juggling is a game that rotates several bean bags or balls simultaneously. It is primarily famous with magicians. But did you know how to make juggling bean bags? 

Juggling bean bags come in different colors and shapes. Also, the color-emitting juggling balls are available at the market. So, these luminescent balls are ideal for entertaining night shows.  

Rather than buying everything from the market, you can make them by spending little time. It does not only save your money. It will add great experience and joy to your life. 

So, shall we make a juggling bean bag? It is an effortless and enjoyable task. Let’s check how!

make a juggling bean bag

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Clarify Your Requirement

Before getting a start, consider the below factors to make the best matching bean bag. 

Bean Bag Shape

You can create juggling bean bags with different shapes. These are;

• Round shape

• Pyramid shape

• Oval shape

• Square shape


You can customize the bean bag size according to the player’s palm size. So, if you wish to create a juggling bean bag for your kid, its size should match with their palm size. 


The ideal weight depends on the person. Moreover, according to it, you should decide on filling material. The birdseed and rice will give a moderate weight. But if you want a bit heavy, try sand or pebbles. 

Make a Juggling Bean Bag At Home

Here, I explain how to make a juggling bean bag with a few items that you can easily find out from your home. So, check whether these items are available. Then start your work!

Making a Juggling Bean Bag Using a Balloon

Are you in a hurry to make a juggling bean bag? So, try this method. You only need 3-5 minutes to create good looking juggling bean bag using balloons. 

Required Materials

• Two Balloons

• Scissor

• Filling materials – Birdseed, rice, Wood dust, sand 

• Small plastic bag or polythene bag

Step 1: Firstly, open the polythene bag and fill the rice into it

Half a cup of rice is enough to fill the bag. 

Step 2: Squeeze the air and twist the bag.

After well twisting, turn the rest of the bag inside by pulling the rice again into the bag. So, the rice will be double-coated with the polythene bag. It will protect your bean bag from spill-outs. 

Step 3: Take two balloons carefully and cut the necks of them.

The balloons come in different shapes and sizes. However, here it is better to use a small or regular balloon. Due to its flexibility, the size may change a bit.

The small balloons can perfectly compact the fillers. But if you use a giant balloon, it will lose texture to the bean bag. 

In addition to that, you can select the color of the balloon according to your preference. So, feel free to choose your favorite color!

Step 4: Open the balloon mouth and insert the filler bag into it.

You can take support from a friend to stretch the balloon. Then it is easy to insert bean fillers into it. 

Step 5: Push to inner bag entirely into the balloon.

If the air bubbles occur inside the polythene bag, use a pin and create a small hole. That tiny hole will help to remove excess air from the ball. 

Now, you may see that the small area of the inner bag may be visible to the outside. To cover that area, you can use a second balloon.

Step 6: Take a second balloon, stretch, and insert the prepared bean ball into it.

Here, it would help if you uncovered the area firstly. Then the open space will cover with the balloon. 

Step 7: Congratulation, you are done!

If you want to add more beauty to your bean bag, take a different color balloon and cut its neck. Again cut the other three equal openings of that balloon eventually.

Stretch this balloon and insert it into the bean bag as the final step.

Making a Juggling Bean Bag Using Socks

Do you want to create a juggling bean bag using socks? Then try this! You want a few materials to prepare it.

Required Materials

• Socks

• Filling materials – Birdseed, rice, Wood dust, sand 

• Small plastic bag or polythene bag

• Scissor

Just after collecting the above raw materials, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Fill half of the cup rice into the polythene bag.

Step 2: Then twist and tie off the opening.

Here, you should ensure that all air is removed from the polythene bag. If they are still available, use a pin and create a small hole. It will help to remove the excess air.

Now you may have a small sac filled with rice or beans.

Step 3: Take a scissor and cut the excess just after the knot.

The excess polythene part will remain after we knot the bag. Thus, cut and remove that portion. 

Step 4: Take one sock and drop the rice bag down to the edge.

Step 5: Reach your hand down to the sock and grab the rice bag with your other hand.

Step 6: Twist the rice bag over the sock.

Step 7: Push it back up to in itself and grab the ball using your hand.

Step 8: Repeat this process until the sock ends.

If you have long socks, do not worry!

Here, you can cut and remove the excess sock portion. 

Step 9: Fold the sock around the ball and let it stabilize.

Step 10: Done.

Making a Juggling Bean Bag Using Fabric

Here, you can make any shape juggling ball using the fabric. Mainly soft materials such as panels or velvet are ideal for creating juggling balls. They give a comfortable catching experience to your hand.

So, what is your favorite juggling ball shape? Round, Oval, Square, or pyramid shape?   

According to the selected shape, the bean bag-making process may differ. Whatever your preferred design, here, you need a minimal fabric amount.

After selecting the design, you can download the stencil of the relevant design. Or else you can draw them. These are basic shapes that you can easily find on the internet.

However, keep reading! Here, I explain how to prepare square shape juggling bean bag at home. 

Square Shape Juggling Bean Bag

Required Materials

• Fabrics

• Sewing machine

• Scissor

Step 1: Take the fabric and draw six squares with 2.5 x 2.5-inch dimensions.

When you are drawing the squares, allow a few spaces between them. That space will help you cut the fabric and sew the pieces together. 

Step 2: Cut the squares while allowing some space to sew.

Step 3: Keep the edges together and seam.

The square has six edges. So, you should join the six squares together. Here, you can use a sewing machine. If not, continue the sewing process manually. 

Making a square-shaped mini bag is a simple task, so manual seaming is okay. Also, manual sewing will be easier than machine sewing because of its small dimensions. But it is up to your skill and practice level.

Before finishing the seam, allow small space to add beans or other filler types. 

Now your bean bag is ready to fill beans!

Step 4: Add beans, rice, or filler to the bean bag.

You can use a funnel-like structure to fill the rice or beans into the bean bag quickly. After filling in the right amount, enclose the bag by sewing.

Step 5: Congratulations! You are done!!!

Final Thoughts

This article mainly focuses on the people who look at making a juggle bean bag within 5 minutes. So, I hope you all grab the relevant knowledge.

However, you do not need to limit these designs only. Sometimes you may have very creative ideas. So, try them! If they succeed, share them with us!

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