Activities are not just movements, especially for kids. It is an initial engine that brings your kid to where they wish to go in the future. So, do you want that your kids achieve their life goals? Please support them!

A Bean bag is an amazing soft toy every kid loves to play with. Due to its soft texture and cute appearance, it has become a widely used toy worldwide. However, the bean bag is not just a toy. It gives several health benefits, especially for children.

A Bean bag is an excellent tool for developing gross motor skills such as touch, kinesthesia, proprioception, and movement. Also, bean bag activities help to improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, teamwork skills, body awareness, and concentration.

Due to these amazing benefits, parents, preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, and daycare workers use bean bags to play different kinds of games with kids. I know you also visit here to learn the ben bag activities and how to play them.

As you already know, there are plenty of bean bag activities such as bean bag balancing, bean bag toss, bean bag catching, and many more. However, rather than these basic activities, I include some interesting bean bag games that kids can play easily.

Keep reading. You will be amazed after knowing how many fantastic games kids can play with bean bags.

 Let’s jump on to the topic, best bean bag activities!

Bean bag activities

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Bubble Gum Rhyme

Kids love to sing beautiful songs. Rather than a game, it will add bonus enjoyment to them. How to play this game?

Ask the kids to create a team with 4,5 members. Then they can pass the bean bag while singing, “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum in a Dish. How many pieces do you wish”. Automatically they will pass the bean bag according to the song’s rhythm.

Once the bean bag lands on the child’s hand, he can say how many pieces are in the dish. After that, they can continue the same game.

 Isn’t it wonderful?

Bean bag balance

Kids can place bean bags on their heads, feet, shoulder, arms, or hands, and practice balancing. Once kids become experts, they can also practice this game while walking and running.

Hula hoop toss game

This is a nice game to play and improve hand-eye coordination. Here, you should set out hula hoops and mark the tossing line at some distance from the hoops. The distance of the line can change according to the kid’s age. 

Then you can let kids toss their bean bags into the hula hoop. Every single toss put on the hula is considered a point. The kid who earns 10 points first will become the winner.

Fishing Toss game

This is one of the most interesting bean bag activities. This is a kind of art activity. Here, kids should draw fishes on cardboard and cut these designs. After that, kids can color them using watercolors or pastels. To play this game, you need 10-15 fish.

After preparing these beautiful fishes, draw a large circle on the floor. It is called a “pond” Now, place your prepared fish on the pond.

Now all settings are ready to play.

Let kids toss a bean bag on the fish. Any bean bag put on the fish is considered a catch. Give them a fishing basket to collect their catch. The winner is the kid who collects the most fish at the end.

Hopscotch with bean bag

Hopscotch is a traditional game that improves the kid’s gross motor skills. Improving early math skills while counting the hopping on the squares is also good.

Here kids can use bean bags as an alternative for stone and pebbles. The kid should toss the bean bag onto the squares. It is a safe way to play Hopscotch with a bean bag because it minimizes the risk of putting pebbles into the kid’s mouth. 

Bean bag Hockey

Let kids play hockey inside the home or in your garden using a bean bag. You can buy small hockey bats or prepare them at home. Use a bean bag as a hockey ball or puck. Mark the goals using tape.

This game can play by two teams. Or else, kids can play and practice the game alone.

Bean bag volleyball toss

This is one of the exciting bean bag activities that can play as a team. You need 4 kids, one bean bag, and two towels to play this fantastic game.

First, mark the play area. After that, place a net in the middle of the play area. Here, you can use a makeshift net or net. Make sure to place it at a low height. Then kids can easily throw the bean bag.

Then divide into two teams and go to each side of the ground. One team should hold the towel and place a bean bag on it. Then throw it over the net. Another team should catch this bean bag using their towel. Likewise, both teams must throw the bean bag over the net using a towel.

Tic Tac Toe

This bean bag activity develops gross motor skills and thinking ability. Let the kid draw a Tic tac Toe board on the paper or get an already prepared Tic tac Toe board. Then take two bean bags that have different colors. Each bean bag represents one player.

Let kids make a row of three bean bags vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The kid who does this first becomes a winner.

Bean bag netball

This is the same as normal netball. However, here kids must use a bean bag instead of a netball.

First, kids should divide into two teams. Then, players should throw the bean bag at another player representing the same team. While throwing, opposite team members should try to catch the bean bag and get them to turn.  

The team who successfully throws the bean bag into the netball hoop gets one point. Likewise, they can continue the match until one team scores 10 points. The team that scores 10 points first will win the total game.

This bean bag activity is good for developing hand-eye coordination. Also, improve the kids’ fitness because kids should physically participate in this game.

Freeze dance

Freeze dance or musical statues game is a funny game most kids love to play. Here, let them toss and catch the bean bag while dancing to the music track.

One person should control the music and instantly stop the track while children play and dance. The kid should have been in a freeze-in position just after stopping the music.

This is quite an exciting game. Because sometimes, the bean bag may come to one kid while he is in a freezing position. What should happen when it comes to the kid at this type of moment? This kid is out of the game because he cannot catch the bean bag.

Hot potato bean bag game

This is a classic kids’ party game that can be played with music.

In this game, children must sit in a circle. Then they can pass the ‘hot potato’ from kid to kid. But kids cannot keep it for a long time because hot potato is really hot, and if they keep them longer, their hands will burn.

Here, you can teach them to collect the bean bag or hot potato from the left side hand, then move it to the right side of the hand. After that, pass it for the next kid. If they use the wrong hand to pick the bean bag, they will out.

So, this bean bag activity is the best activity to improve kids’ gross motor skills. So, try it.

Bean bag twister

First, you should take a Twister mat and a spinner. Or else, you should make a mat with multiple colors.

Then, toss the bean bag onto the color that the spinner landed on. This bean bag activity is an excellent way to teach a kid about colors.

Bean bag hacky sack

Let’s check out the bean bag activity that helps to develop foot-eye coordination skills. Take a bean bag and let it bounce on the kid’s foot without dropping it on the floor. Let them count how many times they bounce it without dropping it here. It is their score of them.

Simon says with bean bag

Simon says it is a funny game that kids can easily play with friends. Here, one kid can become a Simon and give the command to other kids.

Then, other kids should work according to Simon’s commands. Simon can command to find the bean bag that he hides. This activity best develops the kids’ listening and attention skills.

Bean bag Bowling

This great gross motor game can play with the bean bag. Set plastic cones, cups, and empty plastic bottles on the ground to play this fantastic game. These work as a pin.

Then slide or throw a bean bag along the ground while aiming the pins. Suppose a kid’s bean bag is knocked over the pins, and that kid gets one point. Likewise, continue 10 rounds and count total marks.

More Bean bag games

Rather than these games, your kid can play a bean bag corn hole game and a bean bag juggling game too. Click here to know the complete guide on playing the bean bag cornhole game. Or else your kid is interested in bean bag juggling; this guide will help them learn every step.

Final Thoughts

Bean bag activities are the most famous events in the early childhood stages. Here, you can use different bean bag games to enhance the kid’s interest as a parent or teacher. Every day try a new game. Then they will actively engage in the game. Don’t forget to share your fantastic experience with us!

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