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Most people are addicted to living in areas that have water sources in the summer season. There is nothing like resting in the water under the warm sun with a cool drink in your hand. Other than that, people love to float their whole soul free on water surfaces. 

They used to read books, enjoy their meal while floating. But the major problem is they need any tool like a small boat or surfing boat to do this. Anyhow sitting on these tools is not comfortable for a long time. Moreover, 

it may not give a relaxed feeling.

Therefore people tend to buy floating bean bags to spend their time comfortably with the sense of water. But the majority of them have common problems regarding how the bean bag handles water. And how is bean bag floating? 

So, I am here to answer all of your these types of problems. Feel free to jump into your most exciting section. 

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Do Bean Bags float?

Floating bean bags are prepared with unique materials that float on water surfaces, like pools, the sea, or rivers. Moreover, according to the government rules, floating bean bags should be market as floating devices. Therefore, manufacturers should follow strict rules that ensure its’ safety. 

The standard floating bean bags can perfectly float on your pool and would not even get wet once you lay on them. Also, it comes in different shapes, colors, fillers, fabrics, and sizes. 

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When selecting a floating bean bag, you should ensure that it has enough fillings because floating is not a simple thing. It needs enough and fillers to keep your body balance.

Did you ever hear buoyancy force? Or Did you feel some force working on your body when you dipped into the water? That’s a result of buoyancy force. Generally, all the navigation vehicles, such as boats and ships, float with this theory. 

Scientifically, the buoyancy force is a primary factor that is used to develop floating bean bags. Moreover, the volume and density directly affect the bean bag. Therefore manufacturers used low density, lightweight waterproof beans to fill bean bags. 

In addition to that, these fillers have lots of air spores to maintain their volume at a high level. 

Do you know the seawater, chlorine water, and general freshwater have different densities? So, to maintain buoyancy in every type of water surface, bean bags should have extraordinary capacities. Manufacturers highly concern about these things when preparing bean bags. And develop a bean bag that can float on any pool.

Moreover, they calculate the maximum weight that can keep floating bean bags with the basics of buoyance force. Generally, these maximum weights bit differ from person to person. 

For example, if you are a young adult, don’t use the toddler’s small floating bean bags because they may definitely sink you in a pool. So, it is crucial to select a suitable bean bag that matches your weight. 

Also, if you are selecting a floating bean bag for two people, you should consider this theory. If you plan to share some good naps with someone else on your pool bean bag, you should buy a bigger size floating bean bag that can fit two people.

Are Bean Bags Waterproof?

The best news is floating bean bags are entirely waterproof. It means they are impermeable to water getting through. The waterproof fabric facilitates this property to floating bean bags.

Safety is first. So do you ever think about what will happen if your floating bean bag loses its waterproof property suddenly? Whatever if you are an expert in swimming, it may have a possibility to put your life in danger. 

On the other hand, some people believe water-resistant bean bags are the same as waterproof bean bags. But it is not correct. The water-resistant bean bags can resist water penetration to some level but can not be completely water-repellent. 

Moreover, they get weaker over time. Therefore, usually, this type is used outdoors. 

However, if you choose a water-resistant bean bag as a poolside bean bag, keep them out of the water when not in use. You can leave them in a storeroom. 

Not only that, after usage, you should keep your floating bean bags outside of the pool. Then let it dry out and leaving them in a room until next time. 

Generally, floating bean bags are made with waterproof, quick-drying fabrics such as vinyl, nylon, sunbrella fabric, and mesh fabric. Also, 

they consist of light-weighted beans such as virgin water-resistant EPS beads. 

But some floating bean bags that can inflate are prepared with heavy-gauge PVC. These do not have any specific filler type and outer layer equipped with waterproof material. 

As I mentioned earlier, the government considers floating bean bags as a floating tool. Thus, producers should align with specific regulations. It protects the end-users. Hence, as a customer, you are also responsible for checking its fabric quality to withstand chlorinated water and saltwater.

floating bean bag

Most Important Properties of Floating Bean Bag

Mainly we discussed the waterproof property of floating bean bags. But not only that, you consider some other important properties of the floating bean bag. One is mold-resistant ability.

When we talk about the furniture used near the water or on the water, we can not forget the mold. The moist environment encourages the mold creation process.

Mold and fungus can directly influence your health. And also skin allergies. So, floating bean bags should have mold-resistant fabrics. If not over time, you have to throw it away.

However, the best thing is the bean bags made with vinyl fabric have abilities “melted” into the material through the manufacturing process. Therefore it keeps mold well away.

The sun proofing ability is the next important factor. We use floating bean bags in open waters, such as outdoor pools, the sea, and rivers. 

If your floating bean bag cannot withstand UV light or sunlight, it will be a matter because UV radiation has the ability to break down bean bag material by noticing peeling and cracks.

However, you should pay full attention when purchasing floating bean bags rather than other bean bags because you use them on the water. Sometimes, it may float a deep end of your pool or deep area of the lake or sea. 

If you purchase a non-standard bean bag, you may feel a bad experience. So, selecting a standard floating bean bag made with specific security guidelines is a must. 

I hope now you have a better understanding of its risk. So, don’t let yourself and your toddler’s life be a risk. 

Final words

Floating in your pool is one of the most incredible experiences. The quality floating bean bags may create ultimate fun on the water. You’ll never have to worry about your bean bags going flat or slipping out from underneath you. 

So, do not waste your summer. Add a floating bean bag to your bucket list and enjoy this summer with awesome fun! 

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