How to Store Bean Bags When Not In Use? – 4 Methods Explained

Nowadays, it is not easy to imagine a modern interior without a bean bag. In a short period, it conquered not only indoors but also outdoor spaces.

However, these bean bags will not last long if exposed to sunlight, dust, moist or pests. Therefore, when you are not using your bean bag, you should store them properly.

Generally, bean bags come in different dimensions, and most of them come in giant sizes. So, storing them will not be an easy task. If you do not pack them accurately, it will take an ample space in your room.

That’s why you need to know about the most suitable way to store your bean bag when it is not used. Therefore here I mentioned several methods. So, you can select the best method among them to store your bean bag when it is not in use.

Store Bean Bags

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How to Select the Method to Store Bean Bag?

Before selecting the bean bag storing method, consider about below factors. It will help to clarify the most suitable way.

  • Resources you have
  • How long do you want to store your bean bag
  • Bean bag fabric type and filler type
  • Bean bag size
  • The storing space and location
  • Pest and rodents activities
  • Weather season
  • Level of sun exposure of storing place
  • The area you have to keep your bean bag

Now, you know the exact requirement. So, let’s see the methods.

Method 1: Shrink the Bean Bag and Store

Are you going to take an extended vacation? And are you worried about your furniture, including bean bags? Do not worry. Practice this method.

If you do not have enough space or need to store your bean bag in a small area, you can practice this method.

The principal theory of this method is reducing air volume in the bean bag. As a result, the bean bag size will be deducted and compact.

This method is suitable for most bean bags besides leather bean bags. Leather is a bit sensitive for shrinking. Because of that, if you shrink them, sometimes they will not fully recover. Thus, do not take a risk!

Practice this method with cotton, linen, velvet, denim, and far faux bean bags. Also, expanded polystyrene balls (EPS), shredded memory foam, and cotton fillers are okay with this method.

Required materials: 

  • Heavy-duty plastic bag
  • Vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Cover the whole bean bag using the heavy-duty plastic bag.

Step 2: After that, place the vacuum cleaner nozzle inside the plastic bag.

Step 3: Then, point the vacuum hose into the bean bag.

This is a significant step. Here, if you point the nozzle in a polythene bag, it will suck in the vacuum cleaner. Then, the polythene bag will get melt. Thus, keep in mind to direct the nozzle opening at the bean bag. 

Step 4:  Wrap the plastic bag around the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

The warp should be tight. Then outside air will not affect the vacuuming process. 

Step 5: Turn on the vacuum cleaner and apply vacuum pressure on the bean bag.

It would be best to get support from your friend to apply pressure on the bean bag. Your friend can use their hands or knee to push the bean bag. Then it will remove air pockets. 

Step 6: The bean bag will flatten gradually.

When the bean bag is subject to deflates, reduce the volume. 

Step 7:  You can continue the vacuuming and manual pushing process until the bean bag is fully compressed.

Step 8: Pull out the vacuum hose speedily from the plastic bag and tie the opening.

Now, you need to make sure that entering atmospheric air back into the bean bag is avoided. Therefore, do this step quickly. Then, tightly knot the opening. If the opening loses, the bean bag again comes back to its original size. 

Step 9: Insert your bean bag into the box.

As a final step, add your bean bag into the cardboard box. It will give extra protection to your bean bag. Also, you can apply an anti-rodent material to the cardboard box. It will protect your bean bag from rat attacks and pests.  

Step 10: Finally, place that box in a suitable place.

Store your bean bag box in a suitable place. Then, add them into the locker or cupboard too. However, do not select wet surfaces or areas that can be easily affected by molds.

Step 11: Done.

Now, you can freely travel all over the world. Your bean bag is pretty safe with this method. 

Method 2: Cost-Effective Way to Store Your Bean Bag

Each one does not have resources equally. Therefore, sometimes people search for cost-effective ways to store their bean bags.

Also, leather bean bags cannot shrink and store. Thus, you can practice this method for them too. This method helps to keep bean bags safe when you do not use them.

Step 1: Take a large size trash bag, a polythene bag.

Step 2: Add your bean bag to it.

Step 3: Tie the opening.

Step 4: Store the bean bag in a safe place.

Here, the polythene bag can keep your bean bag away from mold, dust, and moisture. But if rodents live in your home, they can affect your bean bag.

Thus, add anti-rodents and anti-pest compounds into the polythene bag. It will give good protection. Further, always store your packed bean bag in dry places.

Method 3: Pack your Bean Bag in a Protective Cover

The protective covers are available at the market, especially for bean bags. They are made with waterproof vinyl fabrics. Here, you have to select a suitable protective cover that matches your bean bag size.

Using this method, you can safely pack any bean bag. As a final step, please keep it in a warm, dry place.

Method 4: Store Outdoor or Pool Bean Bag

This method is wildly used for outdoor bean bags. Generally, most people use outdoor or pool bean bags occasionally. After that, they need to store them until used again.

Whatever outdoor bean bags are waterproof or resistant to direct sunlight, they can get irritated over time.

For example, leaving the pool bean bag on the water for a long time may affect chlorine, acid, and other chemicals in pool water. So, the bean bag’s vibrant colors can quickly fade out and irritate.

The rain, dust, and mold also can affect these outdoor bean bags. Therefore, to protect and increase durability, users store their bean bags in a shaded place.

However, before storing your bean bag, you should clean them. Use a damp cloth for that. After that, use one of the above methods.

The protective bean bag sac is the best method to protect your outdoor bean bag. Then you can place it in a suitable place in your garage.

Best Places to Store Your Bean Bag

Now you know the most common and easy ways to store your bean bag. However, when selecting a place to store your bean bag, consider the below factors.

  • Clean and dry place
  • Area free from rodents
  • Place that not subject to direct sunlight

So, do not store your bean bag near the window or area that is highly humid. It will produce mold and mildews in bean bags.

Final Words

People’s lifestyles change from time to time. So, they need to fly to different places. At that time, most of them worried about their soft furniture, especially bean bags, because they were susceptible to rodents, dust, mold, and mildew.

However, the bean bag storing method varies with bean bag fabric type, filler type, storing duration, space, etc. So, picking the most suitable is your choice!

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