Different Types of Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bags are one of the most famous pieces of furniture all over the world. It is super comfortable, simple, fun, and affordable. 

Have you ever gone shopping for bean bags? Or are you planning it?

Then you have seen or will see different types of bean bag chairs;

  1. Bean Bags of different sizes
  2. In a variety of shapes
  3. Made of various materials and colors
  4. Made for particular purposes: for a pool, for pets, indoor use, etc.

different Types of bean bags

How can you pick the most suitable piece for you from them? 

It depends on many reasons, such as:

  1. To who are you buying? Age, height, etc.   
  2. For what are you going to use it? Relaxing, reading gaming, etc.
  3. Where are you going to place it? Indoors or outdoor, etc.
  4. The level of comfort, the durability you expect, and your budget.

If you are planning to purchase a bean bag chair, here are more details about these types of bean bag chairs. 

It will help you to make the right choice to select the best bean bags for your requirement.   

Table of Contents

Bean Bag Types

According to Shape

  • Round Bean Bags

This ball looking bean bag chairs are the most common type of bean bag chairs. It serves to rest, and you can enjoy activities such as watching movies and playing video games. 

The shape of the bean bag chair is not well defined, so once you sit on it, it will arrange its’ shape according to your body curves. It releases your stress on the body and helps to reduce back pains. But if you an older adult or having problems in your spinal code, round bean bags are not for you. 

  • Square Bean Bags

The square bean bag chair looks more like a regular sitting chair. The shape is well defined, and some chairs provide armrests as well. Thus it facilitates a traditional sitting experience and more suitable for adults who need back and arm support. Square bean bag chairs are not popular as round bean bag chairs, but can easily find in the market.

Since it supports your back and arms, square bean bag chairs are suitable for readers as well. 

  • Game Bean Bag Chairs

The high-end gaming bean bag chairs support your back, neck, and arms. Therefore leads to minimizing the discomfort while gaming.

 Usually, it is round in shape and wide at the bottom but narrows in towards the endpoint. Game bean bag chairs are more comfortable than a regular computer chair and sometimes comes with in-built speakers that can be sync with your computer. 

  • Novelty Bean Bags

Are you looking for a bean bag chair for your kids? Then Novelty bean bags are the right option for you. These bean bag chairs come in the shapes of objects from flowers and animals to footballs, etc.

 It’s comfortable and attractive. Thus, you can use it as a reading chair so that kids will love to go to the reading corner. 

  • Elongated Large Bean Bags

As the name suggests, the Elongated large bean bag chair is lengthy and massive in size. Therefore, few people can accommodate seating at once. Thus, it can use as an alternative for a sofa chair. It’s comfortable and serves the purpose. 

According to Size

Not all bean bags are suitable for everyone. You should select an appropriate bean bag chair to acquire maximum comfort out of it. Here are a few types of bean bag chairs classified according to their size.

  • Kids Bean Bags

If you pick a regular bean bag chair for your kid, maybe he or she will experience difficulties in standing or moving with the chair. To avoid these complications, you can go for a bean bag chair designed for kids themselves. 

Kids bean bag chairs are usually small in size and mainly for the children up to 4’6″ tall. The circumference of these bean bags is approximately 110 to 120 inches. 

  • Large/ Teen Bean Bags

If you a young adult, and your height is less than 5′ 2″, teen bean bags are for you. The circumference of these bean bag chairs is approximately 130 to 140 inches.

Also, if your kid needs more space than a regular kids bean bag chair, you can select a teen bean bag chair to be more comfortable.

  • Extra Large Bean Bags

Are you an adult or a teenager whose height is less than 6 feet? If yes, you can pick an extra-large bean bag chair for comfortable seating. 

The circumference of these bean bag chairs is around 140 to 150 inches. It is spacious enough and the most preferred by adults.

  • Double Extra Large Bean Bags

These types of bean bag chairs are huge and need more space to place. Double extra large bean bag chairs are mainly designed for the adults up to 6’5″ tall. Their circumference is around 170 to 180 inches. The size is surprisingly big and may surpass your expectations of a bean bag. 

Other than a taller person, a group of small size people can use these extra-large bean bags as a bean bag bed or a bean bag sofa.

