Keeping the Bean Bags in Sunlight

A few years ago, when I was going to buy my first bean bag, I was concerned about placing the bean bag in sunlight. So I did ample research on this. This article contains my experience and the findings of my study. 

Generally, according to the bean bag type, its fabrics and filler types will differ. For example, if you have an outdoor bean bag, it may have properties to withstand the outdoor environments, such as sunlight, dust, and water. Thus, it is made with materials that can tolerate environmental factors.

But the indoor bean bags are specially designed for indoor usage. Thus, manufacturers use different fillers and fabric types for them rather than indoor bean bags. 

Therefore, if you use an indoor ban bag in the outside environment, rain, sunlight, dust, and mist will badly affect your bean bag.

However, this is a very subjective question. Keeping a bean bag under sunlight is depends on your bean bag type. Therefore, lets’ check the answer that matches your bean bag.

bean bags and sunlight

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Impact of Sunlight on Bean Bags

Sunlight is not just a light. It contains several types of rays. Have you heard of UV radiation that emits from the sun and its harmful effect on human health? 

Not only humans that rays contact with every surfaces on the earth. Also, UV radiation plays a significant role in fade-out fabrics. 

However, if your bean bag exposure to the sunlight is prolonged, it can damage in these ways.

  • Fading the bean bag fabric
  • Discoloration
  • Tearing /Cracking the fabrics
  • Brittleness

How the Sunlight Reacts with the Bean Bag?

The sun emits ultraviolet radiation that has a short wavelength than visible light. Thus, they can penetrate through objects. That’s the reason how UV radiation cause damages to bean bag fabrics.

If your bean bag is exposed to direct sunlight for, prolonged time, you can see the small cracks and discolorations. It is because of the UV rays.

Whatever indoor or outdoor bean bag, UV radiation can react with the chemical in the bean bag fabrics. This chemical breakdown is visible as fabric fading. It is also known as photodegradation.

However, this photodegradation (sun damage) impact varies with bean bag fabric type. That’s why most outdoor bean bag withstands a long time under direct sunlight. But direct exposure to sunlight has drastic effects on indoor bean bags.

Rather than the above factors, sunlight intensity varies with the season. The sun emits shallow light in the winter season and very high radiation in the summer season.

Also, the moderate light condition can experience in autumn. So, according to the light intensity, the effect level of sunlight on the bean bag will vary.

Outdoor Bean Bags and the Sunlight

Have you seen your outdoor bean bag fade or crack within a short period? Or else, do your outdoor bean bag have original colors after a long time of exposure to sunlight?  

Generally, outdoor bean bags stay outside during their whole lifetime. Also, it exposes to direct sunlight for more than 8 hours per day. But most of them remain good. How is it happen? 

Most outdoor bean bags are made with UV or Sun resistant fabrics. This fabric has a particular layer to withstand UV rays. 

Do you ever use sunscreen to protect skin from sun rays? This is the same theory that use to make sun-resistant fabrics.

So, if your bean bag is made with UV-resistant fabric, it can withstand sunlight. However, have you ever experienced some color fade of your UV resist outdoor bean bag? Why? 

The term “sun-proof” or “UV proof” is somewhat misleading! No fabric can withstand all UV rays for an unlimited amount of time. Even NASA is unable to engineer that kind of fabric. 

So, whatever your bean bag fabric is covered with a UV-resistant layer, it can also get faded after a particular time. However, do not panic! The best quality sun-proof bean bags can resist fading for their lifetime.

However, take necessary percussions if you do not use your bean bag.

If you are planning to keep your bean bag outside under direct sunlight, get an outdoor bean bag.

Tip to Protect Outdoor Bean Bags

Follow these tips to protect your outdoor bean bag.

  • To prevent your bean bag from fading, avoid excess exposure to sunlight. Try using the bean bags at shaded places.
  • Keep them in shady, cool, and dry indoor spaces when you’re not using bean bags
  • If mold or mildew grows in your bean bag, dry out them thoroughly. If bean bag manufacturer didn’t allow to use them under direct sunlight, air dry it at bit shaded place.
  • Not only the bean bag but the bean bag inner cover also can be discolored under heavy sunlight.
bean bags under sunlight

Indoor Bean Bags and Sunlight

The way of indoor bean bags reacts with sunlight is entirely different than outdoor bean bags. Most of them are prepared with standard fabrics such as cotton, linen, suede, and velvet. 

Moreover, these bean bags are purposely designed for indoor usage. Thus, its fabrics are not covered with UV or sun resist layer. 

Therefore if you use them outdoors under direct sunlight, the bean bag’s fabric’s color will fade very quickly. Sometimes you may have to experience cracks in the bean bag cover too. 

Therefore, you cannot keep indoor bean bags under direct sunlight for a long time. But, it will not have a significant effect on short-term exposure. However, select a shaded area if you need to use your indoor bean bag outside occasionally. 

In addition to that, keep your indoor bean bag away from windows, balconies. Always try to leave them in a place that does not subject to direct sunlight. Also, if you wash your bean bag, do not try to dry them under direct sunlight. Air dry is best!

Facts to Consider

Color of the Bean Bag

The bean bag color is the main factor that has a strong relationship with sunlight. Whether your bean bag is prepared with light or dark color, UV rays will absorb. However, dark colors, including red, blue, or black, will absorb more UV rays than light colors such as white. 

Thus, if your bean bag is made with dark color fabrics, it will fade speedily than light color fabrics.

Weave and Texture of the Bean Bag

As a color, the texture of your bean bag fabric can determine how much it can protect your bean bag.

The bean bags made with synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester are the best for outdoor bean bags. They have an excellent ability to withstand under sunlight.

The bean bags made with heavy and dense fabrics such as denim, corduroy, or wool are best for sunlight.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)

Some unique fabrics are designed to withstand sunlight. Also, most outdoor bean bags are prepared with them. Hence, these bean bags can withstand sunlight well.

So, if you want to buy a UV resist bean bag, check its UPF value. Then you can get an idea. For example, if your bean bag is prepared with UPF 50 fabric, it allows reaching 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation.

Final Words

Now, you have a good understanding of how bean bags can react with sunlight. Thus, you can decide whether your bean bag can use outdoor or not.

In addition, sometimes you may live in a very sunny part of the world. Thus, sometimes sunlight will be available throughout the year. Thus it is even vital to know how your bean bag will react to that type of climate. Therefore, consider it when you are purchasing a bean bag.  

Further, if you are not using your outdoor bean bag, store them properly because everything is not permanent!

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