Tips On How To Care The Bean Bag Chair

It is of utmost importance for you to get a chair that is comfortable and durable in order to enjoy a high utility value for a pretty long time-bean bag chair offers both! If you do a little bit of research you can get one at rock-bottom price. This said, there are different types of bean bag chairs of which you should know before parting with our hard-earned money. In fact, understanding the different types forms the basis on bean bag chair maintaining tips without spending a fortune.

Relaxing on the Bean Bag Chairs
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Bean bags chair categorization

One of the categories you will come across is based on size. Kids chairs, large for teens, and extra large for adults; and of course, the double extra large for adults who are well above 6.5’’ are belongs to that category. The other category is based on shape. You can go for round shape bean bags, game chairs, square-shaped, elongated and novelty bean bag chairs.

It is equally important to know that another type is based on fillings with the most common used being; natural bean filler, shredded foam, polystyrene beads, and mixed fillers. Lastly, bean bag chair are also categorized based on materials used, and with these you can get; nylon, vinyl, cotton, and faux suede bean bag chairs.

How to care the bean bag chair

It is imperative to know that materials used to make bean bag has a direct impact on how best to care for it. It is also important to know the material when you are going to refill your beanbag chair. It’s for this reason why this guide solely focuses on material in regard care and maintenance;

  • Nylon bean bag- Use a high quality soft bristle brush and a mild but effective detergent for a better clean. Use the brush in circular motion after dipping it in water. As such, you prevent damage of material. You don’t have to soak the material at all, but ensure that you use enough water in the process.
  • Cotton bean bags – In this case, use a soft cloth and and have a mild detergent, too. You should damp the cloth in circular motions to avoid messing up with the bag; and also, see to it that use a soft brush for stains that prove to be stubborn- a new clean toothbrush can help you a great deal.
  • Vinyl material – It is of utmost importance that you clean vinyl bean bag chair using soft cloth, warm water, and a mild detergent. As word of advice, do not use an abrasive cleaner as this would destroy the chair by scratching it. If you have stains that are hard-to-remove, use a soft-bristle brush and you will be able to eliminate them.
  • Faux-sued type- this are one of the most easy to clean. What you need is application of liquid dish detergent and soft cloth. Also, ensure that you rub the chair in circular motion to get rid of the stains.

Key points to remember

If you know follow the above cleaning methods, then you are on the right track of enjoy high utility value for many years to come. Nevertheless, remember not to jump on the chair or place it on rough surfaces. Importantly, try to prevent your pets from clawing on the fabrics. Last but not least, experts advice to not to place bean bag chairs into direct sunlight for a longer period.

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