How to Choose Bean bag Chair

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Before you choose bean bag chair for you, you have to decide what your buying criteria actually are. Below is a bean bag comparison of some of the good chairs available on market, using the following criteria:-

· Cost – Bean bags are undoubtedly one of the cheapest seating solutions available on the market, and you can get a beanbag for a third of the cost of a chair.

· Quality– They vary tremendously in quality, as anyone who has had to clean up 30,000 foam pellets will tell you. You can tell which items are of good quality quite easily, as the quality items will tend to be firmer and hold their shape better, be more expensive or from a reputable and/or well-known brand, have a higher quality outer cover and possibly a guarantee or warranty.

· Comfort– For those who have ended up falling out of their bean bag, or unable to stand up because the beanbag isn’t firmly packed enough, comfort can be a major factor when it comes to choosing a beanbag. A beanbag designed for an adult should maintain its shape, be strong enough to take the weight of an adult without collapsing, and continue to do this over a period of time.

· Durability – They can last years if treated well. A good quality cover will ensure that beans do not leak out, that it doesn’t rip or tear or the fabric flake off in the case of faux leather/PVC beanbags.

· Outdoor Use – Beanbags are often bought specifically for use outdoors. Many beanbags are sold as outdoor bean bag chairs and need to withstand heat, cold, rain, ice and sun. A strong durable outer coating is vital for this, to prevent mold or tearing. The pellets also need to with stand the extremes of outdoor use and maintain their shape and buoyancy.

· Cleaning – There are two types of beanbags, those with covers you can remove, and those without. Decide whether you will need to wash the outer cover before buying. You can see some tips on how to care your bean bag from our post.

· Health and Safety – Even though Bean bags are good for your health, Bean Bags have to conform to certain regulations to ensure that they are not a fire risk, or otherwise dangerous to the health.

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Reviews to Choose Bean Bag Chair

1. Big Joe 7 Foot XXL Fufn Comfort Suede

One of the good and bit expensive products on the market, this seven foot beanbag comes in a variety of colors and promises a soft, comfortable seating experience. Unlike most chairs it uses memory foam instead of pellets.

There is no back on this beanbag so you do not get additional back or head support, although if you place it on your side you can get limited back support. This is the largest product on the market and will fit more than one person.

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2. Big Joe Roma Chair

Made from Ultimax beans, which are dense beans which fit to your shape, this stylish chair is stain resistant, and will wipe clean easily. It is also waterproof and fireproof. With an upright back and cushion, with two zippers, it comes in a variety of colors.

Standing at 26 inches tall and 26 inches wide, this is comprised of two bags one horizontal and one vertical.

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3. Cupcake Adult Beanbag Chair

This colorful chair is shaped like a cupcake with a cupcake design cover and is definitely a choice for those looking for a certain style. This product is very popular. It is far looser than the other products, with plenty of room for the beans to move around, so you will sink into this beanbag.

This is sold as an adult sized beanbags, and is as large as standard beanbags. And a special Junior version with a much smaller size. The lightweight design is very popular and it is easy to move.

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4. Chill Bag – 5 Feet, Charcoal

With a soft Suede cover in a wide variety of colors, this huge bean bag is great to relax in. This comes with an inner liner, so you can remove and wash the outer lining.

Of all the bean bags this one has received the best overall reviews and is a big, fairly economical, comfortable buy with an inner lining to prevent leakage and enable washing of the outer cover.

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5. Sofa Sack – Memory Foam 4-Feet

This chair comes in a variety of colors and has a very soft outer cover. Filled with high grade memory foam pieces instead of beans this bean bag promises to last you a lifetime. This is marketed as the bean bag of students, but it is also suitable for both adults and children.

This product can fit two smallish adults, and is bigger than the photo would suggest.

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6. Gold Medal Large Leather Look Tear Drop, Navy

At 11 pounds, this middle of the range beanbag is light and easy to move, and comes in a variety of bright colors so will brighten up any room. It is double stitched for durability, with a wipe clean cover, and a zip which is safe for children.

This will fit an average to large size adult. To engage the back support you do have to adjust yourself in the seat which takes some practice.

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Overall, the beanbags that performed the best were the medium sized bean bags which were averagely priced. The softness and comfort of the Chill Bag and Sofa Sack made them hugely popular, while the fresh bright design of the cupcake bean bag was liked by most.

The Gold Medal received the lowest score, as it was flimsy and the seams tend to tear. Surprisingly, the biggest and most expensive option wasn’t particularly popular, as it was difficult to move or fluff up, followed by the least expensive option which didn’t keep it’s shape.

All the bags mentioned conformed to US Health and Safety Standards.

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