How Long Do Bean Bags Last?

If you are a teenager or younger, the first question that comes to your mind after buying something is, how long can I use this or how long can I keep this with me?’ 

But if you are an adult, for example, if you are a mother, this can be different because you will definitely consider the product’s longevity before you buy it. 

However, this simple truth is also applied to bean bags before or after you buy them.

A quality bean bag lasts for around 3 to 5 years. On the other hand, the durability of eco-friendly bean bags is approximately 2 to 3 years. That is because these eco-friendly bean bags are filled with natural fillers like rice and hue.

Now let’s deeply discuss the factors that affect the lifetime of a bean bag.

how long do bean bags last

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Factors Affecting Durability of the Bean Bag

But whatever your bean bag is, this lifetime can vary with several factors. 

They are;

  • Fabric type
  • Filler beads type
  • Usage 
  • Maintenance

You should consider your usage and maintenance of bean bags before discussing how the durability changes towards the fabric type and filler beads type.

No matter how high the quality of the bean bag, your usage will directly affect its durability. For instance, the pee of children or your pets also decreases the lifetime of the bean bag because it damages both the fabric and filler beads. 

If you use and maintain your bean bag properly, you can keep it a long time with you.

Further, the durability of the bean bag varies depending on where you keep it, either outdoor or indoor. 

For instance, comparatively, bean bags are mostly exposed to direct sunlight if you keep them outdoor. Consequently, it causes to fade the bean bag fabric and damage it. So, it is an impact to decrease the durability in about one year. 

Moreover, if you keep your bean bag in a garden, always try to keep it in a clean and proper place. Otherwise, it tends to damage, especially the fabric of the bean bag. 

Another important thing is when you wash and clean the bean bag, you should go through with the manufacture’s guidelines. Because it directly affects the durability of the bean bag. 

So, let’s see how bean bag durability is varied with the fabric types.

How Durability Vary with Different Fabric?

Cotton Bean Bag

Relatively cotton fabric is strong and durable. There is a minimum possibility to rip or tear the cotton. Especially when cotton is wet, it is 30% stronger. 

If you need to wash the bean bag due to any circumstance, you can wash cotton fabric without any doubt.

So, it can be concluded bean bags that are prepared with cotton fabric has good durability. 

Linen Bean Bag

Generally, linen fabric is solid and highly durable than other fabrics. That is because linen is made of natural solid flax fibers. Also, it does not fade quickly. So, you can easily maintain the good looking of your bean bag.

On the other hand, a bean bag with linen fabric needs less care. For instance, only you need to do is vacuum and brush occasionally. But when more severe stains appear, you can spot clean it simply with water or glycerine. 

Linen bean bags have good durability when using at indoors. 

Waterproof Bean Bag

Comparatively, waterproof fabric’s durability is high. So, if you wish to keep your bean bag outdoors, the most suitable one is a waterproof bean bag. For instance, polyester is an ideal one. 

Moreover, the waterproof fabric protects the filler beads from damage that occurred due to water and pee. Hence, these have good durability. 

Leather Bean Bag

Leather is another very durable and sophisticated material type than cloth fabrics. If you properly care and maintain it, it will last around 15 years. There is a very rare probability of tearing.

Further, generally leather is more resistant to staining and fading. Because of that leather bean bag is most suitable for householders who have children or pets. 

Vinyl Bean Bag

Vinyl material is also durable and will last for many years because vinyl is a synthetic substance composed of plastic or resin. But it is not much more durable than leather. 

On the other hand, when comparing vinyl with cloth fabrics, vinyl is more durable. 

Suede Bean Bag

Suede fabric is also one of long-lasting fabric when comparing with cloth fabrics. Basically, suede is a leather type. So, it can maintain structural integrity for a long time. 

If you keep this type of bean bag indoor, you can keep it for a long time. 

Faux Fur Bean Bag

Luxury synthetic faux fur material is durable. This material lasts around ten years. So, you can use your faux fur bean bag more than their average lifetime with proper care. 

Further, these bean bags are stain-resistant. 

Chenille Bean Bag

Chenille fabric is durable but not like leather. But if you have a child or pet, this is not much suitable for your house. Thus, you can use chenille bean bags by washing occasionally.

But if you have children or pets, there is a possibility to dirt your bean bag with pee. So, it is not better to clean or wash chenille fabric regularly. 

how long do bean bag Filler last

How Long does Bean Bag Filler Last?

In addition to above mention factors, filler beads directly impact the durability of the bean bags. When filler beads damage or flat, you have to refill the bean bag or go for another new bean bag. 

The bean bag’s lasting period depends on the bean bag filler type. So, let’s see the difference. 

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS is the most common filler of bean bags. If you use your bean bag properly, you can use expanded polyethylene over decades because EPS is durable and resistant to water, moisture, and chemicals. 

Memory Foam

Typically, foam fillers have 50 years lifetime. So, if your bean bag is filled with them, you can use your bag long time with proper usage. 

Packing Peanuts

Generally, traditional polystyrene packing peanuts take about 50 years to last. Further, this packing peanut does not dissolve in water. So, if your bean bag fills with polystyrene packing peanuts, you can use it over decades with proper usage. 

Do you know some packing peanut produce with natural beans? Yes, they namely starch-based packing peanuts. This type is made of crop-based sources like grain, corn, or potatoes. Mostly bean bags fill with starch-based packing peanuts made of corns. 

When comparing with polystyrene packing peanuts, this type of peanuts is lower resilience. Further, these types of packing peanuts tend to dissolve in the water. So, if you have this kind of bean bag, you have to use it very carefully. 

Also, starch-based packing peanuts’ durability is around 2,3 years. 


Rice is the primary filler type of eco-friendly bean bag. Generally, eco-friendly fillers lifetime is lower than above mention filler types. 

Typically, well dry white rice has about two years of durability. Further, brown rice will last for up to 6 to 8 months. 

But if you properly use and maintain your rice bean bag, you can extend this period. To accomplish it, you have to keep your bean bag away from water and bugs. 


Hay is also one of the durable alternative bean bag filler types. But you should put extra care to maintain it because wet conditions and pests can badly affect its durability. Therefore well-maintained hay filler can use for 1-2 years. 


Another eco-friendly filler type is sand. Sand is the most durable filler type as sand has no expiry date. 

Additionally, if you wash sand, please dry them well before add into the bean bag. Thus, wet sand can reduce the durability of the bean bag fabric. 


Pebbles are also a highly durable filer type. Also, it has no expiry date. So, you can use them from generation to generation without any doubt.  

Final Words

So, I think this information will help you choose a durable bean bag for your betterment. Further, if you already have a bean bag, you can use it properly to increase its durability. Moreover, do not forget to always go through the instructions of the manufacturer. Thus it directly helps you to increase the lifetime of the bean bag. 

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