Bean bag or Pouffe – Which one should I get?

These seats are used for relatively same work but with different purposes. The pouffe is a low seat or cautioned footstool with no back. If we consider the height, the poffle has lower heights than bean bags.

The bean bag is a chair with enough height and space to sit comfortably. Also, some bean bags are made with a backrest, and some others do not have a backrest.

Moreover, both of these pieces of furniture’s outer looks are relatively the same. So, customers get confused when they are going to purchase a comfy chair. So, most people search which one should I get, bean bag or pouffe?

That’s why I thought of sharing some useful information and facts. To get a better decision, you must have some background knowledge about the usages, prices, materials, and other properties of bean bags and pouffe. So, read until the end, and surely you will find the best answer to your question.

Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

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Usage: Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

Usage: Bean bags

As I mentioned earlier, bean bags are a kind of furniture that is trending these days. It is used to take a more smart relaxation. Rather than other common furniture, the bean bag has some wonderful features. Those are;

  • Adjust with user’s body shape
  • Reduce pressure spots
  • Good for acid reflux
  • Head, arm, and backrest

Due to these features, this product has become a trend, and manufacturers produce diverse products to fulfill customer needs. It means manufacturers produce bean bags under different categories such as;

Basically, all of these bean bags are used to sit, lay down, or float.

Usage: Poufffe

The Pouffle is a small sac filled with soft materials such as cotton, memory foam, or EPS beads. Also, much similar to a footstool. The manufacturers release their products in different shapes. The most common pouffle shapes are;

  • Round shape
  • Square shape
  • Cylindrical shape

Also, there are different types of pouffes available in the market. According to the purpose and preference, you can choose the best from them!

Let’s check what they are.

  • Knitted Pouffe
  • Patterned Pouffes 
  • Leather Pouffes
  • Pouffes made with fabrics

But these pouffes are mainly used as a footstool and give good relaxation to legs and feet by keeping them up postures. So, most people rest their feet on pouffes while sitting on and enjoying a cup of tea, watching movies, and reading newspapers. 

However, it is multipurpose furniture, and you can use them for different occasions. Here, I mention several ways to use a pouffe in your home.

  • Extra seat: Living rooms, Family rooms
  • Kid seat: Kids’ bedroom
  • As a coffee table
  • End table for chair or sofa
  • Nightstand: Place near the bed
  • Pet bed
  • Outdoor chair
  • Decorative accent

People use pouffes to keep their books, flower vases, and other accessories. Moreover, sometimes they use pouffe for sitting near the ground and enjoying the different sitting postures.

Now you may have a rough idea about the usages between a bean bag and pouffe. However, you should know some additional facts to make the perfect decision. So let’s check what they are!

Height: Bean bags vs. Pouffe

The bean bags are specially built to sit. So, according to the ergonomics, manufacturers use the best heights that support to take comfortable laydown. So, bean bags are relatively higher than pouffe. Here, users can easily sit and get out of it.

Because of this feature, this product is ideal for pregnant women and elderly persons. Also, it is great to use the person who suffers from back-born problems and pains.

The pouffle is made to give foot rest. So, its height is lower than chairs, sofas, and bean bags’ height. It facilitates super comfortable foot rest while keeping your legs up from the ground level. Also, your knees will feel good relaxation while using the pouffe.

However, you can find some exceptional features rather than these. Then do not get wonder at these moments. Yes, some pouffe made to add beauty to your home. So, some people use to keep books, newspapers, and other ornaments. So, these kinds of pouffle can have a relatively same height as other chairs.

Space: Bean bags vs. Pouffe

 Most bean bags acquire large space and have a huge volume. Generally, these are made to occupy the user’s full body from head to leg. So, its volume is relatively large than pouffle.

If we consider the pouffle, you can use them in a small space. It will take around 1-2 feet in diameter. So, pouffle is an ideal choice for small rooms and dorms. Further, you can use them for sitting purposes too.

Fluffy Feel: Bean bags vs. Pouffe

Generally, bean bags are filled with super soft materials such as memory foam, durafoam, cotton, EPS, etc. So, it has a fluffy appearance and gives a super comfy fee to the user. Also, due to this fluffy property, the bean bag acquired a large space in your room.

However, when considering the softness, pouffle are more has more firm textures. Also, it does not sink like a bean bag. You can experience this by putting your foot on it. Also, it does not change its shape hugely after applying the pressure. So, the way pouf deals with pressure differ from bean bags.

However, your feet can take a good stable relaxation due to the compact texture. If it sinks, you may feel uncomfortable after several times. So, this compact texture is purposely added to overcome this issue.

Materials: Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

Generally, bean bags are prepared with velvet, cotton, linen, micro suede, and faux fur fabrics. And it is filled with polystyrene beads, shredded memory foam cotton, or any other natural bean type. Normally bean bags are not 100% filled with these beans, and only 2/3 of the volume acquire the space of bean bags.

The same Martials used to prepare pouffes. However, leather, velvet, and cotton knitted outer covers are famous. Also, the pouffes are filled with polystyrene beads. However, all the shapes are fully filled with beans, and it gives a compact texture to the pouffes.

Ergonomics: Bean bag Vs. Pouffe

Bean bag specially design for seating purposes. So, when preparing them, the manufacturer considers the user’s height, weight, size, and many more factors. To give a super experience to the user, they design their bean bags with a backrest, armrest, and headrest. So, people can take a good nap here. That’s why when you sit here for hours; you do not feel uncomfortable.

However, pouffe was not purposely made to sit. It is a multifunctional item. So, manufacturers do not consider ergonomics factors too much. So, backrest, armrest, and headrest features do not include in this product.

So, if someone uses this pouffe for sit, they will feel a bit uncomfortable and back pain after a certain time. That’s why people tend to place pouffes near the wall and take a little support from the wall. Therefore, pouffle is good to take a small nap.

Final Thoughts

Do you receive an answer? Generally, there is not a direct answer when you ask what I should get, bean bag or pouffe. Because it is a very subjective matter and depends on many factors such as;

  • Your requirement
  • Preference
  • Space
  • The budget that can you spend on the furniture

So, if you are looking for furniture that you can use to sit and take a good nap, the bean bag is the best. However, you can select pouffes if you want a small sac to use as a footstool or an extra chair.

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