According to Filling

There are many kinds of commercial bean bag filler materials. Among them, Polystyrene beads, Shredded foam, and Expanded Polypropylene are more popular. Many facts related to the bean bag with beans such as the level of comfort, durability, weight straight away depends on these filling.

  • Filled with Polystyrene beads

Polystyrene is one of the most popular bean bag chair fillings capable of providing maximum comfort in any position that you desire to sit. The beads are small in size and light in weight. Thus the bean bag chairs with polystyrene beads can move and shift smoothly. It is a famous filling for round bean bag chairs as well.

  • Filled with Shredded foam

Shredded polyurethane foam or simply foam, is another bean bag chair filling, typically used in cushions like stuff. In comparison with other commercial filling materials, the foam-filled bean bag chairs provide less comfort.

  • Filled with Expanded Polypropylene

Expanded Polypropylene is the most comfortable bean bag filling out of the above mentioned. It is a filling for most of the High-end bean bag chairs and very popular among Asians. 

Expanded Polypropylene is a small bead, capable of absorbing pressure and returning to its original size once you release tension. Thus it is durable, light weighted material with super comfort.

According to Cover

As well as the filling, the bean bag cover is also essential for its comfort and look. If you are going to decorate your home with a bean bag chair, you can select one according to its texture. There are many types of materials used to the outer cover. Cotton, vinyl, suede, plush, velvet or velour, and leather are some popular cover types.

  • Cotton Covers

Cotton covers are very famous, and its user friendly. It is easily cleanable than other types of covers. You can find these bean bag chairs in different colors and shapes according to your home decorations and purpose. Further, it is more suitable as a piece of interior furniture than outdoor use.  

  • Vinyl Covers

Vinyl cover is durable and easy to maintain. If you use it, ignoring the freshness of the cover, there can be spots on the surface with time. To avoid such problems, you can keep the exterior clean by wiping it with a cloth. 

  • Suede Covers

Suede covers are very comfortable material for the exterior of the bean bag chair. On the other hand, it’s durable, and its texture hardly fades with time. Therefore it lasts with a brand new look for a long time. 

Some covers can be machine washed and better to follow the instructions given in the cover to clean it properly.  

  • Plush Covers

Plush covered bean bag chairs are more suitable for interior use. It is better to keep a hairbrush with plastic bristles to brush the surface to protect the elegant exterior look.

  • Velvet or Velour Covers

These covers of bean bag chairs, too, are more appropriate for indoor use. Looks luxurious, comfortable and comes in a range of colors. For a better look, you should take care of the cover very carefully. 

  • Leather Covers

Leather covers are elegant and should be well maintained. It also comes in different shades, and you can use a leather conditioner as appropriate to last the tone long.

If you are interested in knowing how to clean these different kinds of covers, you can visit our guide on cleaning bean bag chairs.

According to Use: Indoor / Outdoor

There is a range of outdoor bean bags available in the market. 

When you purchase a bean bag chair for outdoor use, it is essential to consider its durability in outdoor conditions. 

Since the outdoor bean bags expose to sun and rain always, you can search for a waterproof, fade-resistant, and UV resistant fabric bean bag brand. Also, investing in a stain-resistant bean bag is the right decision as you will need less cleaning. 

Most outdoor bean bag chairs use virgin polystyrene beads as the filler. Therefore those are light in weight and easy to move. Also, these beads get dry very quickly. Thus you don’t need to worry about wet conditions. 

Further, there are mold-resistant, and flame retardant outdoor bean bags chairs are available. You can select a bean bag chair according to your budget and the features. 

When we talk about outdoor bean bag chairs, there are different kinds to serve different purposes. You can have a bean bag chair around a pool area, or you can purchase a bean bag to float in water to make it more fun. 

Pool bean bags are one of the most exceptional options to enjoy and relax.

Not only for us, but also there are bean bag beds explicitly made for pets

These are water-resistant and easy-to-clean types. You can clean it easily with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Pets bean bag beds are an excellent choice to show your love to your pet. 


There is a vast range of bean bags available in the market. Some are more suitable for indoor use, and some are made explicitly for outdoor use. 

It is essential to select a bean bag furniture according to your size, age, and purpose. 

Another critical point is to consider the materials made used for the bean bag chair. You can see different types of bean bag chairs according to their filling and cover both.

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