Are Bean Bags Durable? – Facts and Examples

When someone discusses with me about bean bags, bean bag durability is one of their primary concerns. When you plan to invest in some furniture, you expect it to last for several years without any issues.

Bean Bags are durable. If carefully used, they last for about three years before they go flat. Even though they went flat, you can replace the inner filling of the bean bags using a new filling. It will make the bean bag a new one while giving the same comfortability.

Now, let’s dig into why bean bags become durable and how we can extend the lifetime of bean bags.

durability of bean bags

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Facts Make Bean Bags Durable

The answer to this question is straightforward. It is durable than any other furniture because it is not solid furniture like any other wooden, plastic, or metal ones in your home. The whole persona of a bean bag is that it is an item of soft furniture that can change its shape according to its use. 

This shape-shifting ability allows the Bean bag to distribute the pressure it gets from the object that equally sits on it and spread it throughout the bean bag.  

Bean bags consists of two main parts, The bean bag cover and the bean bag fillings. Outer cover plays a significant role in the durability of a bean bag as it comes into contact with the environment where the bean bag lies. 

As said before, there isn’t a solid foam behind these fabrics of bean bag chairs to support it, but at the same time, these bean bags hold a lot more pressure on them than other furniture because of the way they interact with objects. 

So, any fabric you hope to use with the bean bag should have a solid backing on them to make sure it won’t rip when pulled in multiple directions, as always happens with bean bags. The filling should also be something that can freely move around in the cover while being lightweight yet can take on the pressure without breaking. This reason is why most manufacturers use expanded polystyrene or EPS resin to fill bean bag chairs.

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Here are some examples of such bean bags you can buy from the market today.

Best Durable Bean Bags

iOCHOW Floor Chair – Best Durable Bean Bag for Outdoor

iOCHOW bean bag is a bean bag suitable for both indoors and outdoors in the sense of fashion and the production of materials, and it will give a vibe of a luxurious pool club to your backyard if you choose to keep it there. This highly comfortable iOCHOW Indoor Outdoor Bean Bag Chair is built in a manner to give you the impression that a lovely and warm, soft hug is embracing you. 

This bag is made from a Water & Chlorine Proof PVC coated material that is guaranteed to protect your bean bag outdoors from raindrops and keep you cool on hot days. 

This Beanbag Lounger comes with back support, and it would bring great comfort if you wish to snuggle in front of a fire pit during a sweet summer or chill in the house during a cold winter night with a hot coffee. And the size of this bean bag chair is perfect for an adult, or two kids can use it simultaneously.

As this bean bag contains a removable outer cover that can remove without spilling the inner filling, you can easily clean and wash this bean bag to extend its lifetime.

Binetgo Faux – Best Durable Bean Bag for Dogs and Cats

We all know that furniture and pets are not a match made in heaven, and no matter how much you love your pets, you have to agree that at least once, they must have disappointed you with a struggle with one of your furniture. 

This cheap but much effective bean bag for your cat or dog tries to find a solution for that struggle with your beloved pet partner. It is a comfortable bed for your pet which is also lightweight and very handy when traveling as it will even easily fit in your car. 

You can use it indoors and outdoors and give your pet the same comfort it has in your house whether you are camping outdoors or staying in a hotel when you are traveling. It also comes with a non-slip safety bottom, making it perfect for hardwood floors and tiles in the house. 

This bean bag is also much easier to take care of as you can wash it using a washing machine and dryer, but you will have to use gentle cycles and low heat, as it is made of soft polyester fillers to make sure your pets get the best possible comfort through it.

Sofa Sack, Plush – Durable Bean Bag Chair for General Use and Kids

This comfortable and highly functional bean bag chair can easily support up to two children while being a perfect complement to any decoration in the surrounding of the nursery, playroom, or your child’s bedroom. 

You won’t have to worry about the after-effects of children constantly climbing on it or Jumping on it while playing as it is filled with memory foam instead of the usual beans that fill a bean bag. 

The memory form used helps to maintain the structure of the bean bags much longer. Other than the filling of these bean bags, double stitching on the velvet cover also ensures the maximum durability of it. 

These reasons made the bean bags lightweight and portable so your children can move them around the room or even take it out of their rooms to the backyard to spend their game night or play days with their friends without your help. The outer cover of this bean bag made especially for your rowdy children is water-resistant and easy to spot clean too.

How to Extend the Lifetime of Bean Bag Chairs

The durability of bean bags mainly depends on two factors. These are the durability of the outer cover and the durability of the inner bean bag filling. 

It is recommended to keep the cover clean by wiping it with a damp cloth frequently to extend the lifetime of the bean bag cover. For optimal lifespan, it is also recommended to remove stains by using soap and warm water. 

Some bean bag manufacturers also recommend using a cleaning solution to remove dirt and stains. You can remove and wash the outer cover separately if your bean bag contains another inner cover between the filling and the outer cover.

Besides, it is also recommended to remove dust regularly by vacuuming the bean bag chair cover. This action will prevent the cover from clogging up with dust, leading to clumps of dirt gathering in the fabric. And getting dust mites on bean bag.

Most importantly, use your bean bag outdoor only if your bean bag manufacturer recommended using it outdoor. Otherwise, use it indoors only because the manufacturers make the outer cover hard and waterproof for the bean bags intended to be used as a piece of outdoor furniture.

The lifetime of the inner bean bag filling largely depends on how it is handled and maintained. These steps include fluffing the filling regularly, according to individual preference. To extend the lifetime of bean bag filling, it is crucial never to allow water to enter inside the bag and discourage children from jumping on top of bean bags, so there are no punctures.

So the durability of your bean bag primarily depends on your careful usage of yours.


As I said so far, a good bean bag can be considered an almost indestructible object that can last and serve you for a lifetime if properly taken care of it. But I can’t say the same about the filling of a bean bag. The most common filling of bean bags is EPS beans which are 98% air. 

With the constant use of a bean bag over three years, the air in these EPS beans will slowly squeeze out, and their size significantly reduced. This reduction makes the bean bag go flat. However, you can always refill your bean bag for a much lower price, make it as good as new, and continue using it.

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