How Big is a Big Joe Bean Bag? – Demystified

Big Joe is a famous brand name for bean bags throughout the world. But do you know how it got this name, Big Joe? Joe is the founder of this company. Firstly he innovated this fantastic bean bag in a humble dorm room in West Michigan.

From that era to now, they are going through a long journey. Today they are producing all classic bean bags. However, due to its “Big joe” brand name, customers search about how big is a Big Joe bean bag. Thus, here I hope to clarify your matter and give the exact answer.

Big Joe bean bag name/ TypeDimension – Inches
L x H x W
Weight- Pounds
Big Joe Media Lounger, Black Lenox49 x 74 x 32.543
Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair26 x 36 x 265.85
Big Joe Kid’s Milano, Sapphire Smartmax18.5 x 23 x 191.75
Big Joe 2 Pack Grab & Go Bean Bag22 x 23.5 x 18.52.2
Big Joe Kushi Beanbag Chair30 x 30 x 242.5
Big Joe Lazy Lounger42 x 38.5 x 183.85
Big Joe, Imperial Ottoman27 x 24.5 x 152.5
Big Joe Stack Chair33 x 33 x 202.5

There are 50+ bean bag shapes available under the Big Joe brand name. They are prepared to satisfy different users with different needs. 

Hence, if you ask how big the Big Joe bean bag is, it depends on the bean bag type. Also, Big Joe is a brand name. It does not represent the bean bag size.

Let me clarify this further.

The Big Joe bean bag dimensions represent its length, width, and height. These are the main parameters that help to identify how big your Big Joe bean bag is. However, its size change with several factors. These are;

  • Bean bag type
  • Making Purpose
  • Consumer preference
  • Ergonomics
  • The demand of the market
  • Cost

So, different bean bag has different dimensions. Let’s check the most famous Big Joe bean bag types and their sizes one by one.  

size of big joe bean bags

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Sizes of Different Big Joe Bean Bags

Size of Big Joe Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

The Big Joe Fuf large bean bag is made with Lenox textile and filled with foam fillers. Hence, it is perfect for your dorm rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

It has 48 x 48 x 34 inches (L x W x H) dimensions. If we take this measurement in feet, this bean bag’s length and width are 4 ft. Also, the height is around 3 feet. So, this is a relatively big bean bag model.

Also, Big Joe Fuf’s large bean bag is perfectly suitable for playing games, reading books, and taking a great nap due to its large size. Moreover, its weight is around 32 pounds, making this bean bag ideal for home-usage.

Size of Big Joe Sapphire Bean Bag Chair

The dimensions of this sapphire color Big Joe bean bag are 46 x 58 x 8 inches (L x W x H). It is relatively large.

Generally, the sapphire color Big Joe bean bag length is around 5 feet, and the width is approximately 5 feet. However, its height is about 8 inches. Even though the Big Joe sapphire bean bag is giant, its weight is relatively low. It is just 5.5 pounds.

This bean bag shape is a bit similar to a soft rectangular mat. Thus, it is much popular as a meditate chair.

Size of Big Joe Bean Bag Chair: Black Onyx Comfort Suede

This black onyx suede bean bag is filled with super spongy and long-lasting, upcycled Fuf foam. Thus, these fluffing fillers refresh their cushiness every time. 

Also, it has 48 x 48 x 34 inches (L x W x H) dimensions. Hence, this bean bag can be categorized under the Big Joe giant bean bags category. In addition to that, this Onyx suede bean bag has a 45-pound weight. 

Size of Big Joe Dorm Smartmax

The Big Joe dorm smart max bean bag has 33 x 32 x 25 inches (L x W x H). Thus, it can be categorized as an average size bean bag. This L shape bean bag gives an elegant look with stretch limo black fabric. Also, 4.25 pounds weight makes them easy to move. 

Thus, it is good to sit while watching TV, studying, or playing games. Further, the Big Joe dorm smart max bean bag has built-in pockets, and these are a convenient way to stash smartphones, remotes, and books.

Size of Big Joe Hug Hyde, Caribou

This is a relatively small bean bag. Also, its weight is 4.8 pounds. Thus, it is easy to carry them. The 28 x 34 x 28 inches dimensions make them ideal for small space. When we consider its usage, you can use this oval Big Joe bean bag for watching TV and playing games.

Size of Big Joe Warp Black Spandex & Smartmax

If we consider the size of the Big Joe wraps bean bag, it has 35.5 x 35 x 26.5 inches dimension. So, this is also categorized under the average size bean bag. However, the Big Joe wrap bean bag is popular among the young generation due to its smart appearance. 

Size of Big Joe Stack Chair, Turquoise Plush Bean Bag

This bean bag comes in a compact size. Therefore ideal for a place that has limited space. The dimensions of 24x 27x 24 (L x W x H) are enough to lay on an adult.

Also, like other average-size chairs, the Big Joe stack chair has lightweight. It is around 4 pounds. So, if you are looking at an average-size Big Joe bean bag, this will suit you.

Size of Big Joe Roma Smartmax, Sapphire

This bean bag is covered with stain-resistant SmartMax Fabric. Also, it is easy to clean. This lightweight, soft furniture is ideal for dorm rooms and rec rooms. It also does not take large space. The 26 x 36 x 26 (L x W x H) is good for many people. 

Final words

By observing these size parameters, we can conclude. The Big Joe bean bag height, weight, and length measures range from 2 to 4 feet. Sometimes, this measurement may exceed 5,6 feet.

On the other hand, the giant bean bag models are much popular among people. So, they believe “Big Joe” represents the size of the bean bag. I hope now you have a better understanding of this.

The Big Joe bean bag size depends on its type, not its name. Also, fillers are doing a great job of maintaining a fluffy appearance. 

However, as an independent researcher, I search the dimensions of the most famous bean bags.

No matter your seating requirement, Big Joe always has ideal and quality products for you. That’s why people love their name.

Big Joe hits the bean bag industry with a super comfortable seating experience, easy cleaning, price, durability, and smart look. So, if you are looking for whatever small or giant size bean bag, Big Joe is the answer!

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