Couples Bean Bag Chair Reviews

Are you looking for the best couples bean bag chair in the market or online? Here is a slight review of the top bean-bag chairs available for you in the market.

1. The Cozy Sack bean bag chair

Before proceeding onto the reviews about the particular product mentioned in the title, let’s get to know some facts about the product and its brand. 

About Cozy Sack

Cozy Sack started as an American brand that specializes in making the top-quality bean-bag chairs all over the market and has been successfully growing in this business since its setup in 1971. The company has always ensured quality over anything, and that is the primary reason why it has prevailed over so many to reach where it stands now. 

Facts about the cozy Sack bean-bag chair

What is the Cozy Sack bean-bag filled with? 

As far as the company claims, the Cozy Sack is packed with high-quality soft virgin urethane foam.

Whatis the exterior material up of? 

The Cozy Sack bean-bag outer cover is made of 100% pure polyester, which feels like suede.

Is the bean-bag washable? 

As the bean-bag comes with a removable outer cover, so yes, it is can be washed, either by hand or in a machine. 

Are there provisions for extra filling? 

Yes, if the customers want to get some additional fillings, they can have it. Since these extra filling are not included along with the package, one has to purchase it separately. 

What are the various sizes that the Cozy Sack comes in?

Cozy Sack manufactures the following three variants of their large bean-bags: – 

·        The Large 6 Ft Cozy Sack – is the smallest one of the other variants, and it weighs around 60lbs, and the size ranges up to 6ft.

·        The Large 7 Ft Cozy Sack – is the medium-sized which weighs about 70lbs and comes in size as big as 7ft.

·        The Large 8 Ft Cozy Sack– is the largest variant among the three and weighs almost up to 80lbs with size as long as 8ft.


After looking at the facts, we can safely conclude that this particular ben-bag is worth the purchase due to several reasons. One of the reasons is its comfortable and protective material which makes it suitable for all ages.

Moreover, it comes in a large whooping size as big as 8 ft to accommodate people of every size, providing the same comfort overall. Added to these benefits, the bean-bag is also equipped with a removable outer layer, which is helpful for easy cleaning and washing.

The company also provides its customers with various replacement covers of different colors and sizes, which also adds to the plus point when buying it. 

2. The Big Joe media lounger bean-bag chair

About Big Joe

The Big Joe started their venture into the bean-bag industry over 20 years ago and have been one of the major factors to transform the old 70s style bean-bag into something more appealing and suitable to the needs of the new era. They used the right material and brought comfort from the 70s to this new era of brand-new requirements for comfort. 

About the Big Joe media lounger

This particular ben-bag from the big Joe brings a massive 6-ft long bean-bag weighing around 50 pounds and can quickly provide the space for two adults making it the perfect couples bean bag chair. There aren’t any noticeable weight restrictions, so it is safe to say that it can fit people of various sizes and shapes. 

Facts about the Big Joe Media Lounger

What is the Big Joe Media Lounger filled with? 

As per the brand’s claim, the Big Joe Media Lounger is filled with high-quality up-cycled shredded foam.

What is the exterior material made up of? 

The brand has used twill fibers for making the exteriors to ensure a sturdy nature and to endure extreme usages.

Is it machine-wash efficient? 

As the Big Joe Longer does not come with a removable cover, one needs to take out the fillings if proceeding for a machine-wash.


To look at this product from an overall perspective, there are various reasons why it is a good choice. Firstly, it comes under a well-experienced and well-established brand name, so one could expect that there will be no compromise with quality.

Secondly, the bean-bag can easily fit two people, and since it does not carry a noticeable weight restriction, it can accommodate various people of different weight categories, sizes, and shapes. In addition to these, the company offers its customers a variety of color options to choose from and also patented extra filling to buy separately. 


Once the pros are mentioned, and we know why one should buy this particular product. It is often wise to look at some of its cons too, and firstly, it takes a lot of time to fully expand into its original shape after shipping, according to resources, it often takes a week or more.

It isn’t machine-wash efficient too since it doesn’t come with a removable exterior cover, so every time you think of washing the bean-bag, make sure to remove all of the fillings. 

3. The Sofa Sack bean bag lounger

About Sofa Sack

It is an American company specializing in building top quality bean-bags for over eight years in the market.

Facts about the Sofa Sack bean-bag lounger

What is the Sofa Sack bean-bag filled with? 

The Sofa Sack bean-bag is a packet with a high-quality blend of shredded furniture and memory foam. 

What are the exteriors made of? 

Since there is no mention of the appropriate material used in making the exteriors, polyester would be a good guess since it has the same softness and durability. 

Is it machine-wash efficient? 

It doesn’t come with a removable cover as well, so you will need to remove the fillings during a machine wash. 

What variations does the bean-bag come in? 

The Sofa Sack bean-bag comes in two major variations, the 6ft and the 7ft Giant Bean Bag Lounger.


One of the most favorable opinions about this particular bean-bag is that it takes only a day or two to expand back into its original size after shipping, which unlike the other bean-bags, is certainly a plus point.

It also comes with a double stitched cover, which ensures additional protection from any unexpected wear and tears due to rough use. 


After checking up on a few things that could make people buy it, there are also several reasons why one should not. Firstly, it doesn’t come with a removable cover, so it is not wash-efficient, and one has to remove the fillings every time the washing part comes into play.

The company has no clear mention of what material the exteriors are made of, though the material is soft and durable. Still, there can be doubts about it.

Also, one major con added to the above ones, is that it doesn’t come with an 8-ft option which is unlike the others who tend to keep a large 8-ft variant ready.

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