Big Joe Large Fuf Foam-Filled Bean Bag Chair

The Big Joe bean bags are known for its super comfort building material. The bean bag uses Fuf foam to fill the bean bag which gives the advantage of fluffiness to the bean bags. You can simply lift the bean bag and make it fluffy again and sit on it for the whole day.

The foam gives life to the bean bags. Without having the right type of foam, the bean bag will not get into right shape. The Big Joe bean bag makers understand the technical difficulty with the bean bags very well.

To overcome this problem, the bean bag manufacturer worked hard on producing the right kind of foam that gives you comfort while sitting on the beanbag.

You will never face the problem of the back pain while sitting on the beanbag. It gives necessary amount of the cushion to your back and makes your body comfortable.

Even if you rest for a whole day on the beanbag, you will never face the back pain problem.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons


The Big Joe bean bags come in wide variety options. You can select the different size and colors while purchasing.

All bean bags will be perfectly filled with the patented Fuf foam specially designed to give optimum comfort to the users.

Cleaning the bean bag is very easy. Just do the spot cleaning where you spill, and the bean bag will look like new. No need clean, complete bean bag cover all the time.

The fluffiness of the bean bags is the big concern people generally have when they purchase the beanbag from the market.

The Big Joe have understood the market need very well, and they developed the special foam that suits users need. The foam used in the Big Joe beanbags sustain in the regular shape for long period of time.

You do not need to fluff it every day before sitting. It automatically comes in the regular shape when no one is using it.


Some buyers have reported that the bean bags smell like a factory product. The smell doesn’t go away even after using it for few weeks. The toxic smell will make you uncomfortable while sitting. But you might get this fixed by make the bean bag open to air for few hours after you purchased it.

Some users have faced durability issues. They have claimed that the bean bag will last minimum 6 months. After that, you start seeing tearing from the stitching area, and foam will become flat. So make to give a proper care for your bean bag.

Common Questions

Can you wash Big Joe bean bag?

This is a tricky situation. You can use a soap water spray gun to spot wash your bean bag. And use a soft brush to clean it. And make sure you are allowing it to air dry. Do not place it to direct and heavy sun-light.

If the cover is removable, you may wash it with mild detergent gently. And make sure to air dry it.

Check BeanbagExpert’s guide on how to wash bean bags for more info on how to clean big joy bean bag chair.

In conclusion:

The users had positive as well as negative experience with the Big Joe bean bags. Many users have reported that the Big Joe bean bags stands in good condition in comparison with the other bean bags manufacturer.

If you have purchased the bean bags before from another manufacturer, then you might have experienced the quality of the other product. Compared to them the Big Joe beanbags are good in quality.

Don’t expect something unique in bean bags. These are ordinary beanbags that you generally find in the market.

The only difference in the Big Joe bean bags is they have some sort of quality which makes them better than other bean bag manufacturer.

You can purchase your own beanbag and experience the product yourself.

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