14 Reasons to Make Bean Bags Good For Juggling

Anyone looking forward to learning juggling might want to start with bean bags. But they would wonder whether bean bags are good for juggling or not. Let’s discuss it with this article.

A Bean bag is a softball that consists of lightweight fillers. Due to the soft and flexible texture, bean bags become an excellent tool for juggling, especially for beginners.

Juggling is an activity that keeps several objects in the air at one time by tossing them by hand. It is a favorite hobby among magicians and street presenters. They throw and catch several objects such as balls, knives, clubs, or rings simultaneously.

Let’s see why bean bags are suitable for juggling with reasons.

bean bags for juggling

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Bean Bags Are Easy to Catch

Do you know the basic things that need to do juggling successfully? Or basic facts of juggling?

It combines concentration, object detection, hand and finger movements.

However, you cannot succeed on the first attempt. The hundreds of failures may occur when practicing juggling. So, at that moment, you will miss the ball and drop it down to the ground.

However, you always want to catch it, right? Bean bags surfaces are not slippery. Also, its design and filling make it easy to grab by hand.

You will be a success after several practices with the bean bags. So, any other happiness than being a successful juggler?

Bean Bags Won’t Roll-Away

Do you have any experience with dropping a rubber ball? Then, you can easily understand why bean bags are good for juggling.

If you use plastic, rubber, or any other ball to practice the juggling, they bounce and roll away when dropped. Do you like to waste your time searching and picking them?

But if you use bean bags, you can save time. If it drops accidentally, they do not roll away. Most probably, bean bags will get stuck in the same place that drops on. You can pick it up within a second and practice again.

When the bean bag drops onto the floor, you can hear the “thuds” sound. Due to that, some people call it a “thud.”

Super Soft Surface

How many balls do you use to practice juggling? Three, five, or seven?

Keeping several balls in the air is not an easy task. It needs lots of practical sessions and inner patience.

However, using a bean bag for juggling will significantly relieve your hand. The soft and flexible surface will not give a rough feel. So, you can continue your practices without any pain.

juggling bean bags


The bean bag cover is made from highly robust fabrics. Also, its stitchings are very strong, and they will not tear up easily. 

It is a benefit. So, you can use a bean bag for juggling for an extended period.

Brilliant Color Variety

Do you ever see when the person doing juggling at the magic show? Can you remember the color of the ball they used to?

Yes, they use balls with attractive colors for juggling? But why?

The primary purpose of the magician is to entertain and get the audience’s attention. That’s why they use bright colors such as red, blue, green, and yellow. They use orange and purple colors too.

Bean bags come in almost every color. So, people can easily select the best color that they want!


The bean bags will not damage when dropped onto hard or rocky surfaces. Like other typical bean bags, it can absorb the pressure and arrange its shape according to the surface.

But think if you practice with plastic balls and accidentally drop them into the rocky surface, what will happen? There is a high possibility to change the shape of that ball. But if you use a bean bag, you do not have to worry about these types of incidents.

Because of these features, bean bags become the ideal tool for juggling, especially for beginners.

Ideal Weight

The throwing and catching time will differ according to the ball’s weight. So, weight plays a significant role in juggling. 

It is not easy to deal with heavy balls when you are practicing. Hence, when selecting a juggling ball, ensure its weight matches the relevant task. 

Many jugglers have a couple of ball sets with different weights. They use them to show different types of entertainment. 

The 3.2 ounce (90 g) is ideal for practice juggling as a beginner. However, the weight will slightly depend on personal preferences. 

Do you want to juggle a few heavy balls? Then select the lighter bean bag around 4.2 ounces (120 g) or less. 

Usually, the bean bags are filled with low, dense fillers. Hence, it is an excellent choice for beginners. In addition, birdseed, plastic pellets, sand, and ground rubber are common filler types used for juggling bean bags.  

Perfect Size

Do you ever try to practice juggling using a tennis ball? How about your experience? Mostly tennis balls or rubber balls come in a standard size. Generally, it is around 2.25 inches in diameter.

Due to its large size, it isn’t easy to hold two balls in one hand as a beginner. In addition to that, it is challenging to practice juggling for kids using these balls.  

That’s why I recommend bean bags for juggling. They come in different sizes. So, no matter your age or palm size, you can buy or make a perfect size that matches your hand. 

Little Bouncy

Tennis and rubber balls are too bouncy and can quickly bounce from the palm when trying to catch them. It is not suitable for juggling.

But bean bags do not bounce. Also, it is easy to grab and hold. So, are there any great choices other than bean bags for juggling?

Use Suitable Materials

Vinyl, synthetic leather, TPU plastic, cotton, and suede are the most common materials to prepare beanballs. 

If you are a beginner, find a juggling bean bag ball made with vinyl. But are you a juggling expert? Then buy bean bags made with PU material of TPU plastic. They work best with advanced performances!

Choose the Best Shape

If you choose a tennis, rubber, or plastic ball for juggling, its shape is round. So, there is no other choice. 

But if you want to buy a bean bag for juggling, you may have different choices! There are numerous designs available on the market with round and square shapes. 

However, round bean bags are perfect for beginners because working with square-shaped bean bags might be tricky.

Due to uneven weight distribution, jugglers sometimes cannot predict where the square-shaped ball goes.

However, the square shape design is good therapy for the audience who are bored with general juggling. It will add unique value to your entertainment!

juggling with bean bags


Do you love to practice juggling in the rain or misty mornings?

Yes, you can do it with bean bags. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of juggling bean bags available at the market. 

So, you can easily find water-resistant bean bags from them. Do not stop your practical session due to rain or wet weather; keep practicing with a water-resistant bean bag.


Now I am going to say great news to you. Most bean bags are washable. So, you can play them in an unclean environment, pool, or anywhere. Then just give a slight nap to them. 

Not Hurt or Damage for The Player

If you are a beginner at juggling, you may make hundreds of mistakes. But do not forget that even teachers can make mistakes. So it is better to use safe things for juggling, especially while practicing.

So. Why do I repeatedly say that bean bag is good and safe for juggling? Imagine that you are using a ball for juggling. How much pain would you feel if you accidentally slipped it and dropped it on your face? Think little kids, how affect it?

But bean bag does not cause to hurt or damage you. So, the choice is yours. 

When you choose a juggling ball, especially a beginner, you should carefully check most factors. Juggling is a balancing exercise. So, you need to distribute the weight of the balls evenly. 

However, if you pick the right ball, you can easily practice this game. That’s why as an independent reviewer, I recommend bean bags as a good tool for juggling. 

